Digital Skills Passport

A template to use with your students who are learning new digital skills - devices, applications, tools for creativity, etc.

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Digital Skills Passport

A template to use with your students who are learning new digital skills - devices, applications, tools for creativity, etc.

teaching, technology, digital skills, computer science, CS classes, teaching materials

Digital Passport

Template from SLIDESMANIA!


Using technology is great to help us learn. However, effective use of them comes when we know the digital skills to utilise them.

Knowing how to access, what to click on, how to use an app, tips and shortcuts and more advanced levels make it easier and quicker so you spend more time learning than just trying to work out how to get on to the device.

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My Device

I can use the Home button, Lock, power, Volume, Camera, Trackpad , touchscreen, stylus and keyboard

Explain and demonstrate responsible use of technology

Understand how to safely use a device - handling, respect, care

Signing In

Turn On/Off, logging on to device Google Drive signing in and out / Chrome profiles

Scanning a QR code / login processes

Essential Device Knowledge

Master of Settings

Identify troubleshooting strategies for minor hardware / software issues, wifi, sound, brightness

How To Print Responsibly

Access accessibility settings to support learning


Explain and demonstrate strategies for managing privacy / personal user account information

Identify strategies for safe and efficient use of computers (eg. passwords, accounts, gaming, cameras)

Essential Device Knowledge

Launch Apps

Using desktop icons, apps, tabs, windows and menus to open applications and documents

Know how to close, open, access applications

Power of Touch

Use Mouse / Trackpad/ Stylus/ Touchscreen To Manipulate shapes, icons; click on URLS; use scroll bar

Split Screen

Working more efficiently - split screen - resize windows

Key Foundational Skills

Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic keyboard shortcuts (ctrl y, ctrl s, ctrl u, ctrl z, ctrl n, ctrl a, ctrl b, ctrl x, ctrl z, ctrl c,, ctrl v, ctrl p, search alt, ctrl n, ctrl + 1-9,

Intermediate keyboard shortcuts, ctrl p, ctrl e, ctrl k, ctrl backspace, ctrl +/-, ctrl shift print scr, ctrl t, ctrl w, alt e , ctrl shift v

Advanced keyboard shortcuts alt [ / ], google drive N, ctlr /, ctrl shift s, alt tab

Key Foundational Skills


Open Google Classroom

Join a Specific Class

Leave a comment in the stream

View your To-do List

Use Classwork


Open an assignment

Add files to an assignment

Turn in an assignment

Use a rubric on an assignment

Check grade/feedback & send teacher private message


Reorder classes on homepage

Choose settings

View missing work

Access a file from an archived class

Google Classroom

Access ALL

Use and access information (Enter a url, access a link or hyperlink text)

Open / close dialogue boxes, Select an appropriate answer / click arrows

Pin tabs to have quick access to tabs

Use tools to edit / label / annotate images, worksheets and posters.

Bookmark it

Bookmark a website / all tabs open

Create bookmark folders to manage bookmarks / Use favicons in place of bookmark names

Stop pause rewind

Watch videos and use play, pause, rewind/ forward, closed closed captions, change speed



Open Google Drive

Name and save files to appropriate locations / storage media

Understand the importance of Drive organisation

Create and manage folders / subfolders

Create a file (Google doc)

Move a file (from recent to sub-folder)


Save Files To downloads/Google Drive - Understand how to share files to save from local to the cloud

Save files as 'Google' formats automatically

Google Drive

Accessing folders / portfolios and maintaining organising of work

Share files to collaborate and work together (comment view and restrict downloading)

Find a file

Use the comment function and track changes feature for peer editing

Add a star

Change a folder colour


Use suggestions / review tools for proofreading and collaborative work

Move selected files to shared drive

Add a person to a shared drive (as a contributor)

Enable Offline Mode in Google Drive

Set Priority as Homepage in Drive

Restore a file from Trash

Google Drive


Open Google Docs

Add a Title

Share a Doc

Type on a Doc

Insert an Image"

Edit text

Use Menu/Toolbar (eg.font/size/style)

Use voice typing


Make a copy of a doc

Change font color and size

Highlight and underline text

Change Line Spacing

Insert a Link

Share a link to a doc

Use tabs and bullet points and numbering and tables

Google Docs


Copy and paste from one doc to another

Add a footnote

Add a comment

Insert Page Numbers

Download the Doc as a PDF

Use version history

Proofread and edit writing using appropriate resources (eg. dictionary, spell checker, and thesaurus)

