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Devops - 🟧Heystack

Unofficial list of free resources to learn AWS for absolute beginners

programming, AWS, resources, devops

How to use Amazon Web Services to deploy and run your code. Courses and training.

Kubernetes Ingress Controllers

programming, Kubernetes, devops, technology

How do you choose the *right* Kubernetes Ingress controller when: - Not all Ingress controllers support UDP - Only Kong has a free LDAP integration - Nginx Ingress and HAProxy are the only two ingress without CRDs Here is a comparison.

Service meshes

kubernetes, devops, technology, programming

Comparison of service meshes

Kubernetes managed services

kubernetes, technology, programming, devops

Comparison of Kubernetes managed services

Kubernetes — Node size

kubernetes, technology, programming, devops

Research on the trade-offs when choosing an instance type for a Kubernetes cluster