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Jiggy Capital Financial Watchlist

finance, investing, technology, Tesla

A spreadsheet with financial performance of various top companies, grouped by sector. Includes various financial metrics and trends. By @jiggycapital

RobinHood vs. Wall Street Key Terms

finance, investing, GME, AMC, RobinHood, stocks, news, wallstreetbets

High-level explanation of terms related to stock-market action between Reddit's wallstreetbets and GME (Citron Research, Melvin Capital). Includes an overview of RobinHood's pricing models and their role in all this.

Investing 101

investing, finance, guide, learning, how-to, learn how to invest

Stock investing 101: why should you invest, power of compounding, volatility, terminology and more. Investing is for ALL!

Reddit Wall Street Bets - Biotech - 2021-01-31

finance, investing, biotech, reddit

Biotech-specific posts on the WallStreetBets subreddit forum. This workbook has three spreadsheets. The first lists 1588 WSB biotech-specific posts over the last 4 days. The second shows the 'mention counts'. The third is financial data like price and volume.