Apply formatting and page layout features when appropriate (columns, templates and styles) to improve the appearance of documents and materials

Use the comment function for peer editing / suggestions in documents

Use the track changes feature in review for peer editing of documents

Google Docs


Open Google Slides

Add a Slide

Insert a Text Box

Insert an Image

Explore Tool


Use templates

Change the Theme

Insert a Video

Delete a Slide

Comment on a slide

Tag person and Share file

Present slideshow


Change Page Layout

Crop and arrange an image

Video format options

Add a link to a different slide

Change Transitions

Google Slides


Add Data to Sheet

Sum cells in a range

Insert a row

Apply borders

Know - a cell, column, row, values


Autofill data

Insert New Row

Add a new tab and rename

Sort Data in Columns


Average a Column

Freeze Rows and Columns

Protect Cells

Create a Basic Chart

Download Chart as an Image

Use conditional formatting

Google Sheets


Open Google Forms

Title Form

Add Different Question Types

View Form Responses

Make questions required"


Insert Image

Insert Video

Change Theme of Form

Share Form (Email)


Get Link to Form

Change Submission Settings of Form

Create Spreadsheet of Responses

Create sections of questions

Google Forms


Create a new Jam

Insert a textbox and a Sticky Note

Create a New Frame

Insert a Photo

Name your Jam


Draw a freehand Shape

Use the autodraw to insert icons

Clear the Frame

Resize an image

Download as a PDF / Save as an Image


Duplicate frames and images

Change the Background

Collaborate with others

Share a Jam

Add files from drive

Change order of images

Google Jamboard


"Create a Site

Apply Themes

Add a new Page

Add Text to a Page

Change Header image"


"Insert an Image on a Page

Insert a Google Drive Doc on a Page

Insert a YouTube Video on a Page

Publish Site

Preview Site"


Edit a published Site

Rename a Page

Nest Pages Under Pages (Subpage)

Share a Site with a Collaborator (Edit Access)

Publish changes to a Site

Google Sites

Find and Search

Use omnibox to search

Locate, collect, organize content from media collection

Search using keywords / refine search

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search options to filter for specific information

Digital Literacy

Identify purpose of digital media to (inform, persuade, entertain)

Analyze / explain how media and technology can be used to distort, exaggerate and misrepresent information

Evaluate internet resources

Use in text citations and reference lists for text & images gathered from electronic sources

Research and Information


Take a screenshot / specific area

Screen recording to demonstrate how to do something, share learning or to explain


Use microphone / voice recorder

Create Music / Soundtracks / Podcasts

Explain Fair Use Guidelines for copyrighted materials (credit use)


Create, edit and format text

Communicate ideas using audio, visual, video and graphics.

Use painting and drawing tools/applications to create and edit work

Tools for Creativity


Searching and save pictures

Use basic editing tools to create, crop or modify images

Explain Fair Use Guidelines for the use of copyrighted materials

Digital Storytelling apps for creating interactive stories


Use camera / video (selfie / photo)

Know what makes a good photo

Create time lapse / stop motion

Understanding digital citizenship and permissions with photos and videos


Use the camera to record videos

I can create and edit a simple video

Creating, filming and movie making

Tools for Creativity

Gmail Beginner

Open Gmail

Read an email

Archive an email

Reply to an email

Move an email to a label

Gmail Intermediate

Demonstrate safe email practices and appropriate email etiquette

Snooze email

Compose email & add Attachments

Schedule send

Create and Apply Labels

Gmail Advanced

"Settings (including keyboard shortcuts in Gmail)

Filter an email


Google Meet Beginner

Join a Google Meet from Classroom

Turn off Camera and Sound

Join video call

Add comment to chat

Turn on Captions

Cyber Hero

Recognize and describe the potential risks and dangers associated with various forms of online communications

Identify cyberbullying and describe strategies to deal with such a situation

"Comply with acceptable use and be responsible when it comes to ethical use, appropriate communication online, privacy, plagiarism, spam, viruses, hacking and file sharing



Open Google Keep

Create a List

Change Note Color

Archive Notes

Add Reminders to Notes

Sit up to type

Keyboarding - Use Proper Posture and Ergonomics

I know my keyboard

Find any letter or number key on the keyboard

Find any key on the keyboard and know which hand to use for each half of the keyboard

Typing Speed

~5 words per minute - Typing faster than writing, the keyboard should be memorised.

~10 words per minute 60%

Digital Skills Passport
Tags Teaching, Technology, Digital skills, Computer science, CS classes, Teaching materials
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Published 29/04/2024, 12:13:07


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