Vaccine hesitancy

A spreadsheet to try to explain why various antivaxx excuses don't make sense and to try to provide information for those who are worried/hesitant - with references.

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Vaccine hesitancy

A spreadsheet to try to explain why various antivaxx excuses don't make sense and to try to provide information for those who are worried/hesitant - with references.

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Theory Rebuttal with references Rebuttal with references Rebuttal with references Rebuttal with references Rebuttal with references Rebuttal with references Rebuttal with references Rebuttal with references Media bias info People who ACTUALLY should not get vaccinated

I don't know what's in it/I don't like what's in it Here are the ingredients of each vaccine with explanations for how they're used. Fetal cells are used during the production process of the J&J vaccine, but they are not in the vaccine. They are not used in any other vaccines approved for use in the US. The fetal cells are decades old. Describe the ingredients that pop up here and tell me where each ingredient is from and what they are used for. If you can't, by your logic, you should not use the products these are from. Here is a podcast to explain some of how it works. Another explanation of what each ingredient is and how/why they are in the vaccine. The active ingredient is the mRNA; other than that, there are sugars, fats, and salts. Delicious. An MIT Technology Review analysis of the ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine You should not get the COVID-19 vaccine if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine you're being offered or any of its ingredients

I want to wait for FDA approval Libertarian response: the Libertarian party does not approve of any medical testing and insists that medical professionals should be able to administer any treatments they want for COVID-19. "For anydecision where a company would have to ask the FDA for permission, said permission should be assumed to begranted upon request." FDA response: The vaccines have been tested in tens of thousands of people before their emergency use authorizations, and have now been tested in tens of millions more without serious side effects - over 1.3b worldwide Pfizer has applied for full FDA approval for people over 16; check for updates soon. Moderna applied for FDA approval in mid June. Here are the differences between emergency-use authorization and FDA approval (hint: the difference is that with EUA, they manufacture the vaccine while testing to make things more efficient. Everything else is essentially the same.) Once the FDA actually approves the vaccines (Pfizer has already applied, Moderna is applying later this month; it will most likely take a couple months for full approval) it will make mandates much easier for the military, businesses, and schools. This means it could take much longer to get vaccinated at that point, and it could be required. The Pfizer vaccine is likely to be approved in September or October. Just kidding, the Pfizer vaccine is probably going to be approved on Monday, August 23, 2021. The Pfizer vaccine was approved by the FDA on August 23, 2021. Fox Valley Technical College You should not get a COVID-19 vaccine if you're a child because they haven't been approved for children yet.

mRNA hasn't been researched in humans/the vaccines haven't been researched enough/I don't want to be a guinea pig mRNA has been studied in humans since at least 2008. RNA and mRNA vaccines have been studied since 1989 mRNA vaccines were tested with several diseases by 2018, and they're easier to implement than attenuated virus vaccines since they're just a recipe Here is a study of mRNA vaccines from 2012, proving that the mRNA vaccines tested were effective. It also mentions that they've been studying the use of mRNA for two decades prior to this study. A study of mRNA vaccines from 2019: "During the last two decades...preclinical and clinical trials have shown that mRNA vaccines provide a safe and long-lasting immune response in animal models and humans." The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were tested in animals then tested in 70,000 people before being authorized for use. By not getting vaccinated, you are taking part in a science experiment: you are the control. Everyone getting vaccinated is getting treatment, you are refusing preventative medical treatment. Here's an explanation for how the COVID-19 vaccines were developed so quickly - there were decades of research on mRNA vaccines beforehand. Moderna is also working on mRNA vaccines for HIV (and the flu!) Advontesmedia You should not get a COVID-19 vaccine if you had COVID-19 within the last month and your first positive test was less than four weeks ago.

