Killling Eve Fanfiction List

A list of top tier Killing Eve fanfics to keep you entertained - includes summary, word count and rating

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Killling Eve Fanfiction List

A list of top tier Killing Eve fanfics to keep you entertained - includes summary, word count and rating

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Killing Eve Fanfiction List

Creator of List: @tearsofgreys via Twitter | DM me if you have any questions or concerns!

To all my fellow fanfiction readers: Please make sure to give kudos, comment, and share your favorite fanfictions. These amazing authors are spending time out of their day to give us free content. It’s so important to let them know we love and appreciate them and their work.

To all the writers: Thank you for your service in keeping us, sapphics, fed.

Multi-Chapter - Completed

KE Universe

* Professional Boundaries by YoToob

* Summary: It's probably easier for them to not be in the same room, at least for a while

* Word Count: 55k; Rating: Mature

* The Wrong Kind of Almost by YoToob

* Summary: And probably the best explanation, the only explanation, is that Eve has gone mad

* Word Count: 47k; Rating: Mature

* The Void by Viagiordano

* Summary: After weeks of getting her life back on track, Eve takes a wrong step and begins indulging in dangerous vices. But turning a blind eye to Villanelle's true nature is a grave mistake, and soon, Eve will feel the consequences everywhere around her

* Word Count: 87k ; Rating: Explicit

* With you I'm in warm water (swimming down) by Vracs

* Summary: Eve wakes up in a back alley vet hospital outside of Rome. The rest is what should have happened in Alaska, except it happens in Italy

* Word Count: 30k; Rating: Explicit

* a ripening of sorts by creampuffs

* Summary: In a small cottage in rural Italy, Villanelle cares for Eve’s wound while suiting up to play the world’s longest game of getting-to-know-you. Meanwhile, Eve worries that her path towards recovery is turning more and more into a head-on collision with Stockholm syndrome. Somewhere in the dysfunctional middle, their wires cross

* Word Count: 30k; Rating: Not Rated

* A Terrible Idea by Yotoob

* Summary: Room 201; Word Count: 11k; Rating: Mature

* Damage Control by vxllanelle1

* Summary: There's something beautiful and tragic in the fallout

* Word Count: 35k; Rating: Explicit

* manie sans delire by behindthec

* Summary: "Where are you going? "Come with me and find out." Post season 2.

* Word Count: 30k; Rating: Mature

* The Ruins by pianoleah

* Summary: Pretend the ending of season 2 never happened. This story picks up in episode 8 with Eve and Villanelle walking in the ruins. They’re in love, they run away together, and have lots of sex. Their adventures continue as they work together doing unofficial jobs for Carolyn

* Word Count: 30k; Rating: Mature

* Thinking of You by Rheaird_of_Life

* Summary: The Twelve are after Villanelle's head, and the only one who can save her is the same one who stabbed her in the heart.

* Word Count: 61k ; Rating: Mature

* two wills (one mirror holding us dearer now) by poiesis

* Summary: "I don’t want to be around you. I don’t want to drink you in. I want to walk into the heart of you And never walk back out."

* Word Count: 8k; Rating: Explicit

* Triangles by YoToob

* Summary: An AU of the school scene in season 2 episode 3.

* Word Count: 5k ; Rating: Not Rated

* for hire by almostafantasia

* Summary: When Eve drunkenly decides to hire an escort to be her date for her ex-husband’s wedding, she is in no way prepared for Villanelle to be who she is; Fake/Pretend Relationship

* Word Count: 111k; Rating: Mature

* Down, down under the earth goes under lover by Vaultdweller

* Summary: Eve Polastri is an intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower who has uncovered a huge secret. Villanelle is the down-on-her-luck assassin hired to kill her. Together they duel, they dance and, piece by piece, they destroy each other to be built anew.

* Word Count: 90k; Rating: Mature

* and definitely maybe i will live to love by boxedblondes

* Summary: Eve and Villanelle and a road trip across America.

* Word Count: 19k; Rating: Mature

Alternate Universe

* Every Rose by Fixy

* Summary: The tattoo parlour and flower shop AU I haven’t yet seen done in this fandom; Enemies to Lovers

* Word Count: 104k; Rating: Mature

* Of Love and La Villanelle by melvcholymvmi

* Summary: The fashion design AU where Villanelle seduces yet another teacher.

* Word Count: 77k; Rating: Explicit

* The Female Gaze by melvcholymvmi

* Summary: The model/photographer AU that no one asked for.

* Word Count: 10k; Rating: Explicit

Multi-Chapter - In Progress

KE Universe

* Enemies With Disregard by YoToob

* Summary: It's probably easier for them to not be in the same room, at least for a while. (The Remix)

* Word Count: 28k+; Rating: Not Rated

* these mortifying ideals by coldmackeral

* Summary: it only takes one summer to: retire, go on holiday, try fishing, get half-stabbed to death in the aftermath of a fallen global crime conglomerate, fake your death, get nostalgic for an ex, show up unannounced, get answers.

