The Dream Smp, a recap up to the present 2020

The entire history of The Dream SMP - collaborative doc, created by Koi

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The Dream Smp, a recap up to the present 2020

The entire history of The Dream SMP - collaborative doc, created by Koi

games, minecraft, lore, dreamsmp, role play

The Dream SMP

April 25th, 2020 - The Present Some time in 2021

An Expansive History

Chronicled by koi/skelyre

With special thanks to:

Animagician for their video recaps to jog my memory!

And all these lovely people who helped with info and dates!

(anyone else who helps I’ll put a name here for you)

-Purple Anonymous- -AllGudNamesGone- -NyteHaq- -Equesumbra- -Weston- -Pay Us In Gogurt- -Umi- -wormy- -Kylla- -Brianna- -Sock Sedam- -Jani Gutierrez- -Emma Macias- -Valerie Cohen- -Cassidy Clay- -Aesthetic Cloud- -XxX_Jose_XxX- -Cassidy Bell-



This is a fun little project I decided to start because 1) it didn’t seem anyone else had started a public google doc for this, and 2) my friend wanted to know what was going on in the Dream Smp and I knew it would be easier for me to just write everything out in a google doc rather than crowd our dms with 300 paragraphs. ^u^ Oh, and 3) we can send it to people who aren’t caught up with the events of the server. And 4) I have a tiny brain and can’t remember everything lol

How to help:

I’m looking for exact dates (month, day, year) for each major

event on the server (The disc war, the election, anything that had multiple members online at once, or was a conflict). (Date missing) just means I haven’t been able to find or remember the date of an event.

Please feel free to write out what happened during different streams, that’s a lot more helpful than just putting links to streams, THANKS!! <3

If there’s an (Information lacking) marker under a heading, it means I don’t remember much, if any, from that event and I’m looking for information from people who’ve watched streams of that event.

If there’s an (Information limited) marker under a heading, it

means I may remember some, but I haven’t watched all the streams so I may be missing or misremembering some details, and you’re free to comment on anything that may be incorrect or missing.

You should be able to comment on things, I’m keeping it as comment only so no one can come here and delete the whole document to troll.

If for some reason you have any issues or wanna tell me something privately, feel free to dm me on Twitter (@MysteriousKoi) or Reddit (@VirtualKoi). Oh and let me know what name you want to be put down for you in the credits! If this gets enough people helping, I may open a Discord server or something :)

If you’d be so kind as to share this around, maybe? That’d help me out a lot!

Oh yeah and have fun and be nice!

Season 1


Day One

April 25th, 2020

(Information limited)

Current Players:

Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Callahan

Dream, Sapnap, Callahan and George start a survival world that ISN’T for speedrunning!


Tommy Joins

July 4th, 2020

(Information lacking)

Current Players:

Dream, GeorgeNotFound, TommyInnit, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Ponk, BBH, and Awesamdude

Tommy is whitelisted in the Dream SMP by Dream. Adding Tommy Innit to the server would change things forever. When Tommy first joined the server he went around and claimed everything as his, as well as annoying Dream and George.


The Disc War

Began (July 20th, 2020(?)), Ended January 20, 2021

(Information lacking)

Major Players:

TommyInnit, Sapnap, Dream, Skeppy

The Disc War is the continuation of the Disc Saga, following the events of the L'Manburgian war for Independence, where Tommy gave over his discs Cat and Mellohi to Dream to secure L'Manburgian Independence.

For a while after the first war, things were relatively uneventful, but once Skeppy joined, and got in possession of Spirit, the leather remains from Dream's first and only horse, things began to change. While Skeppy was rushing to an Ender Chest to secure it, he was blown up and died, causing his things to go everywhere. In a mad dash to get it back, he was interrogated by Tommy and Tubbo but managed to secure Spirit and put it into an Ender Chest, though it was a close call.

Soon, Dream found out that Skeppy had the leather, and offered to kill Tommy and Tubbo in order to get it, two had been harassing Skeppy. Though he wouldn't agree to that, Skeppy and Dream began other negotiations. Skeppy asked n tried to bring Quackity in to intimidate Skeppy for the discs, though this ended up failing.

for both of Tommy's discs in return for the leather, but Dream stated that they were much too valuable for that.

