Dream SMP Timeline

This document is meant to record the events that follow in the Dream SMP, and also help those who are behind on the lore! This is a document that has documented the important lore in chronological order since the very beginning of the server.

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Dream SMP Timeline

This document is meant to record the events that follow in the Dream SMP, and also help those who are behind on the lore! This is a document that has documented the important lore in chronological order since the very beginning of the server.

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The Entire Dream SMP Timeline Created by @meiohi on Twitter (special thanks to LarkspurOfNight for the extra help, ohboy_itsboots for editing, and eniistment, fundycuit, and aqologee on Twitter for beta reading the first draft!) Welcome! This document is meant to record the events that follow in the Dream SMP, and also help those who are behind on the lore! This is a document that has documented the important lore in chronological order since the very beginning of the server.

There are sub-sections located on the side to guide you. If this document has any inaccuracies, please direct message the creator of this document or share a comment using the author’s CuriousCat. Feel free to ask for clarifications regarding the lore, suggestions, or even talk about the lore itself! (Please do, the author loves talking about the Dream SMP storyline.) They will be happy to correct! Additionally, please be patient if the creator doesn’t update the document right after a stream ends, as they most likely couldn’t catch a stream, due to school or other personal matters. Here’s some other options! u0010u0012u001cDream SMP Wiki u001cThe Wiki has everything about the lore. 

It has in-depth pages about each character, explanations of every event (some that aren’t even in this doc) and basically everything in detail. One of the best sources. u001cDream SMP Wiki u0012u001cSummary Videos u001cMore of a visual/listening person? There’s endless amounts of summary videos but the ones I suggest the most are Animagician, EvanMCGaming, and KianKSG! u001cAnimagician EvanMCGaming KianKSG u0012u001cPrimary Videos u001cWant videos from the player’s POVs that capture all the lore? All the videos in chronological order necessary to catch up. They’re around 15 - 30 minutes and are worth the watch! Everyoneu0027s videos capture the same lore, just from their POV. u001cPlaylist (created by me) Wilbur’s Playlist Techno’s Playlist u0012u001cVODS u001cYou want to watch the player’s POV’s completely unedited? VOD channels exist! These hour-long VODS capture all the lore and even non-canon moments unedited, and if you’re lucky, maybe the VODS are still up on Twitch! u001cTommy’s VOD channel Tubbo’s VOD Channel Quackity’s VOD Channel Wilbur VODS (not official) (Planning to create a playlist with all the necessary VODs, mainly from Tommy’s POV) u0012u001cUpdate Accounts u001cWant in real time updates directly after streams end? Or just want quick bullet point updates? These updates accounts on Twitter tweet lore updates after every lore stream accurately and concisely. u001c@SMPrecap @smpupdate @bloodvinesreports (updates about the Egg Arc) u0012u001cDon’t want to read the whole doc? u001cI get it, it’s a long document, and you just want to know the main plot. That’s okay!  In my opinion, the sections you need to read is The Beginning, Tommyinnit’s Arrival, the entirety of the Disc Saga (everything in yellow), Creation of L’Manberg, L’Manberg vs. Dream SMP War, the entirety of the Election Arc (everything in blue), Pogtopia vs. Manberg War, Exile of Tommyinnit, Discovery of the Blood Vines, Execution Day, The Red Festival, Doomsday War, and Dawn of the Eggpire.

Though I suggest skimming through the whole thing for full context and any gaps you need to fill in! u001cScroll down/look at the sidelines to look for a specific section! u0011 (PSA: Do not send hate to any content creators! It’s okay to be very invested in the lore, but please refrain from spreading hate. Everyone on the Dream SMP are friends, and they don’t actually hate each other. It’s just a bit, and some things are slightly scripted) Timeline Key u0010u0012u001cRED u001cAny events related to wars u0012u001cPINK u001cRed Egg Saga - a saga following the supernatural storyline of an infectious red egg u0012u001cORANGE u001cTales from the SMP - side stories that consists of fables and backstories that are canonical to the Dream SMP u0012u001cYELLOW u001cThe Disc Saga - the ongoing series of Tommyinnit trying to retrieve his prized discs Mellohi and Cat from Dream u0012u001cLIME u001cPrison Arc - events following the aftermath of the Disc Saga and Dream’s imprisonment 

