ML Reasoning Reading list

A comprehensive list of academic papers about machine learning topics 🏫

machine learnining
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ML Reasoning Reading list

A comprehensive list of academic papers about machine learning topics 🏫

programming, machine learnining, ML, AI, artificial intelligence

1987 NeurIPS

Learning in Networks of Nondeterministic Adaptive Logic Elements Richard C. Windecker 1987

A 'Neural' Network that Learns to Play Backgammon Gerald Tesauro, Terrence J. Sejnowski 1987

A Novel Net that Learns Sequential Decision Process Guo-Zheng Sun, Yee-Chun Lee, Hsing-Hen Chen 1987

Scaling Properties of Coarse-Coded Symbol Memories Ronald Rosenfeld, David S. Touretzky 1987

How Neural Nets Work Alan S. Lapedes, Robert M. Farber 1987

Learning Representations by Recirculation Geoffrey E. Hinton, James L. McClelland 1987

Correlational Strength and Computational Algebra of Synaptic Connections Between Neurons Eberhard E. Fetz 1987

A Neural Network Classifier Based on Coding Theory Tzi-Dar Chiueh, Rodney Goodman 1987

Mathematical Analysis of Learning Behavior of Neuronal Models John Y. Cheung, Massoud Omidvar 1987

On the Power of Neural Networks for Solving Hard Problems Jehoshua Bruck, 1987

Analysis and Comparison of Different Learning Algorithms for Pattern Association Problems J. Bernasconi 1987

Learning on a General Network Amir F. Atiya 1987

Connectivity Versus Entropy Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa 1987

1988 NeurIPS

Constraints on Adaptive Networks for Modeling Human Generalization Mark A. Gluck, M. Pavel, Van Henkle 1988

Fast Learning in Multi-Resolution Hierarchies John Moody 1988

Self Organizing Neural Networks for the Identification Problem Manoel Fernando Tenorio, Wei-Tsih Lee 1988

Learning by Choice of Internal Representations Tal Grossman, Ronny Meir, Eytan Domany 1988

Scaling and Generalization in Neural Networks: A Case Study Subutai Ahmad, Gerald Tesauro 1988

Does the Neuron "Learn" like the Synapse? Raoul Tawel 1988

A Connectionist Expert System that Actually Works Richard Fozzard, Gary Bradshaw, Louis Ceci 1988

An Information Theoretic Approach to Rule-Based Connectionist Expert System Rodney M. Goodman, John W. Miller, Padhraic Smyth 1988

Theory of Self-Organization of Cortical Maps Shigeru Tanaka 1988

A Bifurcation Theory Approach to the Programming of Periodic Attractors in Network Models of Olfactory Cortex Bill Baird 1988

Training a 3-Node Neural Network is NP-Complete Avrim Blum, Ronald L. Rivest 1988

Links Between Markov Models and Multilayer Perceptrons Hervé Bourlard, C. J. Wellekens 1988

A Massively Parallel Self-Tuning Context-Free Parser Eugene Santos Jr. 1988

Learning Sequential Structure in Simple Recurrent Networks David Servan-Schreiber, Axel Cleeremans, James L. McClelland 1988

A Self-Learning Neural Network Allan Hartstein, R. H. Koch 1988

Neural Architecture Valentino Braitenberg 1988

1989 NeurIPS

Neural Networks: The Early Days Jack D. Cowan 1989

A Cost Function for Internal Representations Anders Krogh, C. I. Thorbergsson, John A. Hertz 1989

Sequential Decision Problems and Neural Networks A. G. Barto, R. S. Sutton, C. J. C. H. Watkins 1989

Asymptotic Convergence of Backpropagation: Numerical Experiments Subutai Ahmad, Gerald Tesauro, Yu He 1989

A Method for the Associative Storage of Analog Vectors Amir F. Atiya, Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa 1989

Generalization and Scaling in Reinforcement Learning David H. Ackley, Michael L. Littman 1989

Meiosis Networks Stephen Jose Hanson 1989

Learning in Higher-Order "Artificial Dendritic Trees Tony Bell 1989

A Self-organizing Associative Memory System for Control Applications Michael Hormel 1989

Can Simple Cells Learn Curves? A Hebbian Model in a Structured Environment William R. Softky, Daniel M. Kammen 1989

Reading a Neural Code William Bialek, Fred Rieke, Robert R. de Ruyter van Steveninck, David Warland 1989

1990 NeurIPS

VLSI Implementations of Learning and Memory Systems: A Review Mark A. Holler 1990

Second Order Properties of Error Surfaces: Learning Time and Generalization Yann LeCun, Ido Kanter, Sara A. Solla 1990

Learning Theory and Experiments with Competitive Networks Griff L. Bilbro, David E. van den Bout 1990

Evolution and Learning in Neural Networks: The Number and Distribution of Learning Trials Affect the Rate of Evolution Ron Keesing, David G. Stork 1990

A Framework for the Cooperation of Learning Algorithms Léon Bottou, Patrick Gallinari 1990

A competitive modular connectionist architecture Robert A. Jacobs, Michael I. Jordan 1990

Connectionist Implementation of a Theory of Generalization Roger N. Shepard, Sheila Kannappan 1990

A Neural Expert System with Automated Extraction of Fuzzy If-Then Rules and Its Application to Medical Diagnosis Yoichi Hayashi 1990

Adaptive Range Coding Bruce E. Rosen, James M. Goodwin, Jacques J. Vidal 1990

Signal Processing by Multiplexing and Demultiplexing in Neurons David C. Tam 1990

Shaping the State Space Landscape in Recurrent Networks Patrice Simard, Jean Pierre Raysz, Bernard Victorri 1990

Associative Memory in a Network of `Biological' Neurons Wulfram Gerstner 1990

Stochastic Neurodynamics J.D. Cowan 1990

Self-organization of Hebbian Synapses in Hippocampal Neurons Thomas H. Brown, Zacha

ML Reasoning Reading list
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