How to Work with Me

Engineering team at Monzo has implemented a "How to Work with Me" sheet to fill out when onboarding and this practice has quickly spread. It's useful for getting the best out of remote teams. From @ohhoe

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How to Work with Me

Engineering team at Monzo has implemented a How to Work with Me sheet to fill out when onboarding and this practice has quickly spread. It's useful for getting the best out of remote teams. From @ohhoe

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How to Work with Me


* What are your general work hours? When do you feel most productive during the workday?

* 10 - 6ish. I’m most productive in the afternoon / evening. Might free up some afternoons sometimes and work later evenings.

* Do you keep your calendar up-to-date?

* Yes!

* How should we contact you? Do you acknowledge every message or do you only respond when necessary?

* I prefer slack first, I’m very responsive there & I have it on my phone as well.

* In what order do you prefer: meetings, emails, slacks, texts, calls, and/or video chats?

* Slacks, video chats, emails, texts, calls.

* How do you handle conflict?

* I prefer to work things out between the people that have the conflict, if there’s no way to come to a resolution then I would prefer to have a mediator.

* What are the things that frustrate you?

* When people take credit for others' work, or talk over each other / interrupt especially in virtual meetings it’s hard to organize sometimes when you’re just doing video chats.

* What motivates you?

* Learning new things, helping others be successful in their goals.

* What helps you get work done? What helps you be at your best?

* Isolation when I need it, and collaboration when I need help. I’ve learned to not be afraid to ask questions when I need assistance.

* What gaps are present in your mindset, attitudes, beliefs and competencies that are likely to become barriers to your success? What skills or behaviors are you actively working to improve?

* Since I’m a self taught programmer I’m missing out on some CS fundamentals. I have a few books and online courses I've been taking to try and fill in those gaps.

Interactions with Others

* What do you need from your manager? How do you want to be managed?

* Guidance for what the team goals are and how I fit into the bigger picture, concrete goals that are set with steps on how to achieve them, actionable feedback when I need it.

* How do you coach people to do their best work and develop their talents?

* I like to figure out the best way that people enjoy to learn, and try and encourage them in ways that relate to that. I’m extremely flexible in terms of my teaching styles so I love helping people figure things out in a way that is comfortable to them.

* What do you need from your peers?

* I really like the #happyteammates channel, something I've struggled with in the past is celebrating my own accomplishments so if I do a good job and someone acknowledges that, it’d make me really happy. Also guidance and encouragement for various things as I’m learning them if it's something that's in their skillset.

* How do you like to give feedback?

* Directly and kindly, with suggestions (if wanted).

* How do you best receive feedback?

* I’d also love direct feedback in a non-judgmental way, as well as suggestions on how I can improve.

* What qualities do you particularly value and admire?

* Openness, non-judgmental collaboration, a team that encourages each other to succeed.

* What’s the best way to convince you to do something?

* I don’t really need a lot of convincing to do something if it’s beneficial for myself or others.

Finding Common Ground

* Things I’m more than happy to talk about:

* Horror movies, video games, cats, drag, science fiction, reality television, special effects makeup, anime, learning japanese, cooking, ~ fine dining ~.

How to Work with Me
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Published 05/05/2024, 09:33:02


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