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Era Title Notes Leak Date What's Available? Link(s)

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Island Records (2012-2015) Era starts when Justin Bieber mentions Madison Beer in a tweet in 2013, followed by his manager Scooter Braun signing her to his label Island Records, and ends when she leaves the label in 2015.

First scrapped debut album (2012-2014)

Island Records Alice In Wonderland Carly Rae Jepsen confirmed that she sent the song to Madison and that she recorded it in 2013. Confirmed

Island Records Clumsy (prod. AAlias & Frequency) OG Filename: Clumsy (Frequency Version) Recorded around 2015. First snippets of the song started to appear in 2021. Since the OG file name was 'Clumsy (Frequency Version)', it seems very likely that there is another version existing, made by a different producer. Jan 15, 2022 Full - HQ

Island Records Crimes (prod. STINT) OG Filename: Crimes - Madison Beer 042417 R Recorded in 2015. Crimes is an unreleased demo of Madison Beer that was later given to Gallant, which is now officially released as ‘Crimes’. Dec 29, 2019 Full - HQ

Island Records Diamonds In The Cut Unreleased song from 2015. Confirmed

Island Records Do It Like That (feat. Justin Bieber) Recorded during The Hit Factory Sessions on April 8, 2014. The song leaked within a huge bundle of Madison Beer footage which not only included songs but photos and videos as well. Madison and her mother later posted the lyrics to the song on their Twitter Accounts. Nov 8, 2021 Full - HQ

Island Records Don't You Tell Me* (with Justin Bieber) (Don't You Tell Me You're The One) OG Filename: MADISON JOINT (09) JB MADISON JG TT listenonly(2) In November 2021, the song leaked within a huge bundle of Madison Beer footage which not only included songs but photos and videos as well. The file name does not give an official name, so it is untitled, but the name above is what most refer to it as. Recorded April 8, 2014. There is also a solo version of Justin Bieber existing. Nov 8, 2021 Full - HQ

Island Records Hit Me Back (prod. Toby Gad) The song was leaked on the 17th of April 2019, It’s still unclear when this song was made. However, it seems that the song was registered in 2017 according to a tweet posted in January of 2017. Apr 17, 2019 Full - HQ

Island Records If I Could Read Your Mind [V1] (prod. Toby Gad, Sasha Skarbek & Tayla Parx) Demo of the track 'If I Could Read Your Mind' that was recorded on October 28th, 2013. Full - HQ

Island Records If I Could Read Your Mind [V2] (prod. Toby Gad, Sasha Skarbek & Tayla Parx) First version recorded Oct 28, 2013. Second version recorded March 5, 2014. Sep 2, 2021 Full - HQ

Island Records 🏆 Life's A Beat Most likely recorded in 2012. Madison Beer performed this song at her Bhat Mitzvah on April 20, 2012, and later uploaded the performance to her YouTube channel. The video is now set to private and not leaked. Therefore, the studio version remains unleaked. During a 2023 interview with Zach Sang, Beer was reminiscent of this song and the performance she did for her Bat Mitzvah and claimed she 'ate that shit all the way up. You know I did.' Apr 20, 2012 Snippet - LQ

Island Records Magic (prod. Sean Douglas) Recorded in 2014. The track was registered on Warner Chappell Music with performing and songwriting credits for Fifth Harmony. The following year it was registered again, now crediting Madison Beer as the performer. It was registered on PPL as 'Magic (Album Version)'. A snippet of Fifth Harmony's version leaked on September 26, 2023. Confirmed

Island Records Never Your Girl (prod. The Suspex) Recorded in 2014. No studio version has leaked so far, however there is a demo by Julia Michaels that has surfaced. The song has been registered on Madison Beer's PPL Repertoire as 'Never Your Girl (Album Version)'. Confirmed ISRC: USUM71405819

Island Records Possy OG Filename: POSSY-MIX IN PRG V3_09 It was intended to appear on her first project with Island Records but was ultimately scrapped. Song was part of the 2021 mass leak. Nov 8, 2021 Full - HQ

