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Tax - 🟧Heystack

VTuber Tax FAQ

streaming, YouTube, tax, finance, games, advice

Since it’s Tax season and most VTubers are new to this whole tax thing, here’s a short FAQ. As I have only filed United States of America taxes, this advice is primarily for US taxes, however other countries may have similar tax laws.

VAT 2021 Notes

tax, UK, VAT, guide, business, startup

If, like me, you’re worried about needing a VAT number in 2021 and are unsure of where to start, hopefully this guide will help. VAT is complicated and has a lot of documentation, and it’s extremely difficult to figure out if things are relevant to online, independent shops or not. I aim to walk through the basics of VAT and the criteria that would make you need to get a VAT number. I’ll include sources for my information, and links to where you can apply for a VAT number! I’m a recent economics graduate and a PTIN-registered tax preparer.