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Birds Name

Birds name

Birds name

Friendship Patterns - GDC 2016 - Public

games, multiplayer, social media, game dev

How to design games so that the players benefit from better friendship formation.

Reproductive Healthcare Resources

healthcare, sex, feminism, abortion, USA

A document with resources for family planning and abortion care; this includes state laws, access to birth control and abortion care and donation links.


crypto, NFT, art, music, culture

Over the last month, 20+ contributors in our community came together to analyze music NFT market trends by genre, label, platform/protocol, utility, + more, covering $86M+ in primary sales. Here's the result: a 51-slide deck + longform report, for FREE.

University Sexual Violence Prevention Policy Evidence

sexual violence, sexual harassment, prevention, research doc

University Sexual Violence Prevention Policy Evidence

How To Play With A Yuumi!


Yuumiguide for temmates

One World Government AKA Globalism AKA The Great Reset

politics, society, The Great Reset, WEF, economics, TGR

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world" - Professor Klaus Schwab of The World Economic Forum. What did he mean by this? And are politicians following its guidance?



CoorSlide. Tell your coworkers to (respectfully) go chill.

Cool Pets Evolution Community Document

Cool Pets, NFT, Cool Cats, items, crypto

Cool Pets community spreadsheet with items impact on elements and mood.

Roadmap to Registering an Association in Germany - Interactive Guide

cultureandarts, associationsgermany, associationregistrationguide, internationalorganisations, arts, culture, films, music

This interactive guide is a complementary document to a core guide for the registration of an association in Germany (https://naasnetwork.org/topic/news/RRANG), a free educational tool available in English and Arabic in print and online formats. As the name implies, the document invites readers to interact with the document, comment where information is lacking or needs modification, suggest additional information acquired through personal experience and offer tried variations of governance model and internal operations, and lastly use the case study template to enrich the document with their own founding story.