Open Source DAO Market Research

A lot of people are researching DAOs. Think we can crowdsource DAO market research? If you know anything about DAOs, please contribute to the sheet. Everyone has edit access. Please be kind & factual.

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Open Source DAO Market Research

A lot of people are researching DAOs. Think we can crowdsource DAO market research? If you know anything about DAOs, please contribute to the sheet. Everyone has edit access. Please be kind & factual.

finance, investing, cryptocurrency, DAO, list, programming

The guide initially started by the commnunity. Join us if you are interested in supporting the DAO ecosystem. Everyone is welcome to contribute 🚀 Please be kind and factual 🙏 Add your name or wallet address to the contributors tab ✨

DAO Name Twitter Link Discord Link Website What is the primary goal or function of the DAO? Date of Inception How is the DAO funded? How do you become a member? Other notes, musings, and interests How does voting work? How are tokens allocated? What's the tech stack?

1Hive Create tools for building and governing DAOs / Web3 / Public Goods Dynamic issuance + trading fees from Honeyswap are used to buyback HNY to feed the DAO common pool. 参加!資金提供の提案を作成し、投票し、群れのために働き、賞金を獲得し、不和/談話/ツイッターで話し、セレステに賭けます... 1Hive's governance platform is available as a Public Good for other DAOs to replicate. Called "Gardens," currently live on xDai, Polygon, and Rinkeby Anyone with 0.1 Honey can create a proposal. Proposals approved through Conviction Voting Funding proposals. Conviction Voting, on-chain social contract (Covenant), decentralized arbitration (Celeste)

ADAO "To Inspire Innovation and Empower Growth for Decentralized Projects and Communities" Nov. 2021 Members

Akiimo Bioverse Coming Soon Coming soon™ Private Funding, 1st year through b2b sales, adding new bioverse sooner Coming soon through Bioverse + TReewards Akiimo uses nature's own tech added with human ingenuity to solve the complex problems in real world, offering access to communities real life needs, democratizing ESG driven wealth building Private beta Private beta Private beta

AladdinDAO AladdinDAO is a decentralized network to shift crypto investments from venture capitalists to wisdom of crowd through collective value discovery. ?????? Boule Members are elected through AladdinDAO. Roles Election Process to be announced later; however, anyone can be a regular DAO member A list of contract addresses can be found at: Each Boule Member has 4 votes every month. Sufficient consensus means that either 50% of Boule Members vote and there are more Yes than No votes, or there are 20% more Yes votes than No votes. If any Boule Member strongly disagrees with the Boule’s decision, he/she can call for a vote by all ALD token holders. With a quorum of over 20% circulating token holders participating and over 51% agreement, the decision made by the Boule can be over-turned. The maximum total supply of ALD tokens is 999,978,240 ALD. 200,000,000 of ALD tokens will be created at TGE, consisting of LBP, airdrop, and ALD TVL Option (an optional reserve of ALD tokens available for the DAO to be used in accordance with community governance based on TVL). The remaining 80% of token will be unlocked via liquidity mining on a block-by-block basis over the next four years. The following is the ALD token release schedule and the token distribution information. Standard ERC20 contract with minter role. Modified version of Sushiswap's ChefMaster that allows staking and distribution of ALD.

ampled Co-op community support platform for musicians — 100% collectively owned by artists & worker subscribe to suppor musician community page

AOL (Apes Online) (in development) A community dedicated to the creation of a new token-curated web experience. Early community member funded. Join Discord and ape in. All welcome. Discuss in Discord and propose on Scattershot Tokens not yet allocated/in progress. In development.

