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🌻️ animal crossing - 🟧Heystack

ACNH Art: Real vs. Fake (Unofficial)

animal crossing, ACNH, games

A guide to purchasing authentic art from Redd

Data Spreadsheet for Animal Crossing New Horizons

games, animal crossing, animal crossing item ids

This spreadsheet is a collaboration effort between multiple members of the ACNH community. This is a spreadsheet for free use that anyone can contribute to.

ACNH Advanced Flower Genetics

animal crossing, guide, ACNH, genetics, acnh flower guide

In depth explanation of the genetics system in ACNH

Friendship Mechanics

animal crossing, games, ACNH, animal crossing villagers

The friendship points that you have with your villagers can range from 0 to 255. When villagers first move in, they’ll start with 25 friendship points after they are out of boxes. There are 6 favor levels that you can have with your villager, depending on how many friendship points that you have

NH Villagers + Exteriors + Interiors

animal crossing, ACNH, games, animal crossing villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons villager list

Animal Crossing New Horizon Flowers

animal crossing, games, ACNH, flowers, hybrid, acnh flower guide

Community fed page with the current confirmed or suspected hybrid flower colors. Feel free to contribute your own knowledge if you see somehing is missing!

Breaking Down The Stalk Market

animal crossing, games, ACNH, guide, stalk market

The goal of this paper is to take a deep dive into the code and really explore all of the numbers and algorithms at play in The Stalk Market

Optimized ACNH Hybrid Recipes + Layouts

animal crossing, games, ACNH, hybrid recipes, breeding

Yet another doc of hybrid recipes, with a twist: each recipe was discovered by a recipe optimizer program

Garden FAQ

animal crossing, games, flowers, guide, ACNH

Garden Science: breeding, self watering vs. friend watering, hybrid islands, flower availability, trees, bushes, layouts

ACNH Flower Layouts and Placement Guide

animal crossing, games, guide, flowers, ACNH

Flower Layouts and Placements: which to use where, when, and why?