A list of VCs doing early stage investing.

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A list of VCs doing early stage investing.

VC, startup

Last Fund Size Making Active Investments (Y/N) Location Main investment sectors Lead rounds (Y/N) Stage (Pre-seed/Seed/Post Seed) Average initial check size URL

112 Capital

1347 Ventures

212 Ventures

360 Capital

4490 Ventures

50 Years

500 Fintech $25m YES SF/Global Fintech, Insuretech N Pre-seed, Seed $150k

500 Startups


645 Ventures

7 Gate Ventures 2M YES Vancouver, SF

A-Force Ventures Female-led consumer internet & mobile

Accelerator Ventures

Activant Capital Greenwich

Active Venture Partners

ActOne Ventures Los Angeles

Advancit Capital New York


Afore Capital $47m YES San Francisco Y Pre-seed

Aglaia Oncology Fund

AIB Seed Capital Fund Ireland

Aligned Partners Enterprise mobile- and cloud-delivered software and services

Alpha Ventures Partnes NYC

AlphaPrime Early stage safety and security

Alpine Meridien

Alsop Louie Partners

Altius Ventures E-commerce ancillaries, Fintech, SaaS and IoT



Amplify LA

Amplo Ventures

AngelPad SF

Antecedent Ventures NYC SaaS

Apertue Venture Partners NYC Healthcare

Arafura Ventures Bay Area SaaS

Arcus Ventures NYC Cancer-focused

Arena Ventures LA

Armory Square Ventures NYC Web, mobile, or technology-enabled service

Array Ventures SF

Arrowhead Innovation Fund New Mexico Affiliated w/New Mexico State University

Arthur Ventures Fargo, Minneapolis "100% B2B Software. 100% Outside Silicon Valley"

Aspect Ventures SF, Palo Alto

ATO Ventures

Authentic Ventures

Autochrome Ventures Los Angeles

Autotech VC Bay Area ground transportation

Axon Partners

Azul Ventures

B-to-v Partners Berlin, Luxembourg

Babel Ventures

Backstage Capital

Bam Ventures LA

Base Ventures Oakland

Baseline Ventures

Bedrock Ventures Delhi

Bee Partners $30m Y San Francisco Enabling/Frontier Technologies for the Enterprise - Industrial Tech, Conversational Commerce (NLP), Market Networks, NewSpace, Data Defined Networks Y Pre-seed, Seed $500k

Belani Capital SF

Benhamou Global Ventures Palo Alto cloud technologies; virtual and software defined networking; productivity-based applications; cyber security, mobility and the Internet of Things


Bespoke Ventures

Betaworks NYC, SF

Better Ventures Oakland

Binary Capital SF

Blackbird Ventures Sydney

Blangkond Ventures $20m Y Los Angeles/Jakarta Agri-tech, Fintech, Enterprise, Saas, Consumer Y Pre-seed/Seed/Post $75K-$300K

Bleu Capital $6m Y NYC / SF The Future of Retail N Pre-seed + Seed $250k-$350k

Blockchain Capital

Blueberry Ventures Food and Beverage

BlueSeed Capital

BOLDstart Ventures $47m Y NYC enterprise infrastructure, intelligence/automation, security, SaaS Y first check/seed $750-1mm

Bolt hardware

Bonfire Ventures $60mm Y SoCal, SF B2B software-based businesses Y Mostly post-seed, also pre-seed/seed $750k

Boom Capital

Boost VC $28mm Y SF blockchain, cryptocurrencies

Bootstrap Labs Applied Artificial Intelligence

Bowery Capital 60 NYC Business software, marketplaces

Brand Foundry Ventures Branded retail

Bridge 37 Ventures

Brilliant Ventures Commerce

Bronze Investments

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures $15.50 Yes NYC Anything... Surprise me. Yes. Pre-seed/Seed $750k

Builders Fund

Bull City Venture Partners Durham, NC

Bulldog Ventures

Bullet Time Ventures

Bullish Partners

Bullpen Capital *I believe new fund is/will be larger than $100M

Caerus technology companies at the convergence of hardware and software

Caffeinated Capital

Cantos 5? Y SF industry-specfic SaaS+ML, blockchain, moonshots Pre-seed, Seed

Canyon Creek LA

Capella Ventures

Capital Partners manufacturers, value-added distributors and business service companies

Cardinal Venture Captial Palo Alto Post seed in Digital Media, Financial Technology, Mobility and Software-as-a-Service

Cassius Atlanta

Causeway Media Partners

Cenova Ventures Shanghai healthcare services, diagnostics, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals

Center Electric IoT

Cervin Ventures B2B software

Chicago Ventures Chicago tech-enabled enterprise and consumer businesses

Chilango Ventures

Clearstone LA

Cloud Apps Capital Partners

Cloudstone Venture Fund

Co-Creation Capital

Collaborative Fund 68

Combustion Ventures

Comet Labs AI

Commerce VC retail and financial technology fields

Common Angels Boston Renamed Converge Ventures (see below)