* Word Count: 59k+; Rating: Mature

Alternate Universe

* Quid Pro Quo by Fixy

* Summary: Divorces are sad and expensive and time consuming, so it helps when your solicitor isn’t all that bad OR A divorce au featuring ‘I fell asleep on my arms’ Eve and business attire Barbie.

* Word Count: 68k+; Rating: Explicit

* A Saint's Just A Sinner by melvcholymvmi

* Summary: The one where Eve is a priest, and Villanelle is temptation, embodied.

* Word Count: 16k+; Rating: Explicit

* Imagine Me and You (And Our Parents) by imunbreakabledude

* Summary: The chemistry between Eve and Villanelle is obvious and immediate, so it's awkward when they find out their parents are getting married; Reverse Slow Burn

* Word Count: 34k+; Rating: Explicit

* Hotel Alyeska by melvcholymimi

* Summary: The one where their kids "Parent Trap" them; Friends to Enemies to Lovers

* Word Count: 8k ; Rating: Explicit

* Say Something Before I Go by KillingVillanelle

* Summary: The one where Eve is a very ethical and rule following therapist and Villanelle is her most challenging client to date.

* Word Count: 49k+; Rating: Not Rated

* First Comes Marriage by melvcholymimi

* Summary: The Proposal AU where Villanelle's visa expired and Eve needs her to stay.

* Word Count: 4k+; Rating: Mature

* The Heat of the Moment by imunbreakabledude

* Summary: Olympic boxer Oksana Astankova is looking to break into MMA. Sought-after manager Eve Polastri is looking for a brand new fighter to coach from the ground up. They'll beat the crap out of everyone in their way.

* Word Count: 7k+ ; Rating: Mature

* Not a Chance in Hell by QueenXxIcexXCat

* Summary: Eve Park and Villanelle are well known assassins. Eve is subtle. Villanelle is not. But both are proud of their profession. Villanelle believes that she is the best until Eve comes into her life and accidentally takes Villanelle's assignment. She expected submission and an apology. What she got was a sweep of the legs and a not so subtle middle finger. As Eve gets away, Villanelle lays there and decides that she has found the one. Eve, not so much.

* Word Count: 17k+; Rating: Mature

* See it Fall, Child of War (Lend a Mending Hand) by thewingedoctopus

* Summary: An AU in which Eve Polastri is a forensics cleaner for the Twelve, anonymously assigned to their assassin Villanelle who has no idea that she's not as sensational as she initially thought.

* Word Count: 3k+; Rating: Not Rated

* Love at First Swipe by estvillanelle

* Summary: The tinder AU no one asked. Eve's being catfished.

* Word Count: 3k+; Rating: Mature


KE Universe

* Soft by Fixy

* Summary: Eve has come to really enjoy Villanelle’s visits; SOFT

* Word Count: 12k; Rating: Teens and Up

* Domestication by Atticus

* Summary: She doesn’t hear Villanelle getting into her own bed across the hotel room, wonders briefly if she’ll sleep at all. She considers for a moment that Villanelle might disappear somewhere into the night like a half-feral cat, spending the night prowling alleys and yowling into the dark before slinking back through the hotel window when dawn comes. Instead, she hears the soft shuffle of feet on carpet, and knows that the other woman is still standing in the space between their beds.

* Word Count: 10k; Rating: Explicit

* Two Faced Twin by zozo

* Summary: An alternate ending to 2x02, in which Eve and Carolyn catch up to Villanelle first.

* Word Count: 19k; Rating: Mature

* Issues by BeginToFray

* Summary: Villanelle appears on Eve's doorstep weeks after the stabbing.

* Word Count: 129k; Rating: Teens and Up

* mad girl's love song by foxedbones

* Summary: When she sees her next, she wants to push her against a wall with her forearm pressed to her throat. She wants to hear the gasp Eve makes when she finds her breath again. When she sees her next, she wants Eve to beg her for this. She wants to be wanted beyond sanity. She wants to know in all this time, while she was imprisoned in some godforsaken Alpine compound, detached from the rest of the world, Eve was waiting, wanting, miserable at the thought that she might have killed the one thing that could get her off anymore. Hardly romantic.

* Word Count: 111k, Rating: Mature

Alternate Universe

* Oh, Baby, It's Pleasure, This Pain by melvcholymvmi

* Summary: A divorced Eve is ordered by her best friend to do something wild. She goes to an invite-only fetish club where she meets the seductively charming, Villanelle.

* Word Count: 44k; Rating: Explicit

One - Shots

KE Universe

* Stages of Marriage by songforeverystory

* Summary: Eve blames a Google search a decade ago for the breakdown of her marriage. Villanelle helps her to feel sexy again.

* Word Count: 6k; Rating: Explicit

* Straightforward by YoToob

* Summary: Eve thinks about getting her hair cut short. Villanelle reacts in totally normal and chill ways

* Word

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