Earth and Environmental Science Jobs List 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 Earth and Environmental Science jobs list! Good luck to everyone!

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Earth and Environmental Science Jobs List 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 Earth and Environmental Science jobs list! Good luck to everyone!

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LOCKED - New spreadsheet available soon This is a collaborative, crowd-sourced list! It only works if everyone contributes. If you see a relevant job ad, please add it.

Tenure-track positions or permanent research positions (e.g., NGOs, fed gov't) Add jobs by clicking the "Add a job here" link above. It will take you to a Google Form that automatically populates the spreadsheet. The sheet is only partially editable to prevent accidental deletion of important information. • Add info on search status to Notes. Please include a date. +1 Number Applied if you've applied. • No personal attacks allowed. Do not delete comments or notes. Flag offensive comments for moderator attention using column M. • Respect privacy: Do not include names of short-listed candidates or supposed "inside candidates". • Feel free to highlight research areas under Notes, but don't just copy-paste the entire job ad.

Job ads must be in English. Positions listed here should allow 3-5 years for learning a different language. 8/21/2020

Categories: PhD (PhD granting), PUI (Primarily Undergraduate institution), TEACH (teaching position, no research), MS (Master's granting institution), other Yellow is for due date in < 1 week

Notes: Please remember, this list is not necessarily comprehensive! Keep checking other sources, and always double check the ad! Due date past

Timestamp Institution (Full Name) Review Date Location (City, State/Province, Country) URL to job ad Subject Area Rank Category Department Reference letters (req'd up front) Diversity statement 8/30/2022 Notes Number applied Mod flag On 2022-2023 Sheet

8/4/2021 11:16:14 West Texas A&M University 10/15/2021 Canyon, TX, USA Geology Assistant Prof PUI Life, Earth, and Environmental Sciences No Yes 8/4/2021 1 FALSE

8/4/2021 13:30:46 University of San Diego 10/10/2021 San Diego, CA, USA Applied GIS Assistant Prof PhD Environmental and Ocean Sciences Yes Yes 8/17/2021 1) Ref letters requested immediately 2) Updated 3) zoom interview on 11/16, next update will be on feb. Any updates on this as of 2/11? 1 FALSE

8/4/2021 15:17:53 Ohio State University 11/15/2021 Columbus, Ohio, USA (not listed on OSU job board) Synoptic meteorology Assistant Prof PhD Geography Contact info only Yes FALSE

8/4/2021 16:00:14 University of Ottawa 10/31/2021 Ottawa, ON, Canada Environmental Geoscience Assistant Prof PhD Earth Sciences no yes 1) Any news? 12/7 2) Updates? 01/22 3) no news 2/11 x5 4) Hellooo? 2/28 x2 5) Virtual interviews scheduled 6) In person visits scheduled (04/2022) 2 FALSE

8/4/2021 19:50:02 Brown University 10/1/2021 Providence, RI, USA Planetary Science Assistant Prof PhD Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences yes Interviews ongoing as of 1/17/21 FALSE

8/5/2021 11:05:03 Williams College 11/1/2021 Williamstown, MA, USA Mineralogy and Petrology Assistant Prof PUI Geosciences afterwards Yes, incorporated into research and teaching statements. 8/5/2021 rejection letter 01/11/22 (2) interviewed; (3) email from chair finalized hire 4/19 1 FALSE

8/5/2021 14:03:03 Utah State University 9/15/2021 Logan, Utah, USA Lithospheric Evolution Assistant Prof PhD Geosciences No Yes rejection letter 01/11/22 (2) interviewed FALSE

8/5/2021 14:04:39 Texas A&M University 9/15/2021 College Station Geosciences (open-discpline) Open PhD Geology and Geophysics No Yes 8/5/2021 rejection letter 01/11/22 (2) interviewed (3) never heard back 4) did they make offers? 5) never heard 4/4 4 FALSE

8/5/2021 14:08:15 St. Mary's College of Maryland Open until filled St. Mary's City, MD, USA Physical Oceanography Open PUI Marine Science Yes No 8/5/2021 FALSE

8/5/2021 14:15:08 Virginia Tech 8/6/2021 Blacksburg, VA, USA Coastal Science Assistant Prof PhD Geosciences No Yes 8/9/2021 1) Long-list interviews on 9/15-9/17 1 FALSE

