Mapping "The Future of Work" Startup & Investor ecosystem

A list of startups working on problems related to working from home, virtual meetings, project management and other topics related to the future of work

The Future of Work
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Mapping The Future of Work Startup & Investor ecosystem

A list of startups working on problems related to working from home, virtual meetings, project management and other topics related to the future of work

startup, The Future of Work, list, remotework, video conference, investing

Mapping "The Future of Work" Startup ecosystem

by Pietro Invernizzi

Date of analysis: 15 April 2020

Company Name Website Description $ raised to date Investors include Source

1 Messaging, Chat & Email

Front Team-based approach to email. Combines a company's social media, email, texts, and other messages into a shared inbox to which the entire team has access $138.3M Eric Yuan, Sequoia, Uncork Capital, Social Capital, eFounders, Boldstart

Mattermost Enterprise-grade messaging solutions: secure, configurable, highly-scalable messaging across web, phone and PC with archiving, search etc. $70.0M YCombinator, Redpoint, Battery, S28 Capital

Flock Real-time messaging and collaboration app for teams that speeds up and simplifies communication and boosts productivity $45.0M Bhavin Turakhia, Plug & Play

Superhuman The "fastest email experience ever made," with keyboard shortcuts, additional features, and reminders to help you reach inbox zero in less time $33.0M First Round Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Boldstart

Quill Messaging software built for productivity, not engagement $14.5M Index Ventures, General Catalyst, Sam Altman

Threads Makes work more inclusive by empowering teams to discuss and make decisions at scale $10.5M Sequoia

Spike Converts existing emails into a multimedia mobile messaging format $7.3M NFX, Wix, Cubit Investments, Roy Oron

'nuffsaid A workflow intelligence platform that centralizes the world’s work apps and focuses people on the work that matters $4.3M General Catalyst, WorkLife Ventures

Involve A communication "Operative System" for your distributed / dispersed workforce; SaaS for improving org alignment for companies with mobile workers $2.5M Bonfire Ventures, Greycroft

Yac Voice Collaboration SaaS for Remote Teams; very interesting as - similarly to Loom - it's a great platform enabling asynchronous communication (vs. real time) $1.5M Active Capital, Boost VC

Polymail Email platform for teams, combining email with real time collaboration and integrating it with your team's other tools $0.8M YCombinator, Zuma Partners, Erik Torenberg, Jude Gomila

Workvivo Similar to Compose: the place where all the tools your employees love to use everyday come together in a unified digital platform. $0.6M Eric Yuan

Blink Making remote working less remote through an all-in-one app that gives every employee a sense of community $0.6M Techstars

Doist (Twist) Through its product Twist, Doist offers a communication app for teams who want a calmer, more organized, more productive workplace $0.0M N.a.

/talk An anti-meeting tool that decentralizes conversations so teams can move faster in an exciting new way N.a. Benchmark, WorkLife Ventures N.a.

Compose Similar to Workvivo: A space that brings together all your essential communication tools into one N.a. N.a.

2 Virtual Offices / Focus Enablers

Spatial Turns the space around you into a shared augmented workplace using VC. Remote users can collaborate & brainstorm as if they were in the same room $22.3M Inovia Capital, Kakao Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, White Star Capital

Range "Operating System for work" that keeps you in sync with your team through regular check-ins, day planning sessions, "accomplishment logs' etc. $8.5M General Catalyst, First Round Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Precursor Ventures

Tandem Brings the ease of sitting huddled around the same computer to employees working from anywhere $7.5M Andreessen Horowitz, Shasta Ventures, WorkLife Ventures

Motion Provides real-time interventions, reminders, and analytic, preventing people from getting distracted on the web $0.2M YCombinator

Focusmate Virtual co-working which connects other professionals who have committed to being accountable for finishing their most important work N.a. Amasia

Teemly Virtual office connecting distributed teams: see what’s going on in the "office"; co-work "side by side"; grab a coffee with a colleague in the "coffee room" etc. N.a. Antler N.a.

Remotion Desktop app that shows your team’s selfies and availability so you can jump into quick video chats N.a. N.a.

Pragli Virtual office for remote teams, enabling remote workers to dive into impromptu conversations with audio channels & direct conversations, walkie talkie style N.a. N.a.

3 Voice & Video

Fuze Unified communications platform that enables simplified business voice communications, flexible video conferencing, and always-on collaboration $480.4M Summit Partners, Bessemer, TCV, Wellington Management

Dialpad Business phone system that turns your conversations into something you can see and use, so you understand, remember, and learn from everything that’s said $120.0M Andreessen Horowitz, GV, ICONIQ Capital

Chorus Twist to videocalls: Making video calls milestone-based & trackable to assess sales performance $55.3M Georgian Partners, Redpoint, Emergence, Gil Dibner

Loom A video messaging app that lets users record short videos, rather than type long emails or spend time in meetings, to get their ideas across $44.8M Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Point Nine, Mathilde Collin, Daniel Gross

StarLeaf Enables seamless collaboration through intelligently engineered, reliable meeting room systems, superior video conferencing, and secure messaging $40.0M Grafton Capital, Highland Europe, Future Fifty Capture, search and share meetings, lectures and live events $23.0M Horizons Ventures, Draper Associates, Slow Ventures, GGV Capital

OwlLabs A smart and visually appealing video conferencing camera (hardware+software) $22.3M Spark, Matrix Partners, Playground Global

Around Took video meetings and made them less intrusive, less clunky. Gives you a clear view of your teammates while making space for work $5.2M Floodgate, Credo Ventures, Initialized Capital, Naval Ravikant, Ryan Hoover Making video calls searchable; SaaS tool for automated notes from online meetings; Automatically record, transcribe and collaborate across your meetings $5.1M Acceleprise, Canaan Partners, Susan Kimberlin, April Underwood

Krisp Makes remote workers more professional allowing them to take calls from wherever they want without worrying about privacy and background noise $3.5M Granatus Ventures, Sierra Ventures, Shanda Group, HIVE Ventures

Demodesk Online meeting tool for inside sales and CS teams solving the screen sharing pain: no downloads, content shared on a virtual display, instant control sharing $2.6M YCombinator, Global Founders Capital, Kleiner Perkins, FundersClub

Grain Record & share the best parts of your Zoom video calls. Take notes together. Create video highlights. Share clips anywhere (Twitter, DIscord, Notion, Slack etc.) $4.0M Acrew, Founder Collective, Slack Fund, Sriram Krishnan, Andreas Klinger

Whereby Collaboration tool for easy video meetings. No downloads, no logins N.a. N.a.

GitDuck Code sharing and screen recorder software for developers to create videos that are linked to their code N.a.

Mapping The Future of Work Startup & Investor ecosystem
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