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🌍️ climate - 🟧Heystack

Mastering remote workshops

remotework, freelancing, climate, remote meetings

This guide focuses on running remote design-led workshops. It is for anyone who finds the resources useful in their work...

Inflation Reduction Act: Climate, Energy, and EJ Provisions

politics, USA, 2022, climate, finance

A cost breakdown of climate, energy and environment sections of "Inflation Reduction Act".


Texas, mutual aid, climate, energy crisis

A list of links of resources for people currently facing the weather crisis in TEXAS! Share it for visibility! Comment with any additional resources!!!

new BEV models

climate, electric cars, Tesla, EVs, transport, climate change

A list of new and upcoming #BEV (pure battery electric) vehicle models which has now hit 500 and will grow further. #EV, #VW, #Volkswagen, #Tesla, #Audi, #BMW, #Mercedes, #Porsche, #Hyundai, #Kia , #Ford, #Toyota, #Volvo, #Peugeot, #Renault, #Nio, #Xpeng

Emergency on Planet Earth

climate, Extinction Rebellion, science, climate change, XR

Comprehensive collection of scientific evidence about climate and ecological disaster. Document written by Extinction Rebellion's scientist community, fact-checked and reviewed by a wide range of experts in relevant fields

20th centrury north america and western european nuclear projects

climate, energy, climate change

Collated figures on all nuclear power projects started in N. American & Western Europe since Chernobyl disaster — all over-budget, behind schedule

Earth and Environmental Science Jobs List 2021-2022

jobs, climate, list, ecology, biology, university, graduate

The 2021-2022 Earth and Environmental Science jobs list! Good luck to everyone!

CaVolun Initiative - Rescue Ops #RescuePHCagayan #RescuePHTuguegarao

Phillipines, rescue, climate, disaster response, typhoon

Phillipines flooding in the aftermath of the typhoon Vamco. List of people who needs to be rescued, their numbers, and their status. please spread and kindly contact the rescuers if you can,

hydrology & water sustainability teaching links, videos

hydrology, sustainability, climate, teaching

Do you need online resources for emergency remote teaching of hydrology and water sustainability courses? You can use and share these curated online resources (websites, videos, games, articles and quizzes) so that students: 1) get course content from diverse sources, voices and perspectives; 2) can relate course content to their life; and 3) can practice course content.

Advice to Young People, as you Face Annihilation

climate, climate change, XR, ecology

This is from Roger Hallam, founder of "Extinction Rebellion". What will the reality of climate change and society collapse look like?