Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators

A crowdsourced catalog created by Nancy White, curated by Robin Good - tools, practices, inclusion practices

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Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators

A crowdsourced catalog created by Nancy White, curated by Robin Good - tools, practices, inclusion practices

collaboration, onlinemeetings, virtualteams, remotework, facilitation, coronavirus, virtual meetings

Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators

During Coronavirus Pandemic

by Facilitators for Pandemic Response group and other collaborators

Table of Contents

Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators

During Coronavirus Pandemic 1

About this Document 2

Useful Online Meeting/Working Practices 3

Facilitation 4

Inclusion Practices 5

Moving Online 7

Virtual Teams 8

Covid-19 related 9

Misc 9

Tool Resources/Technology Stewardship 10

Getting Going with Online Education 19

Liberating Structures 21

COVID-19 Related Credible Data Sources 22

Individual Company Responses 25

Moving Online in Specific Contexts 26

Distributed Teams: Regular Team Meeting (5-10 people): 26

Thematic meeting held few times a year (15-20 ppl): 26

Special events / workshop (15-50 ppl): 27

Larger events (75+ppl): Conferences, Trade Shows, Arts, etc. 27

Isolated Individuals/Support 28

Education disrupted by School Closures 28

Artifacts from Facilitators for

Covid Response Zoom Gatherings 29

About this Document

Friends, as we scramble to move our offline interactions online, this is an emerging initial place to share, curate and organize resources. It could really use the loving attention of a great curator! Feel free to reach out to nancy dot white at gmail if you need! This document is a Creative Commons 4.0 Share Alike License

f4c discussion group

Thanks from Nancy White to all who are curating, adding and cleaning up the doc.


A special thanks to content curator Robin Good for having cleaned up and organized this document.

Thanks to everyone else for the generosity and spirit.


Useful Online Meeting/Working Practices

Hosting a Virtual Public Meeting for a Large Population - Dr. Larry Schooler

How to Host an Online Meeting

How to Host a Distributed Meeting: Google Hangouts: (video)

Zoom Meeting Basics - a two-page PDF for newcomers 9EUZ5

Amy Lenzo’s Easy Peasy Zoom Tech Guide

Wildly Supportive’s Zoom Resources

Better Online Meetings - John Smith’s tips for

Tips for Hosting Online Conversation

Hosting college-style discussions over video: short collection of advice

Moderating Discussions Over Video

Effective Ways to Start Meetings - Richard Cohen

So You Want to Host a Web Meeting? - Nancy White

Virtual Icebreakers - Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Virtual Meeting Resources (lots of others)

A selection of virtual meeting facilitation resources:

Boosting Connection And Crushing Loneliness - PeopleStorming



* Online Facilitation - Simple overview (2012)

* Simple Virtual Facilitation Techniques for Nonprofits:

* Wisdom from Howard Rheingold, one of the original online facilitators

* Tips for Virtual Facilitation - eBook•-EBook-01.pdf

* The Definitive Guide To Facilitating Remote Workshops - Insights, tools and case studies from digital-first companies ex and expert facilitators

* Running successful remote meetings - 25+ Tips

* Online training & facilitation including design: Coaching

* Facilitating online

* Online Communities of Practice - older resource doc

* Online Facilitation Resources:’s

Sample Online Retreat - First 90-minutes

Tips for Online Retreats and Meetings

* Leading Groups Online - ebook - a down-and-dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings, and events during the coronavirus pandemic

* 4 Tools for Remote Collaboration (Webinar Recording) - Round Sky Solutions

* On line learning

* A ‘Bad Remote Meeting’ Game: “Who Wants to be a Remote Facilitator? - Medium | Paddy Corry

* Making Virtual Facilitation a Success - The International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

* Web events that connect the how to guide by Judy Rees:

Inclusion Practices

* Promoting inclusion in online facilitation webinar and resources by Martin Gilbraith and Judy Rees:

* Power Dynamics and Inclusion in Virtual Meetings Aspirationtech

* COVID-19 - Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources

* Anti-Oppressive Facilitation for Democratic Process: Making Meetings Awesome for Everyone by AORTA

* Inclusive ReDesign, Nina Everflow

Remote Work

* Ultimate Guide for Remote Work

* Remote Work FAQs: Answers from WFH Experts

Content sourced from thought leaders, 12,000+ remote developers, trending Twitter threads, and top-cited articles.

* How to switch your company to remote in a short time

* Remote work by Harold Jarche

* How to Transition to Remote Work - Playbook - by Andreas Klinger

* Survival Guide to Working from Home for Remote Employees

* Best practices for working remotely - Twitter thread from John Arnold

* Remote work - Scott Berkun’s compiled blog posts

* Nonprofit Remote Working Resources: TechSoup (Broken Link)

* Remote work from Forbes

* Remote working tips

* Remote working handbook from Glitch

* Consulting in the Time of Corona (virus)

* Working in Quarantine - 5 Tips

* CoronaVirus & Legal Liability Issues:

* VirtualAlternative to Canceled F2F Meetings

* Free Webinar: How to Stay Connected and Engaged in Remote Collaboration

Reserve your spot or get the recording with Round Sky Solutions

* Complimentary Webinar Series - Working from Home

* Remote working strategies news radar (news aggregator)

* A curated collection of tips, interviews, and resources to guide you in your remote work through these turbulent times


Moving Online

* Are you ready to move online

* Moving meetings online - Emerging blog series from Nancy

Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators
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