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2400 links to Language Learning sites and resources. Dictionaries, grammar and phrases.

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Language Links

2400 links to Language Learning sites and resources. Dictionaries, grammar and phrases.

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2145 If you notice any mistakes, dead links, inaccurate info or if you'd like to add a description to a link, please use the 'comment' option (Ctrl+Alt+M) :)

no. language variety/dialect link description display lanugage: level credits notes tags l.p

1 -General- A language learners' forum A forum for language learners. Challenges, group learning, resources, tips and guidance. en - community 26

2 -General- Anki Hands down the best flashcards program, based on the spaced repetition alghorithm (which effectiveness is scientifically proven). It has all the options the other programs have (Quizlet, Memrise etc.) and more + hundreds of plugins. It may be quite difficult at the beginning though, so better find some guide (I've written one but it's in Polish). I could write an entire serenade here, just go check it out. many - app 14

4 -General- Audio Lingua Short audio recordings of native speakers talking about whatever they like (e.g. movie reviews, diary entries). 13 languages – 6810 mp3 files. You can filter them by the profficiency level, the sex of the speaker or the duration or the theme. many - audio 27

3 -General- Anki - poradnik The aforementioned guide. I'm going to write an English version one day :) pl - guide 15

6 -General- Blog o nauce języków obcych A polyglot's blog about language learning techniques. pl - blog 28

7 -General- Canguro English A podcast; "Canguro English presents a podcast about language for people learning languages. Just another part of my mission to change the way the world learns English. Education should be FREE and FUN." One of the guests was Dan Everett himself! en - podcast 37

8 -General- Clozemaster A site where you can learn vocabulary in context by filling close delections in sentences. 65 languages to choose from. many - 16

9 -General- Forvo Here you can check the pronunciation of a word in any language, recorded by a native speaker. many - pronunciation 17

10 -General- GLOSS 41 languages covered, including a number of Arabic varieties. You can choose your level of profficiency, the skill you want to improve (reading, listening), the topic and the competence. There are HUNDREDS of lessons with audio for each language listed. en - course 11

11 -General- Grammar and Language Courses Articles regarding various elements of the language. en - 7

12 -General- Hał ar ju, Marija? A blog about languages and language learning. pl - blog 29

13 -General- HiNative A site similar to aforementioned Lang8. You can ask natives questions about their language and culture, let them assert and correct your pronunciation, ask what is the difference between two words and more. There's also a mobile app. many - community 40

14 -General- InterPals Language exchange site. en - community 36

17 -General- Keitah A blog about language learning. pl - blog 31

15 -General- Jak będzie w surżyku? A Facebook group for Slavic languages enthusiasts. pl - facebook 39

16 -General- Językowa Siłka A site with hundrets of articles regarding learning techniques and languages, from popular like English or German to the lessern known, like Maori or Thai. pl - Język w Rok blog 25

18 -General- Lang-8 A language learning platform where native speakers correct what you write. There's also a mobile app. many - app 34

20 -General- Language sandwich A list of foreign YouTube vloggers - 12 different languages. en - video 21

22 -General- Learn Languages Free language courses - 96 languages to choose from. en - grammar, vocabulary 8

23 -General- Learning Languages Quite useful guides for those who want to learn a new language, which include usefullness, the "chic factor", book recommendations and main difficulties you'll encounter. 21 languages are covered. On top of that there's a guide for those who are unsure which language they should learn. en - guide 10

25 -General- Mango Languages Language courses, including some rare languages (Tuvan <3), regional varietes (Latin American Spanish) and specialty courses (e.g. German slang or Shakespearean English). en - course 13

24 -General- Lingq "This is a subscription service. The free version is extremely limited. But it is one of the best general resources available. Excellent at intermediate or above, but still good for beginners." many - Fryrish course 35

26 -General- Mówić.pl A blog about language learning - recommendations, advice. pl - blog 32

27 -General- Newspaper Map Same as above, but with news sites. en - reading 5

28 -General- Norsk Experiment An interesting experiment - the guy has learnt Norwegian without any dictionaries, without any resources in languages other than Norwegian, he didn't even make any notes or try to remember anything. After two months he was able to read and understand a book in Norwegian. You can read how his full account here. en pl - guide 12

