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A doc containing 40+ of my favourite gallavich fics that I think everyone needs to read!! I done my best to summarise them. I would recommend reading the tags in all the fics. screenshots included are just some of them

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gallavich ao3

A doc containing 40+ of my favourite gallavich fics that I think everyone needs to read!! I done my best to summarise them. I would recommend reading the tags in all the fics. screenshots included are just some of them

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The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher

Was like the bible of the fandom for years. Mob AU. Ian starts up a relationship of convenience with a mob boss and then falls for said mob boss’ “son” — Mickey. Forbidden romance, angst, happiness, fluff, slow-burn. You’ll fall in love with the author’s original characters. Rating E; 310k words.

All The Sights I Have Not Seen

While playing around with Iggy, a terrible accident occurs that results in Mickey losing his eyesight. Basically just a fic of him dealing with this with Ian by his side. It’s a really sweet fic. Cute brotherly relationship between Mickey and Iggy too. Rating E; 10k words.

It’s A Lot

Ian and Mickey finally have their own kids after years of trying and being unsuccessful. This is a mpreg fic (not everyone’s cup of tea) but it’s so sweet. Just a lot of fluff. 🥺 Rating M; 4k words.

Our Fate Is Red

Soulmate AU. Everyone is tied to their soulmate by a tiny red string around their finger. Mickey, knowing he was gay thereby knowing his soulmate will be a man, severed the string. But even without fate, they find their way to each other. Quite angsty; deals with abuse. Slow burn. Happy ending. Rating E; 23k words.

Lego House

Mickey is a single dad trying to give his son a better life than he had growing up. They meet CEO Ian Gallagher in a grocery store one day. Mickey is reluctant to let his guard down while Ian does everything he can to make sure he does. I can’t summarise this fic and do it justice, it is truly a must-read. Equal amount fluff and angst. Has a sequel. Rating M; 38k words.

The Casanova Catering Conflict

Chef!Mickey and Model!Ian. Personal Chef AU. Mickey is hired as Ian’s personal chef to help Ian maintain a diet for an upcoming photoshoot. A lot of pining and glances. Slow burn kinda. Really good fic. Is part of a 3-part food!gallavich series and I would recommend you read them all. Rating E; 156k words.

All We Had Were Fragments

Age of Adaline AU. On October 14th 1925, Mickey’s body stopped aging. Everyone else kept living their lives, growing old, dying. But not Mickey. Mickey stayed the same. 10/10 fic. Read warnings in tags. Not rated; 30k words.

Make Me Feel

Ok. This one will fuck you up. Seriously, it’s one of two gallavich fics that left me numb and crying but it’s fucking spectacular. Ian is terminally ill and meets Mickey. He decides he wants to live his final days with him and they run away for Ian’s last chance to experience life. A truly beautiful fic but.. not a happy ending. You will cry. Could not recommend it more. Rating E; 41k words.

Is There Somewhere

One of my FAVOURITES!! Soulmate AU. Everyone is born with their soulmates first spoken words to them written on their hips. Mickey is born with no words. Years later, he meets Ian Gallagher, who happens to be mute. A really, really cute fic. 10/10. Rating E; 48k words.

Fresh Meat

Post-apocalyptic AU. This is a good one if you want to laugh. Armie Hammer!Mickey. Wait, sorry. Cannibal!Mickey. Ian tries to befriend him while also trying to persuade him not to eat him. It’s honestly a What The Fuck fic but is worth the read. Rating M; 14k words.

Dismantling Summer

Summer sweethearts AU. Ian and Mickey both work at a summer camp every summer. Ian as a lifeguard, Mickey as a fry-cook. They don’t communicate throughout the year and then rekindle their romance every summer, even though they live close to each other. A lot of it has to do with Mickey’s home life. Cute fic. Rating E; 30k words.

Tag Team

Married with kids fic. Fixes the post-season 7 storyline. Goes from ten years later to twenty years later. A lot of fluff. Really sweet fic. Rating E; 36k words.

The Ocean Has It’s Secrets

One of my favourites. Human!Mickey and Mermaid!Ian. They meet at the beach when Mickey is a young kid. Every now and again, Mickey returns to his secret friend. They pretty much grow up together and fall in love in the process. So much fluff. Really sweet ending. Rating M; 9k words.

