Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine

Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine - free VPN, free roaming, free calls and sms and much more #ukrainesupport

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Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine

Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine - free VPN, free roaming, free calls and sms and much more #ukrainesupport

Ukraine, Russia, politics, war, charity

FREE Cybersecurity & Humanitarian Services for the Ukraine War

Est. 24 Feb 2022

⚠ This is a constant work in progress ⚠

Please Twitter DM (@chrisculling) or on LinkedIn ( and I'll add your information to the list after it has been vetted. Please include Services Offered, Contact information, and a link to any public posting referencing those services.Thanks! DISCLAIMER: Information included on this sheet is meant as a helpful resource, it hasn’t been independently verified, it may no longer be current, and there may be other terms/conditions. Contact the companies/volunteers/organizations directly if interested.

Please pass this list to anyone who can get it to the people of Ukraine who need these services.

Cybersecurity Services

Organization FREE Services Offered Offer to help reference - More information Twitter @ / LinkedIn Contact Website

Security Vendors / Providers

Archonsec Free Cloud/on premises, infrastructure, app security, managed security, risk management & assurance, MDR, SIEM, SoC services. Received DM @archonsec Twitter DM @archonsec or @alaricaloor

Avast Free decrypter for HermeticRansom ransomware @Avast Visit

BinaryLab Free Advisory & breach-response services Received DM @BinaryLabLLC Email [email protected]

Bitdefender + Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate Free Technical consulting, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity software to any business, government institution, or private citizen of Ukraine @Bitdefender

Cloudflare Free enterprise-class DDoS protection to eligible websites of organizations supporting free speech, such as artistic, humanitarian organizations, political dissent, journalist, democracy, and human rights groups @Cloudflare Apply at

Cloudflare + Crowdstrike + PingIdentity Partnership 4 months of Free application and network security, endpoint security, and identity services to US-based hospitals, and energy and water utilities @Cloudflare, @CrowdStrike, @pingidentity Visit for more information and to register

Coalition Free access to premium version of Attack Surface Monitoring to non-profits and Ukrainian companies @SolveCyberRisk Sign up for free service at and request upgrade to premium

Curated Intelligence Free Threat intelligence resources focused on Ukraine @CuratedIntel

Curricula Free cybersecurity awareness training and phishing simulation platform Received DM @Curricula Sign up on website

Cybernite Free Incident Response and cybercrime threat monitoring @CyberniteInt Email [email protected]

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Free cybersecurity services and tools list @CISAgov

DNSFilter Free licenses for their DNS Security product to any businesses from Ukraine @DNSFilter Register at

Dragos ICS cyber support to small US/UK/ANZ orgs affected by the war @DragosInc LinkedIn message to

Eclypsium Full Eclypsium platform (firmware security) available to organizations in Ukraine and those helping defend Ukraine (including media and NGOs on the ground); Free QuickScan tool for PC/server firmware compromise assessment @eclypsium Twitter DM @c7zero or email [email protected] for platform; visit for QuickScan Tool

Elastic Security Free SIEM and endpoint security @elastic Email [email protected]

FastNetMon Unlimited FNM license to protect your networks from DDoS attacks for free @FastNetMon Email [email protected]

Flashpoint Free 30-day trial of Flashpoint intelligence platform to monitor the conflict in Ukraine in real-time @FlashpointIntel Sign up at

FlokiNET Free Web/server space, DDoS protection for Ukranian journalists @FlokiNETehf [email protected]

GreyNoise List of IPs targeting Ukraine; Free enterprise products for Ukrainian/NATO IPs registered to GreyNoise @GreyNoiseIO Twiter DM @SupriyaMaz or @nathanqthai

Google Cloud + Jigsaw Free access to Project Shield (DDoS protection) for qualifying news organizations, journalists, human rights and politcal organizations. @Jigsaw Visit

Intelligence X Full access to OSINT platform for free. @_IntelligenceX Sign up for services with email address

Kontinuum Security assessments and remediation if in our skill set, 30+ days free NGAV with SOC monitoring/threat Intel for workstations, servers, mobile devices, real time IP address scanning an blocking of traffic on firewalls @KontinuumMSP Email [email protected]

Krebs Stamos Group Free Client advisories @KrebsStamos

Malware Patrol Free 6-month DNS Firewall subscription @MalwarePatrol Put"#Ukraine-based" in comments "

MindWise Temporary Free Account Takeover Detection and Data Breach Detection services Email [email protected] or visit

Minerva Labs Free 6 months free cyber threat protection @MinervaLabs Fill in form at

Netdeep Free Firewall software to protect against DDoS attacks Received DM @netdeep Email [email protected]

Oodrive Free Cloud solutions Oodrive_Save (back up for individual computers) and Oodrive_Work (data sharing and collaboration tool) Received DM @OodriveOfficiel Email [email protected]

Open Observatory of Network Interference Free Software for measuring internet censorship Received DM @OpenObservatory

Open Technology Fund Free DDOS mitigation / secure web hosting @OpenTechFund TwitterDM @OpenTechFund

Prevailion Free APEX platform access to Ukrainian busineses @prevailion Email [email protected]

Profero Free Remote cyber incident response @ProferoSec Twitter DM @ProferoSec

SCADAfence Free Critical Infrastructure Security - Visibility, Detection & Response Received DM @SCADAfence Twitter DM @SCADAfence

Security Joes Free Incident response for Ukrainian companies @IdoNaor1 Email [email protected] or Twitter DM @IdoNaor1

SecurityScorecard 6 months free acc

Free Cyber & Humanitarian Services for Ukraine
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