Who Is Hiring Software Engineers and EMs? In 2022

A list of companies hiring software engineers. Different locations, levels of seniority and more!

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Who Is Hiring Software Engineers and EMs? In 2022

A list of companies hiring software engineers. Different locations, levels of seniority and more!

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Company name What does the company do, in one sentence? Link to position(s) hiring for Roles hiring for Locations hiring in If you work in this company: what is one thing you like about this place? Any other comments? Additional note from Gergely

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This spreadsheet is no longer be updated. Companies were able to submit hiring details between 10 Nov - 10 Dec. Last update: 19 Dec 2022

Looking for more places that are hiring? Check out Still-Hiring.community - which is a site inspired by this spreadsheet, and has up-to-date opportunities.

TravelPerk Provide a B2B SaaS platform to take the pain out of business travel https://www.travelperk.com/careers/ All software and product roles Barcelona, Berlin, London, Edinburgh Work life balance and non corporate professional vibe, healthy culture. https://builders.travelperk.com/how-do-we-hire-engineers-travelperk-afabbf82aedc I'm an advisor at TravelPerk.

Uber “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.” Mobility & Delivery Global Mobility & Delivery https://www.uber.com/nl/en/careers/ https://www.uber.com/us/en/careers/ https://www.uber.com/nl/nl/careers/list/?location=DNK--Aarhus Eng Manager, Backend SWE, Frontend SWE Engineering Manager II, Senior/Staff Software Engineers (Frontend & Backend) Senior & Staff Software Engineering, Backend (Denmark) | Senior Engineering Manager (Denmark) | Software Engineer II, Backend - Eats (Denmark) Aarhus Denmark. Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam and Sofia Aarhus, Denmark | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Sofia, Bulgaria Tangibility of the product The people! Intelligent, inclusive and diverse workforce - 44 Different nationalities in tech Amsterdam at our last count. Engineering challenges at scale & great Engineering Values :) Check out eng.uber.com for examples of engineering challenges our teams are working on. I used to work there for 4 years! I had a good time, and can recommend the culture.

Plain API-first customer service tool https://plain-public.notion.site/Help-us-power-support-for-the-world-s-best-companies-7ea2f1a4cc084b96a95141a30e136b5b Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer Remote, GMT +/-2 Small and effective team building a great product with a high technical bar. The company values are also fantastic. Covered in The Scoop #31: https://newsletter.pragmaticengineer.com/p/the-scoop-31

Findhotel (now Vio.com) Online hotel booking engine and metasearch https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/findhotel/jobs/4004576101?gh_jid=4004576101 https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/findhotel/jobs/4042501101?gh_jid=4042501101 https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/findhotel/jobs/4004552101?gh_jid=4004552101 https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/findhotel/jobs/4096337101?gh_jid=4096337101 Software engineers (Golang, Elixir), ML Engineers, Cyber Sec Lead, Engineering manager Netherlands; GMT +- 3; Europe, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Africa Flexibility Findhotel is super multinaitional stable company with no external investment, amazing team and freedom to create and implement things I know the founder and have heard good things about them.

Flexport Digitize global trade. Make global trade easy and accessible for everyone. Freight We are building the platform for global trade Makes global trade easy for everyone https://www.flexport.com/careers/jobs/?department=Engineering&location= https://www.flexport.com/company/careers/ https://www.flexport.com/company/careers/ https://boards.greenhouse.io/flexport https://grnh.se/987c2a851us Software engineering (full-stack, frontend, backend). Both people management and IC roles. Software Engineers, all levels Software Engineering (ICs, EMs across all levels) Software Engineers across all levels. Engineering Management, Infrastructure/DevOps/SRE/Analytics Engineer/ML Engineer , worldwide. All engineering IC roles. Frontend, backend, fully stack, SRE, DEvOps, etc Bellevue (WA), San Francisco (CA), Chicago (IL), Amsterdam (NL) US (SF, Seattle/Bellevue, Chicago), Netherlands and China US, NL USA Region/ EMEA / APAC San Francisco, Bellevue, Amsterdam, Shenzen, Chicago, Shanghai, and more Its mission is to solve a real-world, complicated problem. We have lots of great opportunities to solve for complex (and unsolved) logistics problems and have a real impact in the world Moving the real world (not just changing button colors.) Impactful work and solving real world problems within the supply chain industry What we do makes a difference in the world. Logistics and supply chain touch every aspect of our lives now. Right now we are predominantly hiring engineers (no product, design, etc. unfortunately). Reach out if you have questions or are interested in a position! (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergiosaborio/) I know the engineering manager who started the Amsterdam office. Heard they have a pragmatic engineering culture.

