Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated

A list of 45 reasons why people aren't getting vaccinated by @VaccineTruth2. This is not trying to convince you that they are right; just sharing why they feel the way they do. If the conclusions are wrong, please let us know.

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Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated

A list of 45 reasons why people aren't getting vaccinated by @VaccineTruth2. This is not trying to convince you that they are right; just sharing why they feel the way they do. If the conclusions are wrong, please let us know.

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Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated

By Steve Kirsch

Gab: @stkirsch

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Last update: Sept 24, 2021

Anthony Fauci says he doesn't understand why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated.

The reason is simple: these people have determined that the vaccines are both unsafe and/or ineffective.

They found this from a number of sources:

1. Reading the peer reviewed literature that shows the vaccines kill more than they save for all age groups; over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the vaccines

2. From symptoms they experienced after their first jab,

3. Seeing their friends dead or disabled after vaccination

Today, with so many organizations adopting mandatory vaccination policies, it is now more important than ever that the decision makers creating these invasive policies understand why so many people are now against vaccination with the current COVID vaccines and why these policies are extremely dangerous both to their employees and society at large.

Most of us in VaccineTruth2 are Democrats who voted for Biden. None of us are “conspiracy theorists.” None of us have any history of being labeled as spreading misinformation. None of us are “anti-vax.” We’ve all been vaccinated with other vaccines. Some of us took the vaccines because we trusted the government at the time or needed it to travel. But when we started hearing stories from our friends about “three healthy family members died shortly after they got the vaccine” and when we saw our own friends with our own eyes severely disabled, probably for life, right after getting the vaccine, we got curious and decided to investigate.We were appalled at what we found. We found we were hardly alone. We discovered it was easy to find doctors who had more patients who died from the vaccine than from COVID. If what the government was telling us was true, that would be impossible. Someone was lying so we decided to find the truth.

We found that the mainstream hypothesis that the vaccines were perfectly safe and effective did not fit the data at all. On the other hand, the hypothesis that the vaccines are not safe for those under 50 and have likely killed over 150,000 people fit all the evidence we found perfectly. They are likely unsafe for older people as well, but that’s harder to prove, although we do have a very compelling anecdote that shows this: Large nursing facility in Hawaii finds twice as many vaccine deaths as COVID deaths.

The most important points:

1. Early treatment has always been a safer, faster, and lower cost way to end the pandemic. We’ve had effective protocols for well over a year that are both safer and more effective than any vaccine, but few doctors are using them. Almost nobody hospitalized today for COVID was treated early.

2. Pfizer’s own study suggests that we may be causing 3 or more deaths for every person we save from a COVID death. All cause mortality is far more important than relative risk reduction of COVID deaths and is being ignored. There isn’t a single study showing statistically significant reduced all cause morbidity with the vaccines. All the studies show exactly the opposite. For a vaccine whose safety has been questioned, shouldn’t we require proof of all cause morbidity benefits before we approve the vaccines and/or mandate the vaccines?

3. A new paper from Japanese researchers shows the vaccines we received will soon be completely useless to protect us and will enhance the ability of future variants to infect us. In short, even if the vaccine were perfectly safe and killed no one, it traded a very short term benefit for a long-term risk.

4. We are not aware of any credible primary evidence that is consistent with the hypothesis that the vaccines are “as safe” or safer than previous vaccines. If you find any, please report it.

5. The CDC, hospitals, and fact checkers have been lying to the American people. For example, the recent claim that 95% of the patients in the hospital are unvaccinated is not true and not even close to true according to a confidential CDC internal presentation. So what the CDC knows is not the same as what they say to the public.

6. Recovered immunity protects against variants; vaccines do not. If we want to end the pandemic, early treatment is the fastest way.

7. The American people overwhelmingly prefer to have urgent scientific disagreements resolved in a public forum. We are happy to do this at any time. The authorities refuse to engage us. Even worse, the White House endorses censorship of key opinion leaders for dealing with scientific dissent without first ever giving any of those people a neutral forum to defend their statements.

8. All of the statements we make in this paper are true and the most important ones can be independently verified from public sources. If you find an error, please report it.

