Wordle Variations

A comprehensive spreadsheet of Wordle-like word guessing games - includes descriptions, links, and credit

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Wordle Variations

A comprehensive spreadsheet of Wordle-like word guessing games - includes descriptions, links, and credit

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Name Description Daily? Creator Link Creator Link

Wordle Guess a five letter word in 6 guesses Daily Josh Wardle https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html https://twitter.com/powerlanguish

Dordle Guess two words at once Daily David Mah https://zaratustra.itch.io/dordle https://github.com/DavidMah

Quordle Guess four 5 letter words at once Both Quordle Team https://www.quordle.com https://twitter.com/quordle

Gordle Guess a five letter hockey players last name. Daily Sean Mcindoe https://gordle.herokuapp.com/ https://twitter.com/downgoesbrown

Semantle Guess a word based on semantic similarity. Daily David Turner https://semantle.novalis.org/ https://twitter.com/NovalisDMT

Nerdle Guess a simple equation in 6 guesses. Daily The Briliant Team https://nerdlegame.com/ https://twitter.com/richardajmann

Word Rodeo Make custom wordles Infinite Julian Wachholz https://word.rodeo/ https://twitter.com/julianwachholz

Wordle Bot Collaborative Wordle in Discord Infinite Tyler Zhu https://twitter.com/tyleryzhu/status/1483216446544961537?s=20&t=5o_A-j2fkZ5gaEeC1Z7OhQ https://twitter.com/tyleryzhu

[wɚdl̩] Guess a word based on its pronuciation in american english. Both Manishearth https://manishearth.github.io/ipadle/?challenge=ZwBsAHUAbQBpAA https://twitter.com/Manishearth

Lewdle Guess a five letter swear word. Daily Adam Nickerson https://www.lewdlegame.com/ https://twitter.com/theadamvision

Primel Guess a five digit prime. Daily David Lawrence Miller https://converged.yt/primel/ https://converged.yt/

Wordle TR Guess a five letter word in Turkish. Daily Bundle App Team https://f.github.io/wordle-tr/ https://www.bundle.app/breakingNews

Termo Guess a five letter word in Portugese. Daily Fernando Serboncini https://term.ooo/ https://twitter.com/fserb

Woordle Guess a five letter word in Dutch. Daily Yele https://woordle.nl/ https://twitter.com/pingiun_

Ordle Guess a five letter word in Swedish. Daily Adam Erik Eskil https://ordel.se/ https://twitter.com/adamerikeskil

Wördle Guess a five Letter word in German. Daily Roland Winzer https://wordle.at/ https://twitter.com/at_wordle

Le Mot Guess a five letter word in French. Daily Louan https://wordle.louan.me/ https://twitter.com/louanben

Wordle (ES) Guess a five letter word in Spanish. Daily Daniel Rodriguez https://wordle.danielfrg.com/ https://twitter.com/danielfrg

Pictle Make your guesses into the assigned picture Daily Michael Bleigh https://pictle.web.app/ https://twitter.com/mbleigh

Absurdle Wordle but the word changes every time you guess. Infinite QNTM https://qntm.org/files/absurdle/absurdle.html https://twitter.com/qntm

Wheedle Worlde but its infinite. Infinite WheelsRPGs https://wheelsrpgs.itch.io/wheeldle https://wheelsrpgs.itch.io/

Squirdle Guess the pokemon using wordle rules. Both Fireblend https://squirdle.fireblend.com/ https://www.fireblend.com/

Guess my Word Guess a word based on its place in aplhebetical order. Daily Guess My Word Team https://hryanjones.com/guess-my-word/ https://twitter.com/guessmyword1

Letterle Guess a single letter. Infinite Ed Jefferson https://edjefferson.com/letterle/ https://twitter.com/edjeff

Evil Wordle Guess but the word changes every time you guess. Infinite Ravi Parikh https://swag.github.io/evil-wordle/ https://twitter.com/ravisparikh

Hello Wordle Wordle but its infinite and not owned by the new york times. Both Chordbug https://hellowordl.net/?random https://twitter.com/chordbug

Worldle Guess the country by direction and proximity. Daily Teuteuf https://worldle.teuteuf.fr/ https://twitter.com/teuteuf

Wordle2 Guess a six letter word in 6 guesses. Daily ??? https://www.wordle2.in/ ???

Squabble Worlde but its a battle royal. Infinite Ottomated https://squabble.me/ https://twitter.com/Ottomated_

Squardle Wordle But you have to guess six five letter words in a grid Both Fubar Games https://fubargames.se/squardle/ https://fubargames.se/

Daily Emoji Map Place a daily set of emojis in a pleasing grid. Daily Graham Allen https://observablehq.com/@iamgrahamallen/daily-emoji-map https://twitter.com/iamgrahamallen

Jordle Wordle but its on the new neopets site. Daily Jelly Neo Team https://www.jellyneo.net/?comments=13968

digitle Complete a daily version of the countdown number puzzle. Both Eevee https://c.eev.ee/digitle/ https://twitter.com/eevee

Tayordle Wordle but its Taylor Swift Theme. Daily Holy Swift Podcast https://www.taylordle.com/ https://twitter.com/holyswiftpod

Wordle Archive Play all past wordles. Other Devang Thakkar https://www.devangthakkar.com/wordle_archive/?2 https://www.devangthakkar.com/

Mahjong Handle Guess a Mahjong hand in 5 tries. Daily ??? https://mahjong-handle.update.sh/ ???

Sutom Guess a french word between 6 and 9 letters Daily Jonamaths https://sutom.nocle.fr/# https://twitter.com/Jonamaths

Gairgl Guess a five letter word in Welsh. Daily Jenny Blacker https://hiriaith.cymru/gairgl https://twitter.com/jenblacker

Sedercordle 21 guesses to get 16 words simultaneously. Both MorethanAwesome http://sedecordle.com/ https://twitter.com/morethanawesome

Octordle 13 Guesses to guess 8 Words simoutainiously. Both Kenneth Crawford https://octordle.com/

Byrdle Wordle but its choral music themed. Daily Robert Brignall https://www.byrdle.net/ https://twitter.com/rbrignall

Wordle Variations
Tags Games, Wordle, Languages, List
Type Google Sheet
Published 12/04/2024, 08:13:42


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