Bby G's Guide to OnlyFans for Newbies

This guide is going to be a compilation of helpful information and tips about getting started with, or growing, your OnlyFans account. This is all information I’ve learned through experience over the past three months of having my account.

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Bby G's Guide to OnlyFans for Newbies

This guide is going to be a compilation of helpful information and tips about getting started with, or growing, your OnlyFans account. This is all information I’ve learned through experience over the past three months of having my account.

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Bby G’s Beginners Guide to Onlyfans

Intro -

Welcome!! This guide is going to be a compilation of helpful information and tips about getting started with, or growing, your OnlyFans account. This is all information I’ve learned through experience over the past three months of having my account, and from other SWs (everyone will be credited at the end and throughout <3), which helped me grow and gain a following, and so some tips may not work for everyone, but I wish I had known them before I started, and so I want to share them with you.

If you haven’t already started an OnlyFans or SW -

Before I get into the interesting parts, I just want to take a moment to reiterate that ONLYFANS IS NOT EASY MONEY. It takes a LOT of time and effort to promote yourself, create quality content and interact with your subscribers and followers, and so this guide is for people who have already decided to start their account - I’m not encouraging new people to start, it’s a decision you really need to think on and not rush into. You get out of it what you put into it, and often you can get a lot less than you put into it at the beginning. So please understand it is hard work, and not a way to make quick money with little effort (people who already have a large following often make a lot of money very quickly, however this is definitely NOT the case in general). Also, it is very important to consider the possible consequences of beginning online SW: it is very likely that, if you are keeping your OnlyFans a secret, it will at some point get out or be leaked. This, unfortunately, can definitely impact your future, whether that be career-wise or in other ways (opinions of family and friends). I don’t want to scare anyone away from OnlyFans, but it is very important to consider the downsides as well as positives before you begin creating content.

Sections -

* Tips when setting up your account

* Content creation

* How to get the most out of PPV

* Promoting on Twitter

* Promoting on Reddit

* Networking

* Telegram drops

* Common scams to avoid, and THE GOLDEN RULE

Tips When Setting Up Your Account

Once your ID has been verified (which took me around 12 hours, but can take up to a couple of days), you can start changing the settings on your account, set a subscription price and begin uploading content.

Subscription Price -

This varies a LOT for everyone. This is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable charging for your content, but it is important to at least consider what other creators, who are producing similar content to you, charge (this can also help if you just have no clue what to charge, like me). For example, I only post lewd content on my Onlyfans feed. This includes lingerie, bikini and censored pictures and videos, and any paid or custom content is extra $$. Because of this, and to encourage more people to subscribe and interact on my page, my subscription price is relatively low: $4.99. However, I often have sales to celebrate certain milestones, and so my price can go as low as $3 on occasion. If you are posting full or part nudity on your OF feed, then you can certainly charge a lot more than this - have a look at what other creators are offering and charging.

Welcome Message -

It is so so important to have a good welcome message for when new people subscribe to you, so that they feel they have connected with you in some way, and are encouraged to message you back (if you allow conversations for free). My welcome message is some extra lewd content you can’t see anywhere else, and a short but sweet introduction and thank you for subscribing. When I started to get more traction to my page, I changed my message to a welcome introduction, and some PPV (pay per view) content, that they can choose to buy straight away, if they want.

Profile Picture and Banner -

Onlyfans doesn’t allow nudity as your profile picture or banner, so make sure you pick more SFW (safe for work) images. If you show your face, including this in your profile picture can help to draw people in, but you can use these two pictures in any way you like to really personalise your page and draw potential subscribers in.

Beginning to Upload Content

Content creation will be addressed in detail in the next section, but I wanted to add a little note here about deciding what content you will upload. You will have a feed, and then the option to offer extra content via DM’s (for tips, or through PPV). The extra content makes up two thirds of my income, and so it can be a great strategy to offer either your more explicit content, longer content, or even custom content in this way. It is important to consider your strategy and the way in which you will distribute the different types of content on your page before you start to just upload everything to your main feed.

