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Autism - 🟧Heystack

The Pledge For Autistic Acceptance

neurodiversity, autism, ADHD, psychology

Do you want to offer support to autistic people in your workplace or school? Here is a list of ways you can make an autistic person feel more comfortable around you.


Asperger"s syndrome, autism, prove them wrong

Experiences of a person living with Asperger's syndrome - might be useful for someone else going thought the same thing and to help other people understand what this condition is like

Autism resources masterdoc

mental health, autism, neurodiversity, resources, learning, psychology

Resources for both #ActuallyAutistic people who want to have more compassion and understanding for ourselves as well as loved ones who want to understand us better, please suggest resources to add!

How to Spot & Support An Autistic Meltdown

autism, mental health, healthcare

A break-out guide for street medic and safety teams