Tommy then got into the negotiations, as he didn't want the discs to be separated, and Dream agreed to let Skeppy and Tommy agree and left the call for a few minutes. Tommy then attempted to blackmail Skeppy over a few tweets he'd made, but it didn't do much to further his case. Then, finally, Dream met Skeppy, Tommy, and Tubbo watching from outside. Dream offered one of the discs for the leather, while Tommy and Tubbo were offering Netherite armor. Though he wanted both deals, eventually, Skeppy agreed to trade the leather for the disc, Cat. Dream and Skeppy successfully traded, with both of their prizes ending up in Ender Chests, but not knowing this, Tommy and Tubbo attempted to kill Skeppy, only making more tension.


Wilbur Joins

(July 12th, 2020)

(Information lacking)

Current Major Players: Dream, Sapnap, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, Wilbur


The War for L’Manburg’s Independence

Began (July 24, 2020), Ended (August 5, 2020)

(Information limited)

Major Players:

Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Punz, Eret, Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, Tubbo_, Fundy.

It all started when Wilbur wanted to sell drugs. I'm not kidding, he and Tommyinnit wanted to start a drug (potions) empire out of a hotdog van. They were thwarted, however. They realized that most of their enemies were American (that being, Dream, Sapnap, and Punz specifically). They founded L’manburg, a non-American ‘server’ separate from the Dream SMP. It was called Manburg to state their masculinity, and the L’ was added to sound more European. They even wrote a Declaration of Independence.

They then recruited Tubbo, Eret, and Fundy to join their cause. They built a wall to mark their land from Dream’s kingdom, and they were content in their small nation.

Dream didn't like that and plotted to swiftly crush this rebellion. However, he under anticipated their will. Dream finally presented the L’manburgeans with an ultimatum. “White flags outside your base by dawn or you are dead!”. He also burnt down Tubbo’s house as a show of strength.

The L’manburgeans began to prepare for the worst, building escape bunkers and gathering materials for the final fight. Tubbo did most of the material prep but was thwarted when Sapnap stole the nine stacks of emeralds he'd been grinding for. This was a major setback, and it forced Tubbo to start over grinding for emeralds on the day of the ultimatum. This plan was once again thwarted when Sapnap and George killed Tubbo multiple times, once for trespassing on their lands, and several other times in his second base.

Tubbo fled from his base with a fraction of what he’d prepared, escaping from the dream team. He met with Tommy at “The Power Tower” which held a portal that connected to the roof of the nether, to trap the dream team there. Little did he know that there was a second piece of bedrock broken on the roof of the nether, allowing the dream team to escape and avoid Tubbo’s trap.

The dream team arrived at the Power Tower, and though Fundy, Tubbo, and Eret managed to escape unharmed, Tommy became pinned down by fire. He was finally killed, but respawned nearby at his embassy base and made his way to L'manburg. This was a decisive first victory for the dream team.

Regrouping and rearming in L’manburg, it was at this point Wilbur, the leader of L’manburg, finally logged in. He negotiated with the dream team a location for them to fight; Tommy’s house, the L’manburg embassy.

This was a trap, however, as the dream team had rigged explosives in the ground below the embassy. The dream team pushed the L’manburgeans into cover with repressive fire, however, after some time the dream team began retreating. Taking this opportunity, the L’manburgeans pressed on, taking to Punz’s tower to shoot down at the dream team, whose arrows couldn't shoot high enough to reach their target. This point would go to the L’manburgeans.

It was at this time Eret suggested they return to L’manburg to regroup, which they agreed to do. Eret led them into a bunker room, at which point Eret pressed a button. This button opened a hidden door and allowed the dream team inside to slaughter the L’manburgeans. Eret betrayed them. Earlier, around the time of the ultimatum, Dream had presented Eret with an opportunity; to be a double agent for the dream team, and in return, Dream would crown Eret king of the Smp’s lands.

The L’manburgeans, freshly betrayed, armorless, and virtually weaponless, regrouped in the hotdog van where this whole story began. They agreed to meet with Dream at the L’manburg gate.

Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, convened with Dream, George, Sapnap, Punz, and Eret at the gate of L’manburg. They told the ‘tyrant’ that they would rather die than give in to his demands.

Dream was not fazed. Resolutely he lit a piece of TNT, which exploded, setting off a chain reaction of TNT that had been planted under L’manburg. Wilbur and the others fled, with some casualties, down to a bunker Tommy had prepared.

It was at this point that Wilbur and Tommy decided to meet with Dream and negotiate surrender terms, as all hope seemed lost.

At the last moment, Tommy challenged Dream to a one-on-one bow duel. If Tommy won, L’ma

The Dream Smp, a recap up to the present 2020
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