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Items - 🟧Heystack

Grand Underground Encounters

games, Pokemon, PokeLeaks, items, BDSP

Here's an organized summary of @Kaphotics's mined data on Grand Underground encounters.

CRK Data Collection & Guide Sheet by Loser Squad

games, items, guide, Cookie Run Kingdom, CRK

A crowdsourced data collection and guides spreadsheet for Cookie Run Kingdom. This Spreadsheet has been compiled by the Loser Squad Guild, but most information has been obtained from various sources.

NoFoodAfterMidnight's EFT Ammo and Armor Charts

games, Escape from Tarkov, EFT, items

Escape from Tarkov ammo and armour charts. By @food_eft


Competitive Teamfight Tactics, games, items, list

Comps list, augment guide, strategy and an early/mid-game boards.

Cool Pets Evolution Community Document

Cool Pets, NFT, Cool Cats, items, crypto

Cool Pets community spreadsheet with items impact on elements and mood.

Destiny 2 Damage Buffs/Debuffs + Stacking Graphic + Combatant Types/Champions Guides - [v4.0.0.2]

games, Destiny 2, Witch Queen, items

Destiny 2 guide - damage stacking, buffs, debuffs and various other info

Fall Guys Cosmetics (Created by Andr3wWw)

games, Fall Guys, items

A WIP spreadsheet containing every color, pattern, skin and emotes in the game Fall Guys. This list isn't yet complete as the store changes frequently. But I will keep this updated. Creator: Andr3wWw

Fall Guys - Checklist (Created by dptzippy)

games, Fall Guys, items

Fall Guys item checklist for those who want to unlock everything! Includes colors, patterns, faces, upper and lower items. Noted is the rarity and instructions on how to get the itme.

BDSP Trainer Data

games, Pokemon, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, BDSP, items

Here's all the Trainer teams for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. BDSP is now officially the hardest Pokémon game ever. That post-game difficulty spike is brutal.

FF14 Minimum Furniture Height Guide

games, FF14, Final Fantasy, items

Minimum furniture height guide