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YouTube - 🟧Heystack


social media, vtube, art, youtube

How to make your own 2D vTuber model - beginner's guide. You can find information about design, sketching, lining and rendering.

Mr Beast, A Creator Breakdown

social media, YouTube, video, content

Most subscribed creator on YouTube - what did MrBeast learn in the 10 years on the platform to gain his massive success?

VTuber Tax FAQ

streaming, YouTube, tax, finance, games, advice

Since it’s Tax season and most VTubers are new to this whole tax thing, here’s a short FAQ. As I have only filed United States of America taxes, this advice is primarily for US taxes, however other countries may have similar tax laws.

AlbertsStuff (UCJ-IoREPfgDcfWh8RaqQ_QA)

AlbertsStuff, Albert, Flamingo, YouTube, Streety, Lost Media, Video

AlbertsStuff all found and lost YouTube content. Help us find lost videos!

How To Make Video Essays

art, social media, video, guide, blogging, YouTube, vlog, streaming

A beginner's guide to video blogging and streaming. How to start, what to expect and how to get better. First-hand knowledge from @theRazbuten