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New Docs - 🟧 Heystack

Return of The Mount Hua Episode 348

Return of The Mount Hua

Return of The Mount Hua Episode 348

Web3 Podcasts Spreadsheet

crypto, web3, podcasts, lists, learning, NFT

A list of interesting podcasts about crypto, finance and art.

DEXes and AMMs Mega Spreadsheet

crypto, web3, DeFi, dex

A list of decentralised exchanges on various networks.

Punishing: Gray Raven | Skills, Memories & Weapons by Rexlent

games, items, Punishing: Gray Raven

Skills, memories & weapons spreadsheet for Punishing: Gray Raven - by Rexlent.

Playboi Carti Chronological Tracker (by @JeiD)

Playboi Carti, Tracker, Music

Playboi Carti Chronological Tracker

Untitled document






Inflation Reduction Act: Climate, Energy, and EJ Provisions

politics, USA, 2022, climate, finance

A cost breakdown of climate, energy and environment sections of "Inflation Reduction Act".

Chance The Rapper's Unreleased Tracker

Chance The Rapper, tracker, kanye west, unreleased,

Chance The Rapper Unreleased and Off-Streaming Tracker

Monkeypox Vaccination Access Project

monkeypox, USA, 2022, healthcare, vaccines

A non-comprehensive, crowdsourced list of where Monkeypox vaccinations are being provided in various U.S. cities while resources continue to be scarce. Much of this information is based on available information online or word-of-mouth.