ATX DAO social dao in austin, texas summer 2021 genesis NFT sale, more forthcoming looking for active contributors in the austin area TBD TBD discord, solidity contracts, web3 site


Bankless DAO A decentralized autonomous organization that acts as a steward of the Bankless Movement progressing the world towards a future of greater freedom. You need 35,000 $BANK to be a DAO member -You can take part in the Discord and contribute and try earn $BANK Tokens were allocated via retrospective airdrop to Bankless Premium members and gitcoin contributors

Blank.Foundation Community art project. Blank is a collection of 10,000 Blank NFTs that will evolve based on a vote of Blank NFT holders. The first 1,000 people to join the community will be whitelisted to mint Blank NFTs for free. July 2021 [but not yet launched - launching soon!] TBD Apply by answering 3 questions in the discord. Get nominated by 5 existing members (via emoji votes). Looking for active contributors! Artists, engineers, designers, governance experts, product marketers, growth folks, community builders, product peeps -- all are welcome! TBD TBD Ethereum

brtmoments IRL NFT Gallary in Venice NFT

build_ Global coworking DAO Community + Strategic Join the discord Open-source Whitepaper; Open bounties available - see DAO Bounties tab Snapshot - must be a passport holder TBD Discord, Gnosis, L1 TBD

CanuDAO Strategy on communities & communication. Working with internal structure, experience, automation, voting & governance, as well as social media Community funding via Juicebox ecosystem Ethereum, Discord, Juicebox

Cedge Open Research Organization

ChainForest social dao, global 2021

CityDAO TBD Fill out this form to tell us how you want to be involved. TBD TBD TBD

Creator Cabins / CabinDAO Fund Creator Residencies at their property outside of Austin and the creation of NFTs during artists' residencies Mirror Crowdfund; Patronage and the sale of NFTs Contribute to the Mirror crowdfunding campaign

Crypto, Culture & Society Reading and discussion group exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society. Maybe, "Crypto, Culture, & Society" is an appropriate name. Open sourcing and funding reasearch September 14, 2021 Mirror Crowdfund Get involved Mirror's Token Race TBD Ethereum, Discord, Guild

DAOHaus no-code platform for launching and running DAOs HAUS token CCO, grants, services to other daos Join discord and contribute Moloch, coordinape, snapshot Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Moloch, Minions

DAOists DAOists is Enabling a New Age of Work that Better Serves Humanity. We help people unlock their potential within Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Our vision is greater representation for individuals within communities, organizations, businesses, and the entire world — achieved through the integration and proliferation of DAO principles and Web3 tools. Our mission is to help over 10 million organizations adopt DAO principles and tools to provide for greater productivity, flexibility, and representation. August, 2021 Funding?... We don't need no stinking funding. TBD TBD - but planning on combo of contributions to community and bounties. Discord, Softr, Airtable, Ghost, Coordinape, Snapshot, Shortcut, Trello, etc (moving to more full stack, and less low-code/no-code)

DAOJones TBD Create a decentralized publishing house that will help answer the following questions: "what does this token do?" "why are jpeg rocks selling for 1 mil and why is jim cramer talking about it?" To start, there will be thoughtful reviews on a different DeFi or NFT project every few days. The DAO will enable anyone to have a say in whats to be reviewed next and / or who reviews it. Contact [email protected] if interested TBD Contact Zach for now. At some point soon you will have more solidified options (tokens, poaps & nfts) Founded on 8/29 by Zach -> TBD TBD DAO Stack

DAOSquare DAOSquare is going to be the Y-Combinator in the era of Web3. December. 2019 VC and Community the genesis membership is launch. get the membership NFT in (DAO contribution protocol) Help those innovators in Web3 growing through the concept of DAO. membership NFT - Community 50% - Guild 30% - Investor 20% solidity

Decentral Autonomous DecentralAutonomous.eth & HashMask 10222 named "Decentral Autonomous" HMU if you aree working on a relatable DAO project @SheldonCorey

Decred Community-Directed, Superior Store of Value 10% of the block rewa

Open Source DAO Market Research
Tags Finance, Investing, Cryptocurrency, DAO, List, Programming
Type Google Sheet
Published 07/05/2024, 05:20:52


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