29 -General- OpenCulture Links to language sites with idescriptions. 48 languages to choose from. en - 19

32 -General- Polyglot Club A site for language exchange. en - community 9

33 -General- Radio Garden You can spin the Earth around and choose Radio stations from all over the world here! en - radio 4

34 -General- Radio Lingua Coffee Break podcasts for language learners. 7 languages, 2000 lessons. en - podcast 24

36 -General- Szybka Wiedza A blog about learning (not only languages). pl - blog 30

35 -General- Słowniki Dictionaries created by the author of the blog. pl -

37 -General- The Yojiik Website Free courses and lots of resources developed by The Foreign Service Institute (FSI), an United States federal government's primary training institution for employees of the U.S. foreign affairs community. 48 languages, over 600 courses in public domain. en ge fr ru - course 20

38 -General- Themed Terms A Google sheet with words sorted by themes translated to many languages sorted by language families. Feel free to contribute! many - 23

39 -General- Travelengua There used to be tips and tricks for language learners but the link is dead apparently. en - blog 18

40 -General- Wikibooks Languages The books in this subject area deal with languages, in particular foreign language learning. Includes some courses directly on the site. en - reading 22

41 -General- Word2Word A list of free online resources, including some endangered languages. 117 languages to choose from. en - list 6

-General- Xefjord Free Anki courses for 69 different languages. en - Xefjord

-General- Languages Gulper A website that quickly describes all languages by family for use by linguists and polyglots. Succint but no-bullshit en - anon

-General- Goethe Verlag Also known as 50languages or book2. Basically lets you learn any language from any other language in a list of 50, witg 1900+ words and approx as many stock sentences complete with native recordings for each language. There is also a phone app many A anon

-General- L-Pack Language learning packs designed for immigrants in Europe many A anon

-General- Language Transfer Free audio courses in a bunch of languages, notably the Greek and Spanish courses are extremely praised by learners. It's run by ONE MAN named Mihalis who is a Cypriot from the UK living in South America. The whole course and all the materials are free. Super helpful, and on all platforms - YouTube, soundcloud, and everything is downloadable to your computer via mp3 file. en A anon

-General- Yazyki Narodov Rossij Mini courses for some minority languages of Russia (Komi, Russian Sign Language, Tatar, Chuvash, Yukaghir) ru A rcc2

-General- Arctic Megapedia Information about & resources for a lot of minority languages spoken in Russia ru,en A rcc2

-General- Duolingo Doesn't need an introduction. I don't really like it but I couldn't find a good enough reason to leave it out many A-B

-General- Find a 1-on-1 online language teacher. Over 100+ languages. Also has a language community to find language resources and get help from native speakers. many A-C anon

-General- Lingbe Mobile app to find instant language practice. You can hit a button and start practicing a foreign language immediately. You get credits by helping people with your language. Also clubhouse like features for listening to live foreign language conversations. many A-C anon

-General- Lyricstranslate More than 1 million translations and transcriptions of song lyrics many A-C rcc2

-General- Web Corpora Corpora of 15 languages, among them some Russian minority languages; plus many tools such as dictionaries and transliterators for other languages ru,en A-C rcc2

-General- LangueDOC Materials on the Archi, Khinalug, Nganasan, Enets and Tofalar languages ru,en A-C rcc2

-General- Verb conjugator, available for 40+ languages en A-C rcc2

-General- Global Voices News site in read aloud in a bunch of languages, useful for parallel texts with audio many B anon

-General- Advanced Placement It is a YouTube channel that has many resources for tons of AP topics. The reason I think this should be included is there are several series for multiple different languages. They have Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and Italian. en B-C anon

-General- 17 Minute Languages Paid language courses that teach you vocabulary as flashcards. They have other resources such as dictionaries, cheat-sheets, audio trainer and so much more. en A-C nimwit

-General- Language Transfer - YouTube en Simpleton

-General- Tatoeba Free-content, editable corpus of example sentences with translations. A-C anon

42 Aasax Glottolog - Aasax Basic info and the writing system. A

43 Aasax Wikipedia - Asa language Basic info on Wikipedia. A

44 Abaza Omniglot - Abaza Basic info and the writing system. A ml

45 Abaza Speak Abaza

46 Abellen Omni

Language Links
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