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Charity - 🟧Heystack

Distribute Bitcoin to hundreds of people

cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, charity, protest

A guide for anyone who needs to distribute bitcoin in a trust minimized way to a large group of people. Donors or other interested parties can have a high degree of confidence the bitcoin reached the intended parties. Use cases include distribution to protesters, homeless or underprivileged children.

Donate to Ukraine - Master Doc

Ukraine, Russia, resources, charity, war, support

A master list of reputable organizations doing vital work to support #Ukraine. Medical support, refugees, veterans. Please donate and share far and wide.


Ukraine, Russia, charity, war, resources

For anyone fleeing Ukrainian right now, here is a big Google Doc of resources, including: Border checkpoint maps, asylum assistance in Romania, Poland, and Germany, free hostels & apartments

Leaving Afghanistan

politics, Afghanistan, charity, travel, refugees

A list of Consular Contracts for different countries for anyone wishing to be evacuated from Afghanistan. By @tweetsbymaisie

zwierzęta / Тварини / animals

Ukraine, Russia, war, animals, charity

Ukrainian friends evacuating with pets: here's a list of people offering help to you and your animals. List is sorted via cities, numbers included. #UkraineUnderAttack #ukraineevacuation #UkraineInvasion #help #rescuedogs #NATO #Ukraine #UkraineAnimals


Ukraine, Russia, resources, war, charity, support

A list of reliable donations for people in Ukraine. Please take a look, share and donate if you can.

Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine

Ukraine, Russia, politics, war, charity

Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine - free VPN, free roaming, free calls and sms and much more #ukrainesupport


Ukraine, Russia, politics, war, charity

A list where refugees can get help or transport in Poland from volunteers!! It has telephone numbers and if you can bring children or not and other information!

пропонує транспорт/Oferuje transport

Ukraine, Russia, politics, software, charity

A list of people from Poland who offer transport for the refugees from the border or from some cities in Ukraine.

We're All Stuck At Home But We Can Still Be Brilliant

coronavirus, memes, freebies, charity, films, tips

We all need to #StayTheFuckHome to protect our communities and each other. Here's a point of connection to share treats, distractions, your favourite quarantine crafts & hobbies, and get a cheerleader for those tougher projects you're trying to finish in isolation