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Lore - 🟧Heystack

Dream SMP Timeline

games, minecraft, dreamsmp, lore, role play

This document is meant to record the events that follow in the Dream SMP, and also help those who are behind on the lore! This is a document that has documented the important lore in chronological order since the very beginning of the server.

BearSMP: Characters + Overview

games, minecraft, dreamsmp, lore, role play

Slides with BearSMP character list


games, minecraft, deamsmp, lore, role play

An in-depth doc detailing the events of the #dreamsmp (dec 6 onward) that contains all important lore streams

Escape from Divinity - Info

games, Divinity, RPG, tumblr, lore, The Escape from Divinity

Escape from Divinity info doc which is a compilation of answers about worldbuilding/lore/magic systems, as well as all the color ref and a basic Voa dictionary guests can add words to. This worldbuilding doc is written and maintained by ToastyGlow, creator of The Escape from Divinity animatic series.

The Dream Smp, a recap up to the present 2020

games, minecraft, lore, dreamsmp, role play

The entire history of The Dream SMP - collaborative doc, created by Koi

dsmpANDtftsmp_feb 12th

games, minecraft, dreamsmp, role play, lore

Dream SMP lore presentation - all in one place so that you don't have to do all the tedious lore remembering