Terra Projects - Ecosystem

A compilation of projects currently building on $LUNA

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Terra Projects - Ecosystem

A compilation of projects currently building on $LUNA

cryptocurrency, Terra, Luna

Created by ProfesoreFarmer

List of the projects building on Terra ($LUNA).

Staying open for any feedback - Leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProfesoreFarmer

Project Tags Quick description Team Social Media/Community Additional Comments Launch Date Token Token Comments

CHAI Mobile payments Mobile payment app, currently available only in South Korea Chai Corporation App Store Google Play Metrics Live

Mirror Protocol Synthetic Assets Mirror Protocol introduces synthetic assets such as tokenized stocks to the Terra Ecosystem. Terraform Labs Twitter Forum Telegram Discord Docs Live MIR https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/mirror-protocol

Anchor Protocol Money Market/Savings Savings, collateralized borrowing, yield farming Terraform Labs Twitter Forum Telegram Discord Docs Live ANC https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/anchor-protocol

Terraswap DEX DEX/Swapping Protocol on Terra Delight Labs Twitter Docs Live

Loop Markets AMM DEX/ Mobile Crypto Wallet AMM DEX on Terra which will be listing not only native Terra assets but also ERC-20 and SPL tokens. Loop Markets is also aiming to introduce a mobile crypto wallet with a local shopping and delivery option included. Loop Markets Team Twitter Draft Whitepaper Periodic airdrops for $LUNA stakers and $TRYBE holders when token is out.

Spar Protocol Asset Management Spar Protocol is a decentralized asset management platform, dedicated both to investors and portfolio managers. Patrick Benske Manuel Schwarzkopf Twitter Telegram Sign up for testnet Demo preview Probably Q3 2021 Airdrop for $LUNA and $MIR stakers when token is out.

Vega Protocol Derivatives Minting and Trading derivatives on protocol's own chain, closely integrated with the Terra Ecosystem. Vega Protocol Team Twitter Forum Telegram Discord Whitepaper Vega Wallet "Mainnet ready" release - end of Q2 2021

Alice All-in-one app for TeFi & Debit Card Alice is supposed to enhance UI/UX of the TeFI Dapps. Twitter

Kash Mobile Banking Terra-powered app for payments, savings and investments. Intellabridge Twitter Project spotlight Try demo Intellabridge is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE): https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/INTL.CN

Saturn Money Savings & Fiat Gateway EUR & GBP Savings Protocol which also provides smooth transfers between fiat and crypto. More features to be announced. Xavier Twitter Telegram

Tiiik Money Savings Savings app dedicated for the Australian market. Bernie Twitter Telegram

Orion Money Savings & Debit Card Easy-to-use dApp that will provide access to stable Anchor savings to users outside of the Terra ecosystem. Vol Pigrukh Kanstantsin Chernysh Twitter Telegram A brief overview of the idea Airdrop for all $LUNA stakers when token is out. Additional airdrop for Orion Money Validator stakers.

Mars Protocol Money Market/ Lending & Borrowing A money market protocol... "a place where users around the world can come to lend and borrow any form of value". Twitter Medium article - introduction Stay in the loop Airdrop for $LUNA stakers when token is out.

Pylon Protocol Fundraising/Patronage A protocol designed for the long-term investment endeavours. Twitter Telegram Project outline Airdrop for $LUNA stakers when token is out.

Angel Protocol Charity Terra-based protocol to create perpetual charity endowments. Twitter A brief overview of the idea

Subsidium Digital Charity/Philantropy Subsidium Digital is committed to providing charitable solutions including tax incentives for DeFi investors. Nico Twitter Docs

ApolloDAO Yield-optimizer Yield-optimizing and auto-compounding mechanisms for TeFI ApolloDAO Team Twitter Discord A brief overview of the idea Confirmed Airdrop

LoTerra Lottery A decentralized lottery platform built on the Terra blockchain. Twitter Telegram Testnet Waiting for the security audits to finish, May 2021 perhaps.

Nebula Protocol Top Secret Top Secret Twitter Telegram Airdrop for $LUNA stakers when token is out.

Ozone Protocol Insurance Insurance Protocol on Terra OZ Airdrop for $LUNA stakers when token is out.

Terra Station Wallet for Terra Desktop/Mobile for native Terra Assets. Terraform Labs ENG Guide Live

Mirror Wallet Mobile wallet for Mirror Protocol Mobile wallet enabling users to trade Tokenized Stocks. ATQ Capital Twitter Read more Live

Mirror Market Investing tool Mirror Market provides market information with real-time dashboards for the Mirror Protocol ecosystem. Twitter Beta

Harpoon Protocol UI tool for Anchor UI tool enabling users to bid on Anchor liquidations. Dove McMillan BondedAssetHunter Twitter Telegram Read more

PayWithTerra Payments PayWithTerra is a bridge between Terra stablecoin ecosystem and the e-commerce industry. Twitter Telegram Docs

LocalTerra P2P Marketplace LocalTerra is aiming to become a leading P2P, decentralized exchange of UST (and any other Terra assets) for fiat currencies. Something like Localbitcoins for BTC. Gabriel Brettas Samuel Barbosa Twitter Read more Simplified System Diagram Confirmed Airdrop

Terra Kado Gift Cards UST Gift cards gateway - now you can spend UST on brands like Amazon. CryptoMory Matthew Maitland Twitter Read more

StarTerra Launchpad StarTerra is a gamified launchpad for Terra. PanParagraf Twitter Telegram Airdrop for $LUNA stakers when token is out.

BetTerra Prediction Market A prediction market protocol for Terra Assets. Twitter Telegram

Talis Protocol NFT Marketplace/ Design & Creative Services A platform where artists can sell their creations as well as offer services through Print on Demand option. Twitter Telegram Read more

Sandclock Yield optimizer; Super programmatic money; DeFi-powered Foundations Sandclock's dynamic vaults employ the most advanced yield generating strategies while splitting principal from yield and allowing you to subdivide them and allocate them however you want.

Terra Projects - Ecosystem
Tags Cryptocurrency, Terra, Luna
Type Google Sheet
Published 06/05/2024, 18:52:43


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