Communitas Capital

Compound 50 Y New York, NY Was Metamorphic Ventures Y Pre-Seed, Seed, Post Seed 500000

Connect Ventures Europe

Connectivity Ventures health, financial services, and the future of work

Contour Venture Partners NYC financial services, enterprise SaaS and digital media sectors

Contrary Capital

Converge Ventures Enterprise, Security, SaaS, Advertising, Information Technology, Mobile

Core Innnovation Capital LA Financial services

Core Ventures SF, Palo Alto

Corigin Ventures 20M YES NYC Consumer, Marketplaces, Real Estate Tech Y Seed $300k


Courtside Ventures Detroit, NYC Sports and media

Cowboy Ventures SF

Coyote Point Ventures

Craftsman Capital Partners

Creative Ventures Y San Francisco "Deep Technologies" - Robotics, AI, Vision etc to address macroeconomic trends Y Pre-seed-Post Seed 250-500k

Cross Culture Ventures Yes LA Generalist, tech & tech enabed solutions driven by cultural shifts/ trends Y Seed $250K

CrossCut Ventures Y LA



Crystal Tech Fund Arlington, VA

Crystal Towers 50

Cue Ball Boston information services, enterprise internet and digital media

Danhua Capital Bay Area

Darling Ventures SF

Data Point Capital Boston consumer Internet (e-commerce, mobile, media), cloud-based SaaS, and the industrial IoT

Deep Fork Capital NYC, Menlo

Designed Capital

Designer Fund SF Designer-led companies

Detroit Venture Partners Detroit Detroit-based startups

Divergent Ventures Seattle Cloud Infrastructure, Big Data, and Data Driven Applications

Dorm Room Fund Student-founders

Downing Ventures London UK-based entrepreneurs

Draft VC

Dragonfire Capital

DRK Foundation global venture philanthropy; supporting early stage, high impact social enterprises

Dundee Venture Capital $31M Yes Omaha/Chicago/Minneapolis Yes Seed $500K

E14 Fund Boston

Early Impact Ventures SF

Ecosystem Integrity

EIS Angel Co-Investment

eLab VC

Elefund Fintech and Financial Services, Consumer Hardware, Marketplaces, Breakthrough Technology

Elementum Ventures Y SF

Elevar Equity

Embark Ventures Y LA deep/frontier tech

Emerson Collective

Endeavor Catalyst

Endure Capital 20M Y US - MENA Digital Health - AI - Transportation - Full Stack Startups Y Seed - Post Seed 200K

Energy Innovation Capital

Engineering Capital

ENIAC Ventures 120 Y NYC, SF

EPIC Ventures Salt Lake City


ExSight Capital Management ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment solutions

Faber Ventures €11m Portugal Mainly B2B SW companies - SaaS/ AI/ big data Y Pre-seed + Seed €250k

Fearless VC

Female Founders Fund

ff Venture Capital >$50mm

Fika Ventures LA

Flatiron Partners

Flight.VC SF

Floodgate Capital Y Palo Alto


Forward Partners £60m Y UK - London Marketplaces, Next-gen ecommerce, Applied AI Y Pre-seed + Seed £400k

Foundation Capital

Founder Collective $75MM Boston, SF

Founders Co-Op Seattle Pac NW focused

FreeSky Capital Cloud / Mobile / Data, Applied and Augmented Intelligence

Freestyle VC $90MM SF

Frontline Ventures B2B

Frost Venture Partners

Fuel Capital SF

Fung Capital Retail

Future Perfect Ventures

Fyrfly VC SF, Palo Alto

G20 Ventures East Coast enterprise tech startups

Gelt VC 4?

Glasswing Ventures Boston AI

Goldcrest Capital

Golden Ventures Partners $50M Y Toronto, Canada Y Pre-seed / Seed / Post Seed $500-750K

GovTech Fund

Grace beauty capital

Great North Labs and Great North Capital Fund

Grove Ventures Israel

Growth X

Hackers and Founders San Jose

Halogen Ventures Female-founded consumer tech

Hangar (now called Interlock Partners) Dallas, NYC

Happiness VC

Harmony Partners later stage, sector agnostic

Harrison Metal SF


Healthfundr VC Fund

Healthy Ventures


Heroic Ventures ~20?

High Line Venture Partners Vancouver, Toronto

High Peaks Venture Partners (now called Primary Venture Partners)

Homebrew Ventures NextGen Commerce and Vertical SaaS

Hoxton Ventures Europe

Human Ventures

Hustle Fund ~Oct 2017 SF Software N Pre-Seed, Seed 1st: $25K / 2nd: $250K

Hybrid VC

Hyde Park Venture Partners Midwest, high-growth


iFly Ventures


Illuminate Ventures Y Oakland, CA Enterprise SaaS Y Seed / Post Seed $500k-$1M

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