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Business - 🟧Heystack

Mochary Method Curriculum

startup, finance, business, communication

Matt Mochary, CEO coach of many CEOs in the Silicon Valley, open-sourced his method and resources on startup/entrepreneurship: hiring, relationship building, mindfulness, productivity and more.

Analysing the Values and Limitations of Cooperative Firms

finance, economics, business, startup, study, research

Co-operatives are businesses owned and run by their members. Whether the members are customers, employees or residents they are everyday people who have an equal say in what the business does and a share in the profits. Here we look at their pros and cons.

Ways To Make Money On The Internet Project

finance, startup, guide, making money online, business, list

A list of 100+ legitimate ways to make money online + offline - marketplaces, free offers, filling out surveys, etc. Has links to the services and what the requirements are.

Frameworks v0.1

startup, technology, internet, business, social media

Analysis of different engagement models for internet businesses. Where and how is the value generated for the user? How is the creator for value delivered compensated?

On communicating in an organization

management, communication, business, psychology

Principles and frameworks that guide our choices about how to communicate. This document is mainly focused on the perspective of a data scientist (and manager), but should be broadly useful within most large organizations.

VAT 2021 Notes

tax, UK, VAT, guide, business, startup

If, like me, you’re worried about needing a VAT number in 2021 and are unsure of where to start, hopefully this guide will help. VAT is complicated and has a lot of documentation, and it’s extremely difficult to figure out if things are relevant to online, independent shops or not. I aim to walk through the basics of VAT and the criteria that would make you need to get a VAT number. I’ll include sources for my information, and links to where you can apply for a VAT number! I’m a recent economics graduate and a PTIN-registered tax preparer.

KPIs in UX Design: Why Do We Need Indicators?

saas, business, project design, ux design

KPIs are tools used in companies to monitor business evolution. But not just for finance or marketing, indicators are also important in UX Design. In this article, I'll explain what KPIs are and how to use them to improve the user experience.