Content Creation

Obviously a super integral part of being successful on OnlyFans is to create good quality content, consistently. I recommend trying to set a schedule for your uploads, but make sure it is something manageable for you, to avoid burning out. I initially posted three times a day when I first started, but this was to get my content numbers (shown to the public at the top left of your page) up, so my account didn’t look empty, and appealed more to potential subscribers. Now, I post once or twice a day to my main feed, and try to shoot content every other day/at the very least, twice a week.

At the very start…

As mentioned above, in the beginning, it is super important to get lots of content onto your feed, so as to make your account more appealing for buyers - if someone visits your page, and sees that you only have five pictures and one video uploaded, they may choose to subscribe to someone else with more content available. I would spend a lot of time in the first few weeks focusing on making and uploading content to prevent this (though, obviously, this will just improve over time, and it did not stop me from managing to grow my account too much).

Equipment -

Lights -

I 100% recommend investing, if at all possible, in some basic equipment to help boost your picture and video quality - I believe my ring light and subsequently higher quality pictures is what gained me lots of growth at the start of my SW journey. I’m going to link below some cheaper and more expensive options for equipment below, but you can always search around for one that suits your specific needs.

Small Ring Light, £22.96 -

Big Ring Light, £30.59 -

Better Big Ring Light, £59.99 -

Keep in mind that bigger ring lights generally are MUCH brighter, and therefore allow you to create much higher quality photos and videos in darker/badly lit rooms, and at night. However, if you are not able to or wanting to invest in equipment just yet, then natural light is going to be key - take content in front of windows during the daytime, and avoid shadows and harsh overhead lighting.

Cameras -

I personally have only ever used my iPhone X and then iPhone 11 to take content for all my socials and OnlyFans. With good lighting, you can certainly just use a phone for content creation, but many SWs invest in a DSLR Camera for even higher quality pictures and videos. When making this guide I tested out both, as I have one that I don’t use often, and It certainly created better quality pictures, but I just found that the portability and easy use of my iPhone (along with the fact that they take super good quality pictures with the newer models) made me more likely to set up and take pictures.

In short… investing in a camera is great and will certainly help increase the quality of your content, but it is definitely not necessary, especially at the start if you aren’t making the money to cover buying one.

(Obviously not just iPhones work for good quality content, I just have no experience with others!)

Lingerie and Outfits -

Having pretty/fun lingerie to create content in really helped me keep my content interesting at the beginning, when I wasn’t too sure what exactly to post to keep my feed fresh.

Affordable -

If, like many people, you are in need of very affordable lingerie and outfits to create content with, then Shein and Romwe are good places to start (they are very questionable companies and contribute to fast fashion, but for some people they are the only option in their price range, and so I think it is important to mention them here). Their sets run anywhere from £5 - £15, and as such the quality can be pretty bad sometimes, but if you are just using these pieces for content creation, then they have hundreds of very pretty/sexy lingerie sets you can browse, and which serve their purpose great. (Sizes run small, and they aren’t great for plus sizes!!).

Higher Quality/Price -

Other companies I order from and have had great experiences, though higher in price, are Lounge Underwear, SavagexFenty, and Boux Avenue, though there are tonnes of options out there. You can get sets from these companies for generally around £40+; sometimes less, sometimes a lot more.

Getting the most out of PPV

PPV (pay per view) messages and tips (for extra content, or just from generous subs) make up two thirds of my income from OnlyFans. They are extremely useful, especially when you grow a larger sub count, as you’re sending content straight to all of (or just a specific group of) your subs, that they cannot see unless they click to buy it. It’s very tempting and I often find these messages to be my most successful way of bringing in money.

What to send as PPV -

As I don’t post uncensored content on my feed, it is

Bby G's Guide to OnlyFans for Newbies
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