We wanted to explain to other Americans (especially those in Congress, the mainstream media, and US government agencies) our reasons for refusing to get vaccinated. Our position is based on facts, scientific evidence, and making reasonable estimates.

We are not trying to convince you we are right. We are simply offering to share with you some of what we discovered and the reasons why we feel the way we do and why we object to mandatory vaccination policies.

We are not claiming that anything below is a provable fact. We are only claiming that these are our beliefs based on evidence.

To persuade us, you must show us why our beliefs are wrong. So far, nobody has been able to do that for any of these points. Nobody will engage in a public debate on these points either. That is why we are hesitant.

This table below summarizes our beliefs.

The single most important row is safety/all-cause mortality. If you can’t get a benefit there, then all the other columns are irrelevant.

Current Vaccines

Early Treatment

Safety/all cause mortality

Pfizer’s 6 month data show higher all cause mortality using the vaccine vs. placebo. This makes the vaccine a complete non-starter no matter how effective it is. There should be at least one study that shows a net mortality benefit BEFORE we ever consider MANDATING a vaccine for anyone.

Extremely safe; drugs used have 40+ year safety track record. Treatment protocols are always beneficial and never make a patient worse.

Informed consent

Not even a single comprehensive risk report or risk-benefit analysis as of Aug 10, 2021

Risks of each drug are well known.

Infection rate reduction

(higher is better)


(approaching 0 in Israel for Delta)

Over 7X if use ivermectin on alpha variant; 0% if no prophylaxis protocol

Hospitalization rate reduction (higher is better)


(approaching 0 in Israel for Delta)


Death rate reduction (relative risk compared to untreated) (higher is better)

25X (per CDC)

(but approaching 0 in Israel; see text below)

>100X (see note)

Long-haul COVID rate



(if it wasn’t 0, the NIH would be using that as a talking point)

# of Americans killed by the treatment itself (to date)

Approximately 150,000 (estimated over 10 ways; the CFR method is unassailable)


Risk of death from treatment

~411 deaths per M doses

~.2 per B doses (around 2 million times fewer deaths than the vaccines)

# Americans disabled by the treatment itself to date

~300,000 (based on user surveys shown below as well as Facebook support group sizes of 200,000 or more)

~0 (we haven’t found one yet; there are no Facebook early treatment side effects groups)

% of hospitalized patients today compared to # of untreated (lower is better)

9% (from CDC data)


(if it wasn’t zero, the NIH would be using that as a talking point)

% of hospitalized patients who die today from COVID compared to untreated (lower is better)

15.1% (from CDC data)


Side effects

Causes a wide range of neurological and cardiovascular side effects. Can make cancer worse. Because it reduces CD8 cells, can reignite latent viruses and leave you less able to combat the reactivation. Reducing CD8 cells can cause cancer to suddenly get a lot worse. Unclear how long the CD8 response is suppressed for. Can cause sudden unexplained death. Known to cause brain hemorrhages even in kids. Side effects can be long lasting. Spike protein from the vaccine can hang around for 9 months or more in some patients. 360,000 kids will develop heart problems after vaccination, but doctors say this is nothing to worry about.

Minor and short lived.

Most people do not have any side effects.

Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs ever invented.

Serious side effects are extremely rare.

Treatment to resolve side effects

You are basically out of luck. Nobody knows how to treat vaccine injured patients so you can recover quickly if at all. Some patients will be permanently disabled; have limbs amputated. Many patients are untreatable because doctors can’t diagnose. Many people with severe side effects do not get better with treatment. Maddie de Garay (age 12 when injected) is a perfect example. Paralyzed less than 24 hours after Pfizer#2, doctors had no clue how to treat her.

Drugs have been studied for decades as well as treatments for any rare/serious side effects are well known.

Works on all variants with same efficacy


Yes, if you adjust timing to start as soon as symptoms. Timing is much more important for P1, Delta variants.

Safe for pregnant women



Length of protection

~ 6 months


Treatment risk

Must be done before you are infected so 100% exposed to treatment risk every 6 months

Only needs to be done if you are infected so only very small % subject to treatment risk (only if you get i

Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated
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