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Charity - 🟧Heystack

Distribute Bitcoin to hundreds of people

cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, charity, protest

A guide for anyone who needs to distribute bitcoin in a trust minimized way to a large group of people. Donors or other interested parties can have a high degree of confidence the bitcoin reached the intended parties. Use cases include distribution to protesters, homeless or underprivileged children.

Donate to Ukraine - Master Doc

Ukraine, Russia, resources, charity, war, support

A master list of reputable organizations doing vital work to support #Ukraine. Medical support, refugees, veterans. Please donate and share far and wide.


Ukraine, Russia, charity, war, resources

For anyone fleeing Ukrainian right now, here is a big Google Doc of resources, including: Border checkpoint maps, asylum assistance in Romania, Poland, and Germany, free hostels & apartments

zwierzęta / Тварини / animals

Ukraine, Russia, war, animals, charity

Ukrainian friends evacuating with pets: here's a list of people offering help to you and your animals. List is sorted via cities, numbers included. #UkraineUnderAttack #ukraineevacuation #UkraineInvasion #help #rescuedogs #NATO #Ukraine #UkraineAnimals


Ukraine, Russia, resources, war, charity, support

A list of reliable donations for people in Ukraine. Please take a look, share and donate if you can.

Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine

Ukraine, Russia, politics, war, charity

Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine - free VPN, free roaming, free calls and sms and much more #ukrainesupport


Ukraine, Russia, politics, war, charity

A list where refugees can get help or transport in Poland from volunteers!! It has telephone numbers and if you can bring children or not and other information!

пропонує транспорт/Oferuje transport

Ukraine, Russia, politics, software, charity

A list of people from Poland who offer transport for the refugees from the border or from some cities in Ukraine.

Leaving Afghanistan

politics, Afghanistan, charity, travel, refugees

A list of Consular Contracts for different countries for anyone wishing to be evacuated from Afghanistan. By @tweetsbymaisie


Afghanistan, aid, emergency, charity, war

Information on how the global community can help Afghans on the ground