Labs supporting Ukrainian Scientists

There are well-over 100 labs that may be able to help Ukrainian Scientists. Here is a link to the google sheet of Labs Supporting Ukrainian Scientists

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Labs supporting Ukrainian Scientists

There are well-over 100 labs that may be able to help Ukrainian Scientists. Here is a link to the google sheet of Labs Supporting Ukrainian Scientists

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To increase capacity, we created a new page for adding new labs to our list. If you would like to add a new lab to this list -> use this form. If you are looking for a list of labs -> use this link

Name Research Focus PI or Lab website Possibility of Funding? City, State Country Type of Lab Email Contact

Spencer Williams Organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry Yes Melbourne Australia Academic lab [email protected]

Phill CASSEY Invasion Science & Wildlife Ecology Adelaide Australia Academic Lab [email protected]

15 PIs, Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science Microbial Ecology, Ecosystem Research, Environmental Geosciences, Computational Systems Biology Yes Vienna Austria Academic lab [email protected]

Marie-Theres Hauser plant developmental genetics office space and computer Vienna Austria Academic lab [email protected]

Silvia Ramundo Plant biology (genetics, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry) Yes (Intern, Master, PhD and Postdoc positions) (you can bring your own project) Vienna Austria Academic [email protected]

PIs of the Gottfried Schatz Research Center Metabolism, signaling and ageing Yes Graz Austria Academic lab [email protected] (coordinator)

Maarten Vanhove Aging, mental illness, neuroimaging, substance use disorders No; possibility to support application of competitive travel grants & fellowships Diepenbeek, Limburg Belgium Academic lab [email protected]

David Alsteens Biophysics, Single-molecule, force spectroscopy, virology, mammalian cells Yes Louvain-La-Neuve Belgium Academic lab [email protected]

Renaud Ronsse Robotics, biomechanics, machine design - I can also serve as contact point for the whole Institute of Mechanics, Materials, and Civil Engineering @ UCLouvain and Not yet, but this might change quickly and depends Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium Academic lab [email protected]

Alessandro Parente Fluid mechanics, combustion, atmospheric flows and air pollution, renewable energy Yes, for travel, accommodation and research. Can support application to scholarships as well Bruxelles Belgium Academic lab [email protected]

Jelle Matthijnssens Viral Metagenomics Yes Leuven Belgium Academic lab [email protected]

Dennis, Alice Molecular ecology, Evolution, Genomics, Molluscs No, but possible to support applications Namur Belgium academic lab see web page

Simon Kuhn microreaction engineering, process intensification, flow chemistry yes Leuven Belgium Academic Lab [email protected]

Filipe Victoria Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Stress Biology, Antartic mosses Maybe São Gabriel, RS Brazil Academic Lab [email protected]

Matt Anderson-Baron Drosophila genetics, cell biology, protein biochemistry yes Edmonton, AB Canada Startup [email protected]

Andrew Hendry evolutionary ecology Yes Montreal, QC Canada academic lab [email protected]

Robert I. Colautti Ecological Genetics (plants, ticks) & Data Science/Quantitative Biology Yes Kingston, ON Canada Academic lab

Edel Perez Lopez Plant Pathology, genomics, diagnostics Yes, PhD student Quebec City Canada academic lab [email protected]

Christian Landry Evolutionary systems biology; Yeast genetics and genomics Yes Québec City, QC Canada Academic lab [email protected]

Sara Beck water disinfection, water reuse, water treatment Yes Vancouver, BC Canada Academic Lab [email protected]

John Soghigian phylogenomics, comparative genomics, population genomics, veterinary/public health entomology Yes Calgary, AB Canada Academic lab [email protected]

Augusto Gerolin Mathematics, Quantum Chemistry and machine learning Yes, two PhD and one research scientist Ottawa, ON Canada academic lab [email protected]

Elemir Simko Honey Bee Diseases Yes, MSc and Postdoc Saskatoon, SK Canada Academic lab [email protected]

Adelaine Leung Neurobiology of behaviour using fruit fly as a model system Maybe graduate student Saskatoon, SK Canada Academic Lab [email protected]

Stephen I. Wright Plant evolutionary and population genomics Yes (postdoc, graduate student, research associate) Toronto Canada Academiclab [email protected]

Oleksandr Voznyy machine learning for materials discovery, optoelectronics, photovoltaics, Li-ion batteries, catalysis hopefully. postdoc, (PhDs only for Fall 2023) Toronto, Ontario Canada academic lab [email protected]

John Trant medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry yes Windsor, Ontario Canada academic lab [email protected]

Eric Kennedy Disaster & Emergency Management; Human Factors in Disasters; Emergency Decision-Making/Policy; Disaster Research Methods; Wildfire; COVID-19 Possible short-term stopgap funding available; funded degree programs through uni; happy to support in developing longer-term funding opportunities Toronto, Ontario Canada Academic Lab [email protected]

Victor Kuperman Linguistics, psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, reading visits for 3-6 months for multple students or faculty. Possibility of funding and sponsorship. Hamilton, ON Canada Academic lab [email protected]

Luca Pellegrini Cell biology and biochemistry Yes, to PhD students and postdoc. Travel and scholarship are all included. Details are on the lab website Quebec City Canada Laval University [email protected]

Elias Orouji Cancer epigenomics | genomics Yes (short term - few months) Toronto Canada [email protected]

Jian Zhang Macroecology, Biogeography, community ecology Macroecology, Biogeography, community ecology yes (postdoc, grad student) Shanghai China academic lab [email protected]

Sho Goh RNA modifications, RNA biology Yes (postdoctoral fellow) Shenzhen China Academic Lab [email protected]

Krunoslav Užarević Green chemistry, mechanochemistry, porous materials, prebiotic chemistry Yes. We currently have post-doc opening. More possibilities in the future. Short-term scientific internship possible as well as professional training. Zagreb Croatia Academic lab [email protected], [email protected]

Petr Svoboda RNA biology, oocytes, molluscs, genomics Yes (postdoc/PhD student) Prague Czech Republic academic lab [email protected]

Julie Dobrovolná Environmental Physiology, stress, adaptation, AI, adipose tissue, proteomics Yes, postdoc for 1 year Brno Czech Republic Academic lab [email protected] Both life sciences/social sciences/industry efficient network to all major universities and research institutions in CR Prague (operates nation wide) Czech Republic Both life sciences/social sciences/industry

Jozef Šamaj Plant cell biology and biotechnology yes for PhD students Olomouc Czech Republic academic lab

Petr Kovaricek organic chemistry, materials, Matlab yes, postdoc Prague Czech Republic academic [email protected]

Vladimíra Petráková Plasmonics, superresolution microscopy, DNA origami yes, up to 4 years funding for postdocs and PhD students, housing available Prague Czech Republic Academic lab [email protected] Accomodation available!

Tomáš Slanina Organic chemistry, Photochemistry Redox Photochemistry | Tomáš Slanina Group ( yes, possible funding and lab space Prague Czech Republic academic [email protected]

Daniel Petrash Microbial Ecosystem Research,Environmental Geosciences Yes. Short-term funding for postdoc and help sponsor applications for longer term: Ceske Budejovice Czech Republic Academic Lab [email protected]

Matyáš Fendrych plant cell biology, microscopy, image analysis yes, postdoc Prague Czech republic academic lab [email protected]

Poul Nissen structural biology, membrane proteins yes, limited - and support for visiting research applications

Labs supporting Ukrainian Scientists
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