How to raise a seed round

All you need to know about raising a seed round for your startup!

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How to raise a seed round

All you need to know about raising a seed round for your startup!

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How to raise a seed round?

Elizabeth Yin, General Partner

Last updated: 3/27/2022


I’m a former founder who’s reviewed over 30,000 pitches as a General Partner at Hustle Fund and as a former Partner at 500 Startups.

When I was a founder, I was absolutely clueless about how to fundraise. Hopefully this guide will help you raise a seed round.



* Not everyone should raise VC money

* Different types of capital

* Applying to accelerators

* Should you do an accelerator?

* How to ace the interview

* Should you bootstrap?

* Your idea matters a lot

* What makes for a good idea?

* Why I wouldn’t have invested in my former startup?

* Understanding why investors invest

* You are always pitching

* The hardest thing about fundraising

* You should have 4 fundraising plans

* Generating momentum

* How to raise $1.5m in 48 hours


* How to make a collaborative list of investors

* Do they all need to be value-add?

* How to create a pitch deck?

* Pitch decks that stand out

* Where ppl go wrong with pitch decks

* Should you include financials?

* Ideal email deck

* Ideal in-person deck

* How to get in front of investors?

* Tips for cold-emailing investors

* How to write a cold-email

* How to ask for an investor intro

* Who should you ask for an investor intro?

* Pitching friends and family

* When you’re not well connected

* What is a cap table?

* What are SAFEs, convertible notes, and equity?

* A tweetstorm on this

* A blog post on this

* Should you raise on notes or equity?

* To SAFE or not to SAFE?

Meeting with and closing investors

* How to tranche your fundraise

* Why tranche your fundraise

* Honoring commitments

* Why seed rounds are dead

* You need to meet with lots of investors

* Why investors take a long time to decide (and how to shorten that)?

* Establishing trust

* How to think about big investors vs small investors

* Should you take small checks?

* Are you an investment or an option?

* How to close angel investors?

* Video version

* Do you need a lead investor?

* A blog post on lead investors

* 15 Annoying things investors say

* Do VCs fund solo founders?

* What goes into a pitch conversation?

* It’s not really a pitch

* What questions you should ask investors

* What questions an investor will ask you?

* How to follow up?

* Following up with investors who have rejected you before

* How VC partnerships make investment decisions?

* On valuations

* How valuations are determined


Elizabeth Yin, General Partner


How to raise a seed round
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Published 18/02/2024, 07:17:03


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