Someone To Ride the River With

A must-read. Bounty Hunter!Mickey and Cowboy!Ian. Based in 1874. There is a target on Ian’s head for a crime he did not commit, Mickey happens to be the bounty hunter that tracks him down. Really, really great fic. Could not recommend it more. Has a sequel. Rating E; 27k words.


Fantasy AU. Mickey is a witch and Ian is a monster hunter. Ian is contracted by the local villagers to kill a wyvern. Mickey hates monster hunters. Equal amounts angsty, fluffy and funny. Rating E; 30k words.

With a Woof and a Purr

Roommate AU. Enemies to friends to lovers. Ian and Mickey become roommates and their pets get along better than they do. Soft. Fluff. Cute fic. Rating M; 8k words.


Definitely one of my favourite gallavich series on ao3. Mpreg fic. Ian makes furniture and Mickey is a painter. Mickey accidentally ends up pregnant. A lot of really sweet original characters you will love. Has a shit-ton of one shots and the sequel is currently a WIP that’s being updated every week. If you don’t mind mpreg, I could not recommend this series enough. So good. Rating M; 146k words.

The Art of Maintaining Moral Ambiguity

Mickey was raised in a shitty New Jersey town and meets Ian Gallagher one day, a boy that just wanted to see the ocean. A lot of pining, angst and slow burn. Is a really good fic. Read tags. Rating E; 110k words.

The Whole Wide World

Ian is an art student covered in colourful tattoos, Mickey is an introverted photographer. They meet in a museum in Madrid, Spain. Rating E; 27k words.

I’m Sorry, Did You Say Doctor?

Ian moves to a new town. Mickey Milkovich happens to be the local vet in said new town. Just a really cute fic that contains fluffy gallavich and a lot of cute pets. Rating E; 10k words.

Bon Appétit

Mickey is the new chef at the restaurant Ian works at. He hates him at first, finds him rude and brash. Until he gets to know him. Rating E; 27k words.


Ian and Mickey are construction workers that meet on a home restoration job. Really, really angsty. Read tags!! Eventual happy ending. Rating E; 112k words.

The Wedding Planner

Ian is getting married and Mickey pretends to be a wedding planner. Strangers to lovers. 10/10 fic. Rating E; 100k words.

All Comes Down To You

Just read this fic again for the millionth time. So, so good. Ian is Mickey’s boss. Mickey strongly dislikes him. But, in order to be in his son’s life, he has to pretend to be in a relationship with him. Enemies to lovers fic, kinda. Angst with a happy ending. Rating M; 67k words.

The Bet and The Story

How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days AU. In order to get the campaign pitch he’s been working for, Mickey places a bet that he can get anybody to fall in love with him. Ian, in order to write a good article, must date a guy and make him dump him within 10 days. Their paths cross. Really cute fic. Not rated; 42k words.

Boy In The Box

I can’t really summarise this and do it justice so imma copy and paste the summary from ao3.

“But I thought…Mickey’s dead,” the red-head whispered to Mandy, speaking softly like he didn’t expect Mickey to be able to hear him, or understand, like he was stupid.

“He wasn’t dead,” Mandy said clearly, like she was speaking to Mickey, too. “He was just…lost.”

Just read it. But read the tags too. 100/100. Rating E; 145k words.


Frank owes Terry a shitload of money. Terry sends his sons to kidnap Ian as ransom. Mickey and Ian fall in love. Enemies to lovers. Quite angsty but brilliant fic. Rating E; 112k words.

Late Night Phone Call

Takes place after 5x12. Ian starts calling Mickey in the middle of the night. Angst. Somewhat happy ending. Rating M; 11k words.

Ode to Free Food

Ian and Mickey keep fake proposing to get free meals at restaurants. Until one of them actually proposes and the other thinks it’s a joke. Just a really sweet, fluff-filled fic. Not rated; 5k words.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Mickey just needs to keep his head down and stay out of trouble at his new job. Still trouble always manages to find him and when it takes the form of his red haired boss, Mickey's not sure he

gallavich ao3
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