Additionally, these relations could change as the SMP continues.) The Beginning In the spring of April 25th, 2020, Dream created an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server with GeorgeNotFound, naming it the Dream SMP. The server was mainly to build and play with friends, such as Callahan, Sapnap, ItsAlyssa, awesamdude (Sam), Ponk, and BadBoyHalo. Various landmarks like The Community House, the Prime Path, Pet House, The Courthouse, Ponk’s Lemon Tree and others were built during this peaceful era. Pets like Beckerson and Mars were named and all was good. Despite its distance from wars, Sapnap managed to spark conflict when he accidentally killed Dream’s horse Spirit. The conflict was settled quickly, however, Sapnap also accidentally turned the leather remains of Spirit into an item frame. Dream replaced the leather afterwards as a placeholder for Spirit’s grave. George also decided to burn down Ponk’s Lemon Tree, forcing Ponk to rebuild it in a different area. It was also during this era that the infamous Crafting Table Meme was created when Sapnap tried to push George off a crafting table, mimicking a sexual gesture. RECAP: Dream created the server, and everything is relatively peaceful. Tommyinnit’s Arrival On July 4th, 2020, Tommyinnit joined the server. He sparked a bit of petty drama, but overall he didn’t cause any harm. Following this, an influx of people joined, such as Tubbo, Fundy, Purpled, and Punz. Some say that Tommy’s arrival was the catalyst for wars and the intense lore in the Dream SMP. During this era, Ponk griefed Sapnap’s house, so in return, Sapnap burnt down Ponk’s Lemon Tree. Ponk became aware of Sapnap’s deed, and retaliated by teaming up with Alyssa to burn down Sapnap’s base. Tommy then got involved, teaming with Sapnap and killing Ponk and Alyssa relentlessly. Dream tried to sort things out but failed by getting killed by Tommy. While Tommy boasted about killing Dream to Ponk and Alyssa, Dream sneakily stole Tommy’s prized discs, Cat and Mellohi to hold as leverage and threatened to burn them. These discs meant a lot to Tommy, since he’s spent hours to obtain them. Tommy and Dream get into a VC and start to fight about who instigated the fight. Sapnap managed to get Mellohi back and hand them to Tommy, who fled down a ravine and hid them in a secret area. Tommy, Tubbo, and Sapnap all teamed together and fought Dream in the ravine, ultimately killed him and retrieved back Cat. After a few intense battles, Tommy managed to retrieve both his discs and hide them beneath his base. This back and forth pursuit between Tommy and Dream for the discs became known as The Disc Saga. RECAP: Tommy joined the server, a dispute between Tommy and Dream between the discs Mellohi and Cat spark the Disc Saga. The Disc War Recovery of the Discs Tommy came back online after the disc quarrel to see his base griefed due to Dream’s extreme pursuit to find the discs. Dream revealed that he’d found the location of the discs by analyzing Tommy’s Minecraft sounds and that heu0027d taken them to an undisclosed location. Dream demanded that Tommy had 20 minutes to give him Tommy’s Netherite chestplate or he’ll burn the discs. Tommy teamed up with Tubbo and decided they weren’t going to comply with Dream’s demands, and instead wanted to fight. After the 20 minutes were up, Tommy and Tubbo tried to portal trap him but failed. They tried to explode him with beds, however kept getting slain. Tommy tried to talk with Dream again, but Dream insisted with the same deal. Tommy requested 10 minutes to think about it, but instead wanted to offer an ultimatum with a tweet advertising Tommy. Dream refused. Eventually Wilbur joined the call, and asked Tommy as a messenger to ask Dream questions regarding his viewers and other various things. Wilbur asked Dream if he wanted to get Pizza Hut, which resulted into the iconic event where George and Wilbur (and was previously thought to be Dream as well) met up at a Pizza Hut in Brighton (and as we all know, the birth of the infamous vlog.

