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Dream SMP lore presentation - all in one place so that you don't have to do all the tedious lore remembering

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dsmpANDtftsmp_feb 12th

Dream SMP lore presentation - all in one place so that you don't have to do all the tedious lore remembering

games, minecraft, dreamsmp, role play, lore

Combined Presentation on the

Entire original Dream SMP Lore


Tales From the SMP Lore

please read the disclaimers and follow them please thank you :)







What is it?

Episode by Episode


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Thank you all for reading and sharing this

document I’ve had a blast working on it and despite everything, the DreamSMP has been a home for me for almost 2 years and I’m thankful for it.


DISCLAIMER by @plantskid

All of this is ROLEPLAY. These are CHARACTERS and STORIES that are written and performed. Please keep that in mind

Just because I feature a character in this does not mean i condone the creator’s actions or stand by their opinions. a lot of them need to do A Lot better. but since this is a lore-focused document i will as of now continue to cover their arcs

The characters, plot, props, etc. belong to the creators. I claim nothing

Trigger warning for mentions of depression, derealisation, manipulation, suicidal intention, death, emotional and physical abuse, and other such topics

All the art is by me @plantstwt on twitter. unless stated otherwise.

Screenshots are either by me, CaptainPuffy, Ranboo, Eret, Philza, Foolish, the SMP wiki or credited

All, flags, other misc art and skins have been taken from the DreamSMP wiki (https://dreamteam.fandom.com/wiki/Dream_SMP)

The information on these slides are to my best recollection. There might be mistakes, errors, spelling and grammar issues, biases, (non-malicious) misrepresentation of motifs and character morals etc.

Updates happen regularly but might be “delayed” due to timezones or simply life getting in the way of me watching VODs.

The plot section specifically includes the bullet points “common themes” and “leading question” as well as titles for each of the seasons. I came up with these bc I’m an awful little English teacher. Please don’t present them as your own ideas when making content abt the DSMP that’d be coolio bc i’m weirdly proud of them lmao

You can put screenshots to twitter or wherever though or refer back to this if you credit it :)

if you want to download this for your own or like print it off for whatever reason, go for it. just be respectful abt my like brain property, thanks!!

The Entire History of the DreamSMP

I fucking guess

General DSMP Info to be aware of

Season 1 was (mainly) written by cc!Wilbur, the rest by a collaborative (pretty much everyone writes their own characters & discuss things together)

3 Canon Lives, deaths are scripted for these and permanent

Characters who die go to limbo

except for philza and techno, who only have 1 life each, due to where they’re from

Anything that is canonical to the story is called Lore

Eg. it is lore that when a stream abruptly ends with a black screen the character has fainted

Lore is usually either announced, visible from the title or starting soon stream

Lore events are at the very least semi-scripted but may have non-scripted parts as well as completely pre-written things such as speeches and deaths.

There may be non-canonical or semi-lore things that happen such as karaoke night or challenges or literally just anything else lol not everything’s lore

In-game chat messages might be entirely non-canonical, semi-canon or canon. It is usually easy to tell

do not go after creators for how their characters do or do not behave. it is acting. they’re telling a story

you can watch my personal lore highlights selection over here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrOrFQeGmKotl1UrMeUo3BQvx1sdgR66g

Let’s get into the plotttttt

if you prefer to watch rather than read i have a playlist of summarising animatics as well as key lore moments on youtube for you


The server is started by Dream, George, Sapnap and Callahan

The Community House is built and the Holy Land established

Sapnap and Tommy burn down Ponk’s lemon trees, who burns down Sapnaps house in retaliation

Tommy acquires the first Discs on the server and declares them important and untouchable

Dream steals tommy’s discs, who steals them back

Dream tunnels underneath the SMP and especially Tommy’s home to keep him in check


Season 1a: The Rise of L’Manburg

Wilbur and Tommy start a drug camarvan from which they seek to be the one and only potion-sellers on the SMP

Wilbur’s Symphony of L'Manburg begins with Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy as founding fathers. Later, Eret, Niki and Jack Manifold join.

L'Manburg seeks independence from the Greater Dream SMP Area, which Dream refuses to grant them

Pet Wars ensue over Sapnap killing L’Manburgian’s pets including Fungi. Fundy and Sapnap duel and Sapnap wins the war.

Eret (after being told by Dream that ahe would gain kingship and ability to bring peace to the SMP) betrays his fellow L'Manburgians in the Final Control room claiming that “it was never meant to be”. Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo and Fundy all lose a canon life.

When Wilbur declines a chance to surrender, Dream blows up L'Manburg with TNT previously hidden underneath the land

Tommy wavers Mellohi in a 1v1 bow duel against Dream for independence. He loses and then gives both his disks to Dream and ensures L'Manburg’s independence that way

Multiple pet wars arise between different people and constant revenge animal-killings including Henry Tommy’s cow and Spirit Dream’s horse.

