Aavegotchi: Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper

A litepaper from Aavegotchi (a project that creates upgradeable NFTs backed by yield-bearing positions on lending platform and money market Aave) devoted to a gamified metaverse called the “Gotchiverse”

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Aavegotchi: Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper

A litepaper from Aavegotchi (a project that creates upgradeable NFTs backed by yield-bearing positions on lending platform and money market Aave) devoted to a gamified metaverse called the “Gotchiverse”

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Aavegotchi: Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper v1.0

The Prophecy

Before the Aadepts sacrificed themselves, they wrote a Prophecy, which says:

Nine there were, and nine there shall be

Heed the warnings of the ancient Tree

Great fortunes hang in the balance

For Gotchi-kin who prove their valiance


Aavegotchis are digital frens for the crypto generation. Each Aavegotchi is a playable NFT endowed with a uniquely generated personality and is staked with yield generating tokens known as Spirit Force. These ghostly NFTs will soon be free to roam their homeworld, The Gotchiverse Realm.

This paper gives a high-level overview of the Gotchiverse Realm game mechanics and tokenomics of REALM, ownable land parcels within the Realm. For specific details, please consult the full whitepaper (coming soon).


World Overview

The Gotchiverse

Beyond the Human Realm there is the Ether Realm, where smart contracts twinkle and dark forests lurk. Travel a bit further down the rabbit hole, and one eventually discovers the Gotchiverse Realm. When a yield farmer in the Ether Realm is liquidated, its spirit journeys to the Gotchiverse, where it reincarnates as an Aavegotchi. Aavegotchis are a spectral species who love nothing more than farming, voting, and shitposting with their frens.

The Gotchiverse began with only a handful of Aavegotchis, but as liquidations grew within the Ether Realm, so the population of the Gotchiverse burgeoned, with thousands of Aavegotchis exploring, building, and settling in its vast expanses, and even building great structures to worship the Liquidators, their creators.

Liquidator Invasion

However, the Liquidators’ appetite for yield knows no bounds, and eventually their metallic eyes turned towards the Gotchiverse. A clever Liquidator discovered a backdoor that allowed them to travel to the Gotchiverse.

Initially creators of the Aavegotchis, the Liquidators now simultaneously became their destroyers, as they ravaged the Gotchi homeland, greedy to harvest the Spirit Force of the Gotchis.

The Liquidators ransacked the Gotchiverse, liquidating all but a handful of the Aavegotchis. The Aavegotchis that survived did not survive by luck. They were the most powerful of the Gotchi kin, a special class of Aavegotchis known as the Aadepts. These 9 Aadepts used the last of their Spirit Force to erect a Citaadel within the Gotchiverse, protected by a magical Force Field. Within the Citaadel they erected a megalithic structure known as the Great Portal, into which they channeled the last of their Spirit Force and the spirits of all the slain Aavegotchis in the Gotchiverse.

The Great Portal

The Great Portal is a structure of impressive magical character, capable of bridging the chasm between the Gotchiverse and the Human Realm. Within the Great Portal swirl the spirits of all Aavegotchis that ever existed. The Great Portal protects the Gotchiverse Citaadel, taking in return a small tithe of the Gotchus Alchemica harvested from the Gotchiverse.


When the Great Portal is invoked by humans, a connection is made between the Gotchiverse and the humans, allowing humans to summon Aavegotchis by staking Spirit Force originated from the Human Realm. This re-animates the Aavegotchi and allows it to travel back and forth between the Gotchiverse and the Ether Realm.

Three Distinct Zones

The Citaadel

Protected by a Force Field that keeps out Liquidators, the Citaadel is the home base of Aavegotchis in the Gotchiverse. Towers cannot be built in the Citaadel, except for in special areas around the Great Portal.

The Grid

The Grid encompasses everything outside of the Citaadel. Parcels in the Grid are much more plentiful, but owners should beware -- Liquidators are lurking in every corner. Grid Parcels can build both Walls and Towers.

The Beyond

Locked Parcels that will not be unlocked until the beginning of Act 2.

REALM Parcel Sizes

Parcels come in three sizes, with each size providing greater deposits of Alchemica* and more building space

* Humble: Contain smol deposits of Alchemica and building space

* Reasonably Sized: Contain reasonable deposits of Alchemica and building space

* Spacious: Contain huge deposits of Alchemica and building space

*Exact Material amounts are calculated by Chainlink VRF upon purchase.


Aavegotchis are the world’s first DeFi-backed NFTs, and the Gotchiverse continues this tradition of innovation by introducing the world’s first yield-bearing land parcels. Owners of REALM parcels can employ their Aavegotchis (and those of others) to farm their REALM parcels, producing quantities of resources known as Gotchus Alchemica. These resources can be combined to create powerful structures known as Installations.