8/5/2021 14:26:46 Stephen F. Austin University 9/1/2021 Nacogdoches, TX, USA Structural Geology Assistant Prof MS Geology No No FALSE

8/5/2021 14:56:13 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10/15/2021 Cambridge, MA, USA Geochemistry Assistant Prof PhD Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Yes Included with teaching statement 10/13/2021 zoom interview requests have gone out FALSE

8/5/2021 19:01:20 University of Canterbury 9/17/2021 Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand,4786 Environmental Science Assist/Assoc Prof PhD Te Kura Aronukurangi | School of Earth and Environment No No rejection email received 11/16, 11/25 1 FALSE

8/5/2021 20:49:33 New Mexico Tech 9/15/2021 Socorro, NM USA Geophysics Assistant Prof PhD Earth and Environmental Science Department 3 at submission Yes 10/18/2021 FALSE

8/5/2021 20:51:15 New Mexico Tech 9/15/2021 Socorro, NM USA Structural Geology Assistant Prof PhD Earth and Environmental Science Department 3 at Submission Yes FALSE

8/6/2021 6:03:28 University College Dublin 9/1/2021 Dublin, Ireland Economic Geology / Petrology Assist/Assoc Prof PhD School of Earth Sciences FALSE

8/6/2021 13:27:59 Boston College 10/15/2021 Chestnut Hill, MA Sedimentary Processes Assistant Prof PhD Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences: Earth & Environmental Science Solicited afterwards Yes (1) Any news? 11/27 (2) none here 11/28 (3) none here 11/30 (4) letters requested 12/9 (5) zoom interview request 12/10 x3 (6) January on-campus? interviews for finalists (7) they mentioned finalists would be contacted in early January for final interviews that would take place in early Feb., #6 did you get contacted for a finalist interview? (12/23) (8) any updates on if anyone has been invited for finalist interviews? (9) finalist interview invite 01/07/22 (10) final 3 of 14 selected, final rejection 01/10/22 2 FALSE

8/6/2021 13:47:08 Woodwell Climate Research Center 8/6/2021 Falmouth, MA remote sensing and environmental science Research Assistant - Rangeland Field Research MT & CO MS no yes 8/17/2021 1) This is a 1-year fixed term research assistant position for someone with a MSc, not a permanent/TT faculty job 2) I'm going to allow it, because there's the "potential to extend" - mod FALSE

8/6/2021 15:14:08 University of Maine 8/15/2021 Orono, ME, USA Fisheries Science Open PhD Marine Sciences No No FALSE

8/6/2021 15:16:07 University of Toledo 7/15/2021 Toledo, OH, USA Wetland Ecology Assistant Prof PhD Environmental Sciences No FALSE

8/6/2021 15:25:20 Oakland University 9/21/2021 Rochester, MI Freshwater Ecology Open PUI Biological Sciences No Yes FALSE

8/6/2021 15:27:24 Creighton University 9/13/2021 Omaha, NE, USA Aquatic Ecology/Biology Assistant Prof PUI Biology No No FALSE

8/6/2021 15:29:36 Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium 9/20/2021 Chauvin, LA, USA Marine Science Assistant Prof PhD No Yes FALSE

8/6/2021 15:30:21 Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium 9/20/2021 Chauvin, LA, USA Marine engineering Assistant Prof PhD No Yes FALSE

8/6/2021 16:22:25 Utah State University 9/15/2021 Logan, UT, USA Microbial Ecology Assistant Prof PhD Biology No Yes FALSE

8/6/2021 16:24:11 Villanova University 10/1/2021 Villanova, PA, USA Environmental Science Assistant Prof PUI Geography and the Environment No Yes 8/9/2021 Ref letters requested 10/8/2; Contacted for Zoom interview 11/22, 3) Any word? 1 FALSE

8/6/2021 16:55:27 Harvard Forest 9/15/2021 Petersham, MA, USA Ecology Permanent Research Staff PhD Harvard Forest No Yes FALSE

8/6/2021 16:57:15 Pennsylvania State University 8/13/2021 University Park, PA, USA Soil science Director of Lab Cluster PhD Ecosystem Science and Management No Yes FALSE

8/6/2021 16:58:52 Lycoming College 10/1/2021 Williamsport, PA, USA https://ly

Earth and Environmental Science Jobs List 2021-2022
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