Island Records Possy [V2] N/A

Island Records Possy [V3] Nov 8, 2021 Full - HQ

Island Records Shooting Star (Just A Plane) [V1] (feat. Tayla Parx) The song was initially going to be released on Madison Beer’s scrapped 2014 debut studio album. On September 26, 2018 the song leaked on the PopHatesFlops forum. Sep 26, 2018 Full - HQ

Island Records Shooting Star (Just A Plane) [V2] (feat. Tayla Parx) OG Filename: Just A Plane JON MIX 8.mp3 The song was supposed to be on her scrapped 2014 debut album. It was registered on ASCAP in January 2018. Currently there are two known versions of the song: The first one features Tayla Parx, the second one only features Madison Beer's vocals. Jan 9, 2024 Full - HQ

Island Records ⭐ Silhouette OG Filename: Madison Beer - Silhouette_Aalias_MIX Recorded in 2016, it was probably intended to appear on Madison's debut album. Lil Wayne also has a version of this song. Sep 2, 2021 Full - HQ

Island Records ⭐ Smile Recorded in 2015 for her debut album with Island Records, which was later scrapped. Feb 6, 2022 Full - HQ

Island Records The One (feat. Justin Bieber) Recorded in 2014. Confirmed

Island Records We Are Monster High [V1] First ever version of 'We Are Monster High'. Full - HQ

Island Records Cody Simpson - Valentine (Remix) (feat. Madison Beer) (prod. Soundz) The song was previewed on Radio Disney but never officially released and uploaded to Madison's YouTube Channel on Valentine's day (February 9, 2013). Feb 8, 2013 Full - HQ

Island Records ⭐ Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson - Unconditional (feat. Madison Beer) Unreleased song from Justin Bieber's and Cody Simpson's unreleased collaboration album 'JB x CS'. Justin Bieber posted a picture of him and Selena Gomez with the caption "Our love is Unconditional", referring to lyrics of this song. It leaked on the Justin Bieber Discord Server in 2019. Dec 25, 2019 Full - HQ

As She Pleases (2015-2018) Recording sessions for Madison's debut EP and her originally planned debut album. Era starts when she leaves Island Records in 2015 and ends with the official release of the extended play 'As She Pleases' on February 2, 2018.

As She Pleases [V1] (2015-2017)

As She Pleases All Yours (Elevation) Madison teased the song known as ‘Elevation’ back in 2016 on a YouNow live stream and later Instagram stories and other live streams. It was intended for her original debut album. The song name has never been confirmed. Oct 28, 2021 Full - HQ

As She Pleases Be There Song most likely made in 2016. A first snippet surfaced April 22, 2024. Apr 22, 2024 Snippet - LQ

As She Pleases Diamonds In The Cut Unreleased song from 2015, unknown whether the song belongs to her time at Island Records or was made during sessions for As She Pleases. Therefore added to both eras. Confirmed

As She Pleases ⭐ Out Loud (prod. Steve Aoki) OG Filename: Out Loud 1 Recorded in 2016. Registered on ASCAP repertoire. Madison debuted this song at the 2016 GRAMMY Awards when she performed on the red carpet. It was later given to Sasha Sloan. Nov 8, 2021 Full - HQ

As She Pleases Rare [V3] (prod. Simon Says & Sir Nolan) Song was later given to Selena Gomez. One of three reference tracks that were made for Selena Gomez, version one features Madison Love, version two features Charli XCX. Final version with Selena Gomez' vocals released on January 10, 2020 and served as the intro track for the album 'Rare'. Nov 11, 2021 Full - HQ

As She Pleases [V2] (Sessions)

As She Pleases After Her (Intro) (prod. One Love) Recorded around 2017. It was meant to be the intro for the EP but was eventually scrapped. Dec 26, 2021 Full - HQ

As She Pleases American Psycho Recorded in 2016 or 2017. Madison previewed the song on a live stream and talked about releasing it in the future. Beer used it to express her distaste in the outcome of the presidential election in 2016, which was won by Donald J. Trump. This snippet remains the only known version. The song presumably never released to avoid criticism. Snippet - LQ

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