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Tesla - 🟧Heystack

Tesla Carriers

tesla, data, shipping, finance

Tesla Global shipping information

Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker

tesla, order tracking

A tracker of Model Y deliveries

new BEV models

climate, electric cars, Tesla, EVs, transport, climate change

A list of new and upcoming #BEV (pure battery electric) vehicle models which has now hit 500 and will grow further. #EV, #VW, #Volkswagen, #Tesla, #Audi, #BMW, #Mercedes, #Porsche, #Hyundai, #Kia , #Ford, #Toyota, #Volvo, #Peugeot, #Renault, #Nio, #Xpeng

Tesla - Affordability Worksheet

finance, net worth, cars, investment, tesla

Which Tesla can you afford?

Jiggy Capital Financial Watchlist

finance, investing, technology, Tesla

A spreadsheet with financial performance of various top companies, grouped by sector. Includes various financial metrics and trends. By @jiggycapital

EV average consumption

cars, EVs, Tesla, climate change, list

A spreadsheet ranking different electric cars available on the market. Now with drive train efficiency

Tesla Delivery Estimates Survey

tesla, finance, investing

A list of of analyst's estimates for Tesla's quarterly deliveries