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UX - 🟧Heystack

Resources for Designers

design, UI, UX, resources

A list of useful tools, websites and resources for you as a designer - top learning platforms, YouTube channels to subscribe to, podcasts, etc. There is also a list of assets to use - fonts, free stock photos and other.

UX Designer: 0 - 1 Study Guide [@udezekene]

UX, design, engineering, web development, career, UI, art

A study guide for a mentee who is transitioning into a UX design career. If you're new to UX, or looking to get started, this might be useful for you. Leave a comment for what you we might be missing.

Soft skills for UX designer

ux, designer, skills

Soft skills for UX designer

List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021

saas, design, ux, programming, web, news

List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021