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Languages - 🟧Heystack

FFXIV - gobbiespeak spreadlist for uplander learnytimes - by @roefizzlebeef

games, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy, guide, languages

This document is intended to provide a mostly comprehensive list of gobbiespeak vocabulary found in FFXIV and its supplemental materials, as well as a small primer on how the dialect itself works for any aspiring gobbie RPers out there (like myself—hello! I made a goblin OC that I accidentally got way too invested in, and this is my life now). The general mechanics listed below are mostly my own observations about the gobbiespeak dialect, building off of the gobbiespeak we see in game and the info included in the lorebooks. All terms listed in the glossary are pulled from either the Encyclopedia Eorzea(s), official lyrics to songs from the Alexander raid series, and of course the game itself (from NPC dialogue/popup text, location names, quest titles and descriptions, etc). Please note that since the glossary includes quotes to provide context as to how words are used, it contains Alexander spoilers.

Language Links

languages, learning, teaching, travel

2400 links to Language Learning sites and resources. Dictionaries, grammar and phrases.

Coronavirus: A Glossary of Terms to Help You Understand the Crisis

coronavirus, glossary, translation, languages, tomedes

A Glossary of Terms to Help You Understand the Crisis in 60 Languages

Wordle Variations

games, Wordle, languages, list

A comprehensive spreadsheet of Wordle-like word guessing games - includes descriptions, links, and credit

Spanish Campaign Glossary

politics, languages, Spanish

A list of political/voting terms to use in Spanish

Mandarin Chinese pronunciation guide

languages, China, learning, guide

A useful guide to get started learning Mandarin Chinese

Victorian Slang

languages, English, slang, dictionary, writing

A collection of slang words/terms used during the Victorian Era. Use in your writing or when you want your Tweet to sound more interesting ✒️