The Final Pet War On November 5th, Sapnap wandered into Tommy’s holiday home and found Tommy’s new pet horse, Jourse. He then took Jourse to an undisclosed area, in hopes that Tommy will exchange Mars for Jourse. Days passed until November 15th, meaning that it was just one day until the Pogtopia vs. Manberg war. Tommy realized he was heavily undergeared, and while he was trying to scam people for armor, he realized that he doesn’t have a horse to go to war with.

Tommy saw that Sapnap was online, so they decided to meet up in Manberg to talk with Technoblade on standby. Surprisingly, Sapnap wanted to make amends and leave all of their beef aside, however due to previous betrayals, Tommy was reluctant. Sapnap led Tommy to the undisclosed area, and used Jourse to travel back to the Community House to trade Mars. Despite already bringing out Jourse, Tommy was still hesitant on trading Mars due to Sapnap previously killing Henry, thus Tommy denied the exchange for Mars. Angered, Sapnap put on his armor and killed Jourse, chasing Tommy as he fled to his holiday home. As he fled, both Dream and George logged on with the intent of killing Sapnap for an unknown reason. Everyone met up at Punz’s tower, but Dream suggested Tommy to follow him. Tommy obeyed as Dream led them to Sapnap’s secret base filled with all his pets. While in the base Sapnap tried to instigate Tommy to kill his pets out of revenge, but Tommy refused. Tommy wanted to finally settle this quarrel with a duel against him in Sapnap, both iron armor and iron sword. If Tommy won, he would get Sapnap’s Netherite and kill all his pets. If Sapnap won, Tommy would return mars. In an anti-climatic duel, Sapnap won. Tommy and Sapnap then ventured to the ocean near Rutabagville (Karl’s new nation) and offered Sapnap instead of giving back the fish, to free it in the ocean and set all their pet wars aside. Sapnap agreed, and fred Mars into the ocean. He added that once the war on the 16th was over, they would be allies. RECAP: Sapnap killed Jourse, Sapnap freed Mars into the ocean, and Sapnap wants to become allies with Tommy after the war. Pogtopia vs. Manberg War Before the War It was November 16th, the day Pogtopia would go to war with Manberg. Hours before the war, multiple people logged on preparing for this massive event. Tubbo and Quackity theorized all the people that could be the potential traitor which they believed was Tommy. While they theorized, Dream threatened Eret’s power as king. He also asked Eret to not involve himself with the war, implying that he should stay as a neutral party. Once Dream left, Eret became conflicted due to his pursuit of redeeming himself, but ultimately disobeyed Dream by resigning as king and helping Pogtopia. Due to Eret disobeying Dream, he forced Eret to give away his crown and appointed George as the new king. End of an Era A while later, it was only a few minutes before the war.

Tommy logged on and met up with Wilbur, who again stayed true to his stance on blowing up Manberg (with 11 stacks of TNT). Everyone in Pogtopia (Tommy, Wilbur, Techno, Tubbo, Niki, Quackity, Fundy, and Eret) grouped outside Pogtopia proposing their plans. While doing so, Dream and Punz ambush them, killing Quackity and Fundy in the process. Everyone fled inside Pogtopia, until Techno revealed that he had extra supplies. He led them down his secret base displaying five sets of enchanted Netherite armor, potions and chests full of weapons. Everyone geared up and walked down to Manberg, and while they were walking Skeppy, Antfrost, and Bad tagged along behind them. As soon as they reached one of Eret’s towers, they were immediately targeted with arrows from above. Pogtopia fired back and charged in Eret’s tower. The Manberg members retreated back to the ground as Pogtopia fired from the tower. Pogtopia decided to head down the tower, battling in Manberg. In the middle of fighting, Dream asked to have a talk with Wilbur. Wilbur ordered Pogtopia to cease fire while Dream spoke about Schlatt’s idiocy and lack of contribution to the fight. This caused Dream to surrender and guide everyone to the Camarvan, where Schlatt hid. Schlatt started to cause arguments, which Wilbur suggested Tommy to kill him in order to end it all. Before Tommy could do anything, Schlatt suddenly died in the van, supposedly due to a heart attack.

Dream SMP Timeline
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