Shiru's Ultimate Shinzawa Fic Rec List

Shinzawa fanfic recommendation list from @shiru_desu

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Shiru's Ultimate Shinzawa Fic Rec List

Shinzawa fanfic recommendation list from @shiru_desu

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Note that is merely one person's opinion LOL. I get asked for shinzawa fic recs a lot and this simplifies things I think. I have my personal preferences and it might show. I picked the ones that stood out to me the most, please do not be hurt or offended if your fic is not in here. This list is for FUN. One thing I've noticed is that shinzawa's LOVE their pwps LOL. There's actually not a lot of long, plotty fic for the ship, unfortunately. I will take suggestions, especially for the twitter fic section. I've read maybe like 95% of the ao3 tag, but twitter threads are much harder to find and keep track of. Fics are sorted by credited author, AO3 first then Twitter.


Title Rating Author Tags Link Comments

Three Is A Party' series E 3DragonTrees underage, polyamory, BDSM, established erasermic, dom mic, switch aizawa, sub shinsou, corporal punishment, kink negotiation Underrated series, IMO. Explores the dynamic between the three after Aizawa decides to take Shinsou in as his sub, while still being Mic's sub as well.

hijack E Ajaxthegreat (consensual) brainwashing, daddy kink, may be dubconny THIS is THE top shelf brainwashing fic. Ajax does a fucking amazing job with this fic. The sexual tension, the desperation? CHEFS KISS.

insatiable blues E Anonymous trans shinsou, hybrid aizawa+mic, a/b/o (sort of) Hybrid Aizawa is an insatiable sex monster and its GREAT. Shinsou can't deal and thinks he found a solution by taking in Hybrid Mic but, spoiler, he didn't.

stand by me E Anonymous quirkless au, technically "fuck the babysitter" trope LMAO, mutual pining SOFT AND CUTE FIC

i'll give you what you want if you say the magic word E bbydenkis cockwarming, public blowjob, d/s elements, brainwashing A short and sweet cockwarming fic (LOL)

Hot for Teacher' series E Boogiepop shinsou joins established erasermic Quite possibly MY favorite ShinZawaMic series. If you like that threesome, then this is definitely a must read imo. Mic and Aizawa are like predators cornering poor pining Shinsou. Also, banana. Also fic #4 had me in tears because that's exactly what I imagine would happen.

Lady of the Flowers E BrightEyesEren underage, crossdressing, daddy kink, brainwashing shinsou + girls uniform = aizawa is in DANGER

Active Player E cinnamonjonnies underage, noncon, forced underage prostitution, brainwashing, NOT HAPPY This is VERY fucky, but god do I wish we got more. Mind the tags on this one.

Kitty in the Corner E CodeRatGang underage, bondage, master/pet, consensual noncon, sensory deprivation Oh to have a Shinsou bound up and presented for your own pleasure :)

give me a whisper, give me a sigh (give me a kiss before you say goodbye) M completist surprise kiss, undercover mission A nice and sweet fic that makes me wanting more u_u

Loving, I need it now E Daiako a/b/o, sex pollen, dual sex omega shinsou, shinsou + established erasermic A very filthy and fucky sex pollen fic, with bonus shinzawamic!

Say "Anything" E Daiako underage, a/b/o, dual sex omega shinsou, dubcon I like that Aizawa is definitely not a nice person in this one. The whole thing is cold and transactional, but it works, even if it's not pleasant.

Direction E drosera brainwashing, sexually inexperienced Aizawa This is a fanfic of scout's fanfic Moonlighting, though it fits seemlessly despite the different author. It has the same atmosphere as Moonlighting, which is amazing.

Start Something E emptyglass underage, first time, pining, shinzawamic Oh this is GREAT. It's not as straightfoward as most shinzawamic fics are at the beginning, and like Shinsou the reader can get confused-horny, but the writing is amazing and hot and the payoff has been so so great. JUST READ IT, TRUST ME. Incomplete as of 6/26

Heat Lightning E Fictional Feather no quirk AU, farm AU, past character death "Farm AU" doesn't do this justice. I fucking love this fic, and it's definitely one of my favorite au's for the ship. Honestly, I have no words that can do it justice.

Poise E filthery first time sex A "Shinsou losses his virginity to Aizawa" fic, but done in a different way than most other fics. I love this one a lot, probably one of my favorites.

Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming E froochies first time sex together God Shinsou is a MESS, but he still gets it together to get Aizawa, so that's what matters.

The Adventures of Microzawa E froochies micro aizawa, quirk accidents, dubcon Micro isn't usually my thing, but damn does froochies make me see the appeal

Lessons in Online Security E GoBeyondProblematic underage, daddy kink, don't do what shinsou does, kids I'm personally fond of this one out of bias LOL. It's just very horny, okay.

my hands will wait for a taste of your skin E homobirb pirate/siren au, siren shinsou, cloaca+tentacle dick Scratches that Siren Shinsou need very nicely. A pretty sweet fic.

the darkness within' series E homobirb underage, noncon, brainwashing, HURT NO COMFORT me: sees hurt no comfort tag also me: surprise pikachu face at the unhappy ending

Fun With Guns E honeydewnt double the noncon, dangerous gun play, fuck or die totally not biased for this one just because it's a collab i did with them, totally not. But also, fuck or die and both suffering hhhhhh

Satiate E honeydewnt noncon, drunk sex, date rape, manipulation To the fucky pile this one goes LOL Mind the tags please.

Cigarettes and Sex E honeydewnt, ReadOrDie dubcon borderline noncon, rough sex, asphyxiation, spanking, smoking This isn't a very "nice" fic, it's VERY fucky, so mind the tags. It kinda made ME feel dirty for reading it LOL but the authors wrote it so well.

Quarantine E honeydewnt, ReadOrDie noncon, brainwashing, mind break, degradation, s/m, imprisonment, body horry, piss, torture, sex pollen kind of, somnophilia, suicidal ideation, VERY FUCKED UP This is probably the most fucked up fic in this list. PLEASE MIND THE TAGS AND SUMMARY ON THIS ONE. IT IS NOT A NICE FIC. Truth be told, I haven't finished this one because it's.... a lot. Very heavy, and definitely not for the faint of heart. I debated whether I should even include it but in the end its a very well written fic, and if you can handle it, then props to you.

don't think about it E hooker masturbation, guilt, underage Aizawa's guilt is DELICIOUS.

Baby Steps + The Start of Play E IcySapphire underage, d/s elements, first times, punishments, brat shinsou, secret relationship I'm always weak for a early developing relationship fic

bad teacher E justhavesex a/b/o, also bakuzawa and todozawa, aizawa is a bad bad man LMAO, teen pregnancy, underage, omegas with pussies "In which disaster of a human being, Aizawa Shouta, gets his students pregnant." The summary says it all LOL

House Training E justhavesex underage, trans shinsou, semi-public sex, very dubconny, bakushin + bakuzawa included I love how fucky this is aklsdjs poor Bakugo, getting bullied by Shinsou and Aizawa like this LOL

Little E justhavesex daddy kink, underage, rough sex, light small penis humiliation, erasermic adopted shinsou This fic lives in my mind rent free tbh

What Remains E KeyAfterDark anal fingering, anal fisting, implied underage, mild mind control, post-apocalypse me: im not that into fisting this fic: let me change that

anything E LadybugsFanfics lapdance, face-fucking Aizawa gives Shinsou a lapdance and makes Shinsou's pp hard what more do you want. (Also they fuck)

lap brat E livecement trans shinsou, spanking, d/s elements BRAT SHINSOU GETS WHAT HE DESERVES

Impatience E MasterShinsou underage, trans shinsou, semi-public sex Another one I gladly illustrated for LOL. Still, time rushed classroom sex? GOOD, GOOD. Especially that ending LMAO.

(Losing) Focus E MeepMellow dubcon to noncon, underage, overstimulation, disassociation THIS is the kind of training I hope Aizawa is giving Shinsou LMAO

aches E mondaysblue trans shinsou, oral, squirting get you a man that treats you like Aizawa treats Shinsou in this fic

Chunks' Shinzawa Porn Trope Emporium E Ms_Chunks a lot of fucky tags, best to look at them for each individual fic I MAY BE BIASED but Chunks just feeds me so WELL. Many of these are actually collabs with me, so you gets some treats via illustrations in some of them LOL. I can't pick a favorite because

Shiru's Ultimate Shinzawa Fic Rec List
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