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Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria is a community with access to professional learning, support, advocacy and a vibrant network of passionate educators.

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Online Resource Hub for VicTeachers

Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria is a community with access to professional learning, support, advocacy and a vibrant network of passionate educators.

DLTV provides innovative and comprehensive professional support to all educators from pre-service teachers to principals, covering early years to careers.

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Welcome to the Online Resource Hub for VicTeachers

Please note: This document works on good faith from all users. Thanks :-)

This Resource Hub is a Digital Learning and Teaching initiative (DLTV),

many thanks to our Vice President Matthew Harrison who made this happen.

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Purpose statement:

* This is a curated list of online resources for teachers to use in guiding their transition to online teaching.

* This is designed to be a democratic list, where people can add anything they feel is useful.

* Please be respectful as we work together in these challenging times.

* Please share with your networks. The more resources the better, but please help to keep this organised.

* Check before you post so we are not adding duplicate items

* Try to add resources that are primarily free or low cost (if possible).

Link to Google Drive:

* Please feel free to upload any files in this Google Drive and link to them through the lists.

* Please respect copyright and privacy laws - ensure that you have permission to share these files.

* This Google Drive is being stored on a University of Melbourne server (just so you know where your stuff is currently located).

* Google Drive link: Coming soon (need to check with my fellow DLTV Committee of Management members


General resources: 4

Resources for supporting students with Special Educational Needs: 9

Curriculum Levels A to D and F-2 11

Resources for Mathematics: 11

Resources for English: 12

Resources for Digital Technologies and Design Technologies: 15

Resources for the Humanities: 18

Curriculum Levels 3 to 6 20

Resources for Levels 3 to 6 Mathematics: 20

Resources for Levels 3 to 6 English: Resources for Digital Technologies and Design Technologies: 21

Resources for Levels 3 to 6 Digital Technologies and Design Technologies: 23

Resources for Levels 3 to 6 Humanities: 27

Curriculum Levels 7 to 10 29

Resources for 7 to 10 Mathematics: 29

Resources for 7 to 10 English: 30

Resources for 7 to 10 Digital Technologies and Design Technologies: 31

Resources for the 7 to 10 Humanities: 36

Resources for 7 to 10 Science: 37

Resources for 7 to 10 Visual Arts and Design : 38

VCE Resources 41


General resources:

* These are resources designed to assist all teachers to teach remotely.

Resource name:


Link - URL or file on Google Drive (see above link)

Advice on using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Education Australia’s support resources for using Teams and other MS resources for remote learning have been compiled into one place. These include both live webinars and recordings.

Advice for teachers on effective ways for teaching using Microsoft Teams - written by a university academic but applicable to any teacher using Teams to remotely teach.

Youtube tutorial good as a starter: &

Protecting your workflow from the Coronavirus and natural disasters by utilising Microsoft Teams

DPS109 Digital Bits and Bytes

Large overview of different e-learning resources (apps, platforms and resources - not entirely specific, but an overview)


Create simple but effective infographics. Intuitive and easy to learn how to use. Free and paid versions, including 34 users for $99 for education version.

Using Google Slides for distance learning

Some useful tips on creating google slides for online learning (hyperlinking, embedding videos etc)

Free educational resources for online learning

A very comprehensive list for different platforms and programs to assist with all aspects of online learning

Free educational resources for remote learning

Loom Pro

Loom Pro is free for students and teachers - it is a web based screencasting tool and is an easy chrome extension

STEM activities

77 STEM activities students can do at home

Digital Strategy Group

Dynamic shared blog including information relating to COVID-19

Coronavirus – continuing learning

Another document exactly like this that was developed a while ago with heaps of resources for online learning

←- created by Levi Allison

Online Learning DataBase

20 Screen free things to do at home


20 Screen-Free Things To Do With Your Kids Indoors When School Is Closed

Teaching Remotely in times of need

slides were designed to provide you with a collection of tools and strategies for teaching remotely/online.

Teaching Remotely in Times of Need

Using timelines as data visualisations

Readwritethink have a great timeline tool for critical and creative graphical representations of events etc.


Google Art & Culture

Digital content from over 1200 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to create interactive, engaging and usable material for teaching and learning in HASS and STEM. Start with the Themes page to get some insight into how this huge digital tool might support you.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts and Culture

Blog Post by Observe Learn Do

A blog about different strategies to use if school closes

Google Classroom

Set up your own class. Set tasks for students (set links attachments, video clips etc) mark and grade them, provide feedback, communicate with them. Require any device to access and a google account (All Vic Government students have one)

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions to Digital Tools

Comprehensive Google Spreadsheet that is being constantly updated as software companies offer their premium services for free.


Free Subscription use: AUSTRCODE

Resources galore for all subjects and year levels!


Flipped instruction using PowerPoint recorder


Getting started with OneNote

Introduction to OneNote

OneNote Class Notebook

Microsoft Forms

Creating authentic assessments with Forms


Engage and Amplify with Flipgrid

Beyond the basics with Flipgrid

Office 365

In this group of online learning courses, educators will learn how to become more innovative with cloud-based tools, regardless of the device they use. In this course, learn how to use basic features of Office 365 including Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Sway, Microsoft Forms, Office Online and OneDrive.

At home learning schedule template

EXCEL onedrive link for an at home learning timetable - sourced from Twitter!35530&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AP1uth5SiBncL3M

Sample Schedule


Interactive PPT style tool that connects with Google Slides and Microsoft, has formative style checks for learning.

Pear Deck Auth

Google Calendar appointment slots

Schedule time to meet individually with students or colleagues using Google Calendar.

Schedule time with your students using Google Calendar Appointment Slots

How to maintain best practice when teaching remotely

Tips for teaching remotely

How to maintain best practice when teaching remotely

The ultimate collection of resources for remote learning with Microsoft 365 (includes Office 365)

From Samuel McNeill

The ultimate collection of resources for remote learning with Microsoft 365

Distance learning with G Suite

Tips from Google

Tips for Enabling Distance Learning through G Suite & Chrome

Apple devices at home

Resources to help IT leaders prepare your environment for remote learning.

Preparing your school’s Apple devices for remote learning

Purple Mash

Online learning platform for primary aged students. Covers English, Math, Inquiry, Digital Technologies, S

Online Resource Hub for VicTeachers
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