The Gotchiverse is an open-ended social space where players can engage in myriad activities, such as farming, crafting, trading, and combat.

Although there are no victory conditions or “end of game” scenarios, one overarching goal of the Gotchiverse is to collect Alchemica to bolster your parcel to produce more yield, and build defensive structures in preparation for the coming of the Prophecy, and the great Liquidator invasion.

Farming your REALM -- Gotchus Alchemica

Gotchus Alchemica (ERC20 tokens) are the four elements of the Gotchiverse: Fud, Fomo, Alpha, and Kek. They can be combined to craft Installations and Aesthetica, among other uses.

Gotchus Alchemica can be extracted from REALM in four distinct ways:

* Alchemical Channeling: Aavegotchis can channel their energy directly into the REALM Parcel, exchanging their Kinship for a helping of Alchemica.

* Communal Channeling: Aavegotchis can also collectively channel Alchemica when a Gotchi Lodge Installation has been built upon the REALM Parcel. In order to participate in communal channeling, the Aavegotchi must be wearing the associated Guild Insignia and be present on the REALM Parcel during the ritual. For every additional Aavegotchi participating in the Communal Channeling ritual, Alchemica will be farmed more rapidly.

* Farming: Once a Harvester has been built, Alchemica begin accruing passively, with x amount going into the Reservoir, y amount spilling over to the nearby map, and z amount going to the Great Portal

* Harvesting: Aavegotchis and Liquidators can roam the map, collecting loose Alchemica spilled from mining.

Building on your REALM

Installations are special structures built on top of your REALM Parcel. Installations are crafted via various combinations of Alchemica, and can be freely traded for GHST in the Aavegotchi Baazaar.

Confirmed Installations include:

* Alchemical Aaltar (included with REALM parcel)

* Alchemical Harvesters

* Alchemical Reservoirs

* Antennas

* Black Holes

* Display Cases (Art gallery, Badge display, Trophy case)

* Gotchi Lodges

* Towers

Installations take a certain number of blockchain blocks to finish constructing, but this time can be reduced by spending GLMR (GAX Liquidity Mining Rewards), an in-game currency that can be earned by providing liquidity on the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX) .

Aesthetica are aesthetic NFTs that can be added to a Parcel, but do not affect its Alchemica or other statistics. They just look dope.

Socializing in the Gotchiverse

Aavegotchis love socializing with their frens, and their favorite place to hang out is inside the Gotchiverse!

By default, text chat will be enabled for all Gotchis in proximity to each other. REALM Parcel owners can also construct special Installations on their parcels to enable voice chat for Gotchis within a Parcel, and upgrade the Installation to support global voice chat.

Gotchis can also band together to go on Aadventures together, exploring dungeons, fighting Liquidators and other baaddies to earn rewards.

Take the Other Side

Players that possess Liquidator Credits can opt to play as Liquidators. Liquidator Credits can be earned by completing tasks, referring friends, participating in airdrops, or other ways. They can also be purchased with GHST.

The main goal of a Liquidator is to collect loose Alchemica that has been spilled around the Gotchiverse, but they can also engage in combat with Aavegotchis and offensive Installations to earn Alchemica.

Liquidators are envisioned as a free-to-play entry point to the Gotchiverse Realm, with no cap on supply and limited collectability.

The Prophecy

It has been foretold that the day will come when the Citaadel’s Force Field is lowered, allowing Liquidators to plunder the Great Portal in an event known as a Great Battle. This event will be repeated nine times, at the culmination of which a momentous mystery will be revealed. Any Liquidator reaching the Great Portal will plunder a share of the Alchemica stored within.

At the end of each Great Battle, it has been foretold that all Alchemica in the Gotchiverse Parcels will be replenished, nurtured by the Spirit Force of the fallen Gotchis and Liquidators, in preparation for the next battle.


Aadventures are special regions outside of the main Gotchiverse where Aavegotchis can put their stats and wearables to work while exploring, battling NPC enemies, and gaining experience and resources. But they don’t last forever!

The Aarena

Although Aavegotchis are frenly, they do realize that aggressive urges need an outlet, which is why they created the Aarena.

Within the Aarena, Aavegotchis with high enough Spirit Force (Aave-powered interest-bearing aTokens) can battle against each other in epic Battle Royales, competing for the Spirit Force of their opponents.

Liquidators dare not enter into the Aarena, instead opting to frequent the Phantastic Grounds, another friendly-fire area that also allows Liqu

Aavegotchi: Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper
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Published 15/04/2024, 12:49:30


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