*someone* hasn't gotten vaccinated Pfizer's CEO, Albert Bourla, has gotten the Pfizer vaccine. The interview in which he said that he hadn't gotten it yet was December 14, only 3 days after the vaccine had been authorized for use by the FDA. Melania and Donald Trump were vaccinated in January with either Pfizer or Moderna and Trump "doesn't understand" why his supporters are hesitant to get vaccinated. All of these people with power, money, and influence are getting vaccinated; if there was something dangerous about the vaccines, they wouldn't be doing so/someone would have warned them. 328 million people (as of the time I'm writing this) have been vaccinated worldwide. How big of a test pool do you need to consider the study wide enough? If you believe vaccines cause autism, that was based on a cherry-picked study of 12 people. Just watch the lines continue on their upward trajectory. Is it you? You should fix that. The CEO of Pfizer got his second dose of the vaccine on March 10, 2021. Media bias / fact check You should not get a COVID-19 vaccine if you had COVID-19 and were treated with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma within the last three months.

mRNA vaccines alter DNA and those alterations are passed on to children mRNA vaccines never enter the nucleus of the cell, where the DNA is stored. The vaccines only enter the cytoplasm, then leave the body after "teaching" the cells to fight COVID-19. The mRNA (messenger RNA) enters your body, teaches your cells to produce spike proteins, then your immune system learns to fight anything with those spike proteins. mRNA vaccines are more of a recipe for your cells; they do not interact with DNA. This is not genetic material; it's a blueprint that shows your body how to fight a thing. We do have the ability to use CRISPR to alter genes, but trials in humans were just approved by the FDA and it involves a process of taking cells from the patient, altering them, and putting them back in. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't pull blood/cells from you; you're getting an injection both times. Germline engineering is possible, but has not been approved in humans and involves taking genes from a person, editing them, and putting them back in. One person tried to do this in embryos and was fined $430,000, fired, and put in jail for three years. Scientists are currently studying whether or not COVID-19 can put itself into the human genome/DNA, which would account for why people have tested positive for COVID-19 long after they "beat" the virus. COVID might make it difficult to pass anything on to children since it causes erectile dysfunction Ask your doctor if you're immunocompromised, antibody results have been iffy and monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma might be a better option for you.

Vaccines have killed more people this year than ever before This is just a Tucker Carlson talking point; he has called himself an entertainer and has said that no reasonable person would believe him. The CDC found "no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths" There is a requirement for reports of deaths following COVID-19 vaccination; that's not required for other vaccines. The reports on VAERS are unverified and can be submitted anonymously by anyone without any proof. You know what has killed more people in the last year than ever before? COVID-19. You are three times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to die of the COVID-19 vaccine. Cars have killed 36-37k people (in the US alone) per year for the last 5 years. "Immunization currently prevents 4-5 million deaths every year". Early COVID-19 vaccinations may have prevented almost 140,000 US deaths.

COVID-19 is just the flu/a cold OR flu cases have gone down in the last year/people are mistaking the flu for COVID-19 The mortality rate for COVID-19 is around 3-4%, the mortality rate for the flu is less than 0.1%. The flu is also not as contagious. There are many types of coronavirus; it's just a family of viruses. This does not mean they're all the same. COVID-19 is a coronavirus, a cold is a rhinovirus. Around 359,000 Americans have died of the flu in the last decade. Around 580,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 in the last year. It seems like one of these is a bit worse. Here's a podcast about COVID-19's effect on the most recent flu season. This is a flu virus. This is COVID-19. They are not the same. Flu transmission rates would also go down with social distancing, masks, etc. because it's similarly spread person-to-person by people within 6 feet of each other, through coughing, sneezing, or talking. COVID-19 is far more contagious than the flu, so any measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 would also prevent the spread of the flu. (COVID's R0 is 1.5-12 depending on the variant, the flu's R0 is 1-2)

The side effects of the vaccine are worse than the side effects for COVID-19/someone had a bad reaction The side effects for the vaccine are minimal and usually last a couple of days, max. They are also something you can plan for/around. Every medical treatment is administered with the idea that the treatment will be more beneficial than the side effects are harmful. COVID-19 symptoms can last for months (or more) and we don't know if the long-term effects are permanent. None of the manufacturers have recommended the vaccine to people who are allergic to the ingredients or who had an allergic reaction to the first dose. After being vaccinated, patients are asked to wait for 15 minutes just to make sure they don't have any adverse reactions. Several governments pause

Vaccine hesitancy
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