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Psychology - 🟧Heystack

BIPOC-authored Psychology Papers

psychology, higher education, teaching

The BIPOC-authored Psychology Papers spreadsheet is intended for use by instructors of undergraduate/graduate-level psychology courses to help diversify their syllabi.

Pre-registered Happiness Experiments

psychology, list, science, research, life, mental health

A list of interesting psychological experiments which tested different hypotheses about what brings you happiness.

On communicating in an organization

management, communication, business, psychology

Principles and frameworks that guide our choices about how to communicate. This document is mainly focused on the perspective of a data scientist (and manager), but should be broadly useful within most large organizations.

Mental Health Coping Skills Masterlist

mental health, healthcare, society, psychology, advice

This is a masterlist of coping skills, which are things that you can do to non-destructively react and get through or make better an uncomfortable or painful mental or physical situation. Essentially, they are good skills to have in your toolbelt for life. They can be used for sadness, anger, stress, anxiety, and simply just not feeling good. Coping skills may not get rid of the feeling or situation, but they can help you better tolerate it or potentially alleviate the intensity.


AP Psychology, AP, Advanced Placement, Study Guide, Study, Psychology, AP Study Guide, School

Complete and comprehensive study guide to AP Psychology. Best paired with Mr. Sinn Psychology videos on YouTube, but also helpful to go through and study/quiz friends. I created this document and would credit it completely for helping me get a 5 on the exam.

The Pledge For Autistic Acceptance

neurodiversity, autism, ADHD, psychology

Do you want to offer support to autistic people in your workplace or school? Here is a list of ways you can make an autistic person feel more comfortable around you.

Psychology Podcasts

podcasts, list, psychology

A lists of podcasts/interviews/videos helpful with learning about psychology

Autism resources masterdoc

mental health, autism, neurodiversity, resources, learning, psychology

Resources for both #ActuallyAutistic people who want to have more compassion and understanding for ourselves as well as loved ones who want to understand us better, please suggest resources to add!

AP Psychology Definition List

AP Psychology, psychology, teaching, studying

The Advanced Placement Psychology course definitions for revision before the exam

Carl von Baeyer brief bio & publications

psychology, pediatric

Carl von Baeyer - brief bio