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New Docs - 🟧 Heystack

Free Audio Resources!

music, streaming, resources, list, games, game dev

Free audio resources like plugins, sound effects, tutorials, etc.

On communicating in an organization

management, communication, business, psychology

Principles and frameworks that guide our choices about how to communicate. This document is mainly focused on the perspective of a data scientist (and manager), but should be broadly useful within most large organizations.

Fuel Slides

crypto, web3, NFT, DeFi, ethereum

How blockchains work and what is limiting their scalability? Find out here, alongside some of the existing approaches to scalability.

How to DAO course notes (Sep-Oct 2021)

crypto, DAO, web3, ethereum

A comprehensive course about DAOs - Decentralised Autonomous Organisations.

How to Read an Academic Article - Walters.pptx

science, higher education, university

A presentation about peer-review process, academic articles and reading critically.

leaving Surya to VC CTA 2021 10 27

progressive Catholic church reform board executive director anti-racism house

Call To Action progressive Catholic church reform board Zach Johnson executive director anti-racism Rye House Vision Council

Carl von Baeyer brief bio & publications

psychology, pediatric

Carl von Baeyer - brief bio

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Intro to Tokenomics Resources

web3, crypto, DeFi, economics

All you need to know about token economics (tokenomics). Supply, burning, monetary policy, token distribution, earnings and more!