Wilbur decides that him and Tommy should be “democratically elected leaders” but plans on rigging the election.

Quackity joins the race for presidency after continuously being denied citizenship in L'Manburg

Jschlatt, who was meant to be Wilbur’s endorsement, forms his own party and runs against them.

Main Conflict:

Eret’s Betrayal

The L'Manburg War of Independance

Tommy vs. Dream Duel

Common Themes: Family, Loyalty, Allegiances, Independence, Freedom, War, How far is too far

Leading Question: What is truly worth fighting for?

Season 1b: The Fall of L'Manburg

Schlatt is elected president of L'Manburg by pooling his votes together with Quackity’s and exiles Wilbur and Tommy.

Wilbur builds the underground cave called Pogtopia which the base of operations for those who defy Schlatt’s administration

Wilbur teams up with Dream to get TNT, which he places underneath all of Manberg

Schlatt holds the Red Festival/Manberg Festival where he publicly executes Tubbo through forcing Technoblade’s hand and threatens to kill Niki too

Wilbur attempts to blow up Manberg, but Niki has discovered the TNT and hidden the button

Schlatt gives Dream the revivebook in order to get him on his side

Manberg + Dream SMP fight against Pogtopia; the fighting stops when Dream notices Schlatt’s absence

Schlatt dies of a heartattack

Wilbur attempts to to put Tommy, and Tommy Tubbo (Tommy exclaims how “it was meant to be”) in charge of L'Manburg after Schlatt’s death

Wilbur returns to the button room & explodes (L’)Manberg while claiming that “it was never meant to be”.

Philza joins the server and kills his son who begs for death after having lost everything, and having won.

over the entirety of S1 wil sent his father letters about what he was doing (lying about certain aspects to make himself look better). the letters stopped when wilbur became vilbur. that is how phil knew something was wrong and knew where to go

Technoblade, as a firm anarchist, promptly turns against the newly re-established government he only sought to dismantle sends withers after everyone.

Tubbo remains the president after the withers have been defeated.

Main Conflicts: The L'Manburg Election & Tommy and Wilbur’s Exile The Manberg Festival (sometimes called the Red Festival) The Manberg vs. Pogtopia War

Common Themes: What makes a villain a villain, Tyranny, Democracy, Betrayal, Insanity, Loss, Freedom has a Price

Leading Question: What is truly worth dying for?

Season 2: A Struggle for Control

Ghostbur exists in Wilbur’s stead but doesn’t remember much and carries blue with him like Alivebur did in the end, which is a manifestation of his sadness.

Niki is steadily losing sanity and blames Tommy.

Tommy is exiled (bc twitter said so) by Tubbo for burning down George’s house (together with Ranboo) after he confesses, to keep Dream from walling off and punishing all of New L'Manburg.

In exile, Dream manipulates Tommy through claiming he’s his “only friend” (by ensuring that no one else can visit Tommy and destroying mail and presents that are sent, including the invitations to Tommy’s beach party)

Dream kills Mexican Dream when he goes to visit Tommy, gaslighting Tommy into believing that it did not happen

Tommy is grateful for and terrified of Dream who keeps a steady routine of ridding Tommy of all his armour and weapons each visit.

There is the beginning of the Bloodvines, the Egg gaining control of BBH

Tommy and Technoblade team up when Tommy flees from exile after contemplating suicide

Quackity digs up and consumes JSchlatt’s heart

The Butcher Army is out for revenge against Techno for seemingly betraying them with the withers. He survives the execution thanks to a totem he got from Dream in exchange for a favour.

Ranboo is working for Dream while in Enderwalk state incl. helping to blow up the community house during the Green Festival which prompts an argument between Tommy and Tubbo where Tubbo ends up giving Dream a disc. Now Dream has both discs.

Dream, Philza and Technoblade blow up New L'Manburg with TNT cannons for days on end whilst the citizens fight off Technoblade’s withers and hound army.

Niki burns down any remnants including the L’Mantree claiming that “it was never meant to be”.

Ghostbur makes Philza reenact Wilbur’s death in order to resurrect Wil. Instead, a Schlatt-Wilbur-Ghost-Hybrid comes back, and then Ghostbur again.

Dream and Punz are experimenting with the Revivebook on Lazarbeam and Vikkstar, killing and bringing them back over and over

Tommy and Tubbo are “invited” by Dream to talk which Tommy notifies Punz the mercenary of, asking for his aid.

Dream leads Tubbo and Tom

dsmpANDtftsmp_feb 12th
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