Yelp Local businesses reviews Make it easy to find great local businesses https://www.yelp.careers/us/en https://www.yelp.careers/us/en SWE, MLE, AS, DS, EM, PM Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers Fully remote in CA, UK, Germany, Ireland, and Mexico (and more rarely US) US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany Culture/WLB & mission Fantastic culture that is genuinely people-first It seems like Yelp is doing very well https://www.yelp-ir.com/news/press-releases/news-release-details/2022/Yelp-Reports-Record-Net-Revenue-in-the-Third-Quarter-2022/default.aspx Heard good things about the engineering culture.

Polarsteps Track your trips like a travel journal https://careers.polarsteps.com/vacancies Frontend engineer, iOS engineer Amsterdam / Netherlands I love the culture. It's the *only* company I've worked at that actually follows and uses it's values. We've been growing strongly and organically, without any marketing. We do not depend on VC money (though we're might decide to raise a series B, on strong numbers, to accelerate growth). Even for the positions we don't have officially open (like Android), we'd still consider hiring an amazing candidate. And we'll definitely open more positions in the next few months. I know the Head of Engineering, and heard positive things about the culture.

Catawiki Auctions for special objects Catawiki is the leading online marketplace for special objects, with over 75,000 objects offered in auctions every week and curated by Catawiki’s in-house experts. Catawiki is the leading online auction marketplace for special objects, selected by experts. https://catawiki.careers/vacancies?o=0&n=10&of=47810&f=194#vacancy-overview https://catawiki.careers/ https://catawiki.careers/engineering Tech Lead Manager, Frontend Engineer, iOS Engineer Senior Product Manager, Tech Lead, Senior Front-End Developer, Senior iOS Developer, Senior UX Designer Software Engineers Amsterdam, Netherlands The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Belgium, Italy Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain Great culture to grow and learn Honestly the people. We are a geeky, driven, and down-to-earth bunch of people, and here you are a human first, techie second. Everyone I have met so far is not only good at what they do, they are actually passionate about it (and so many other things) and it is contagious. We are continuously improving our tech team processes, tooling, people and our people are super friendly and collaborative! 🔹 We enjoy being very diverse (latest stats: 50+ nationalities) 🔹 We do our best to make the relocation (when needed) as hassle-free as possible (relocation budget, temporary housing, apartment search, visa, and 30% ruling application) 🔹 We work in a hybrid setup in the Netherlands (3 days from home, 2 days from the office) and in some cases can offer remote work from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, and the UK Not many seats left, let us know if you're interested. Worked with the VP of Engineering at Uber. A balanced engineering culture, and a deliberately slower growing company.

Skyscanner Flights, Hotels and Car Hire search Search, compare and book travel Travel search and booking https://www.skyscanner.net/jobs/current-jobs/ https://www.skyscanner.net/jobs/ https://www.skyscanner.net/jobs/current-jobs/ Data Engineers, Distributed Systems Engineers, Full Stack Engineers and Engineering Managers Native mobile, frontend web, backend node.js/Java/Python Software engineers and engineering managers London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Shenzhen London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Barcelona Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Barcelona We're big enough to have exciting challenges with scale, but small enough that our culture is still strong. Plus travel is a fun sector Great culture, transparent and honest leadership Amazing culture I'm an alumni! It's been 6 years since I left, and I had a great time back then.

Airtable Airtable is spearheading the low-code no-code movement, making it easy to build incredibly powerful database-driven tools and connected applications with no technical background. Beneath the approachable spreadsheet-like interface is all the power of a database, with automations, views, scripting, and an Interface Designer that can become a full blown application experience. https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtable/jobs/6156841002 Reliability engineers (and more found on the careers page) SF Bay Area preferred, or NYC, but will consider other US locations for the right candidate It's a perfect size for making big impact while keeping a stable paycheck: It's pre-IPO and small enough to have a bi

Who Is Hiring Software Engineers and EMs? In 2022
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