How to earn in Dragon Master

How to earn in Dragon Master

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How to earn in Dragon Master

How to earn in Dragon Master

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1. About DragonMaster

DragonMaster is the first blockchain-based Metaverse game that blends RTS, MOBA, Collection, and Play-to-Earn gameplay.

2. How to earn?

Reference coin price.

TOTEM: 0.0471 usdt

DMT: 0.3074 usdt

● *In aggregate, you can earn 90-2000u/month in DragonMaster. **

● Become a Community Scholarship participant

○ Earnings: 3-4.5u/day, 90-135u/month

○ Requirements: Complete daily tasks, consume 40+ energy per day, 50-70% win rate, 10-20% trainee share.

○ Other rewards: If you make Top 100 in the season, you will receive an additional 100-1800u for the season.

● Become a live scholarship participant

○ Earnings: 8-11u/day, 240-330u/month.

○ Requirements: Apply to become a Live Scholar, complete daily tasks, consume 40+ energy per day and have a 50-70% win rate.

○ Other rewards: Additional official benefits.

● Become a guild

○ Earnings: 5-11u/day/student, 150-330u/month/student Payback period: 40-84 days, ROI: 335-815%.

○ Requirements: recruit trainees, trainees consume 40+ energy per day, 50-70% trainee win rate, 10-20% trainee share.

○ Other rewards: When you lock in more than 50K TOTEM, you can reduce costs and thus increase your daily earnings.

● Become an investor

○ Earnings: 8-14u/day, 240-420u/month, payback period: 32-54 days, ROI: 581-1010%.

○ Requirements: fight on your own, consume 40+ energy per day, win rate 50-70%.

○ Other rewards: If you make Top100 in the season, you will get an extra 100-1800u in season rewards.

3. Introduction to gameplay

3.1 Teams

You need at least 4 dragons of different sizes (S,M,L,XL) to form a team. A team can have a maximum of 5 dragons, with an extra spot for Special Dragons, which are all size L.

3.2 Combat

Enter the game, set up your team, complete the set up and you can participate in a Battle, win and get rich rewards

Winning rewards are: 10-12 TOTEM, 30 trophies.

The reward for defeat is: 1 TOTEM, 0 trophies (10 trophies will be deducted for defeat after a certain number of trophies)

3.3 Collection of money

When TOTEM accumulates to a certain amount you can choose to withdraw it to your wallet account, you need to wait 48-72 hours to withdraw it, be careful not to withdraw it all at once, you need to leave some TOTEM in your game account for repairing endurance, or keep holding it, digging DMT and getting endurance discounts.

● TOTEM liquidation

● Hold more than 50k TOTEM to get a discount on endurance repair

● TOTEM mining for DMT cash

3.4 Repair Endurance

Each dragon consumes 1 endurance point for each Battle. When the dragon's endurance is 0, your dragon will not be able to participate in the Battle and will need to repair its endurance to continue the Battle.

Example: you have a team of 4 dragons, today you have fought 40 battles, the total durability consumed by your team is: 440=160, the amount of TOTEM held in your account is 2000, then you need to repair the durability: 0.5160=80 TOTEM.

● The more TOTEM you pledge in your game account, the more you can get a discount for repairing durability.

3.5 Season Leaderboard

The top 100 in the season leaderboard are rewarded with DMT, with the first season reward being 300-5000 DMT.

3.6 Pledge Mining

When you pledge all your TOTEM in your game account, you can get DMT.

4. Total Top10 Harvest (Season 1)

Pre-commitment: 400 USDT

Return: 716 USDT

1. Game output TOTEM: 7,840 TOTEM, already deducted TOTEM for fixing dragons, ~ 363u

2. Season Ranking Reward Top 10: 1,000 DMT, ~307u

3. DMT reward for holding TOTEM: 152DMT, ~46u

So my earnings from playing DragonMaster between 3.21-4.21 are:* 716u, meaning I have gotten back what I invested in the first month and the profits still allow me to continue making DragonMaster investments. It stands to reason that I can still continue to take part in battles in the next season, which is an exciting PlayToEran game.

5. Combat tips to share

There are currently 13 types of dragons on the market, 3 of which are special dragons (better skills and higher prices) and 10 of which are clan dragons. As we know from recent issues of the AMA, new dragons are still being officially developed, so this sharing of battle tips only applies to the current version. For more information on dragon types and skills check out the official documentation:

Dragon NFT

Let's start with the META combinations for the current version: Lucky Dragon(XL), Lucky Dragon(L),Family Dragon(M),Family Dragon(S)

Due to the characteristics of Lucky Dragon's skills (he will add extra appearances in battle), he will be able to guarantee you victory in a certain track.

Strategy: ensure blood and try to beat your opponent on a track with many dragons.

XL and L body types deal less damage, so you need to include some S and M size dragons in the track you want to win, so you can make sure you give your opponent enough damage.Lucky dragons usually need to be built up, don't release them easily, once you have accumulated enough lucky dragons of about 2, you can start picking a track to fight against your opponent, release S and M to attract your opponent's M and L. In the decisive moment, release 2 lucky dragons in a row Releasing 2 lucky dragons will guarantee you victory.

Family Dragon combinations preferred: Armor Dragon full set > Life Dragon full set > Rage Dragon > Bloodlust Dragon > other combinations

Armor Dragon and Life Dragon combo matchup strategy: Use your own high armor and high blood to trade blood with your opponent.

Because of this you can always stand last, and in the very early stages you can even give up a track and push in a track where you have built up an advantage. As long as the opponent tries to fight in a track where you have an advantage, you can basically win easily.

Other clan dragon combinations require strategic deployment based on your own team characteristics, such as blaster dragons. S's blaster dragons are great and can do 100+ damage at a time if you're lucky, so teams with blaster S's overall need to try to make sure their blaster S deals damage.

Summing up

Overall, DragonMaster can be played as more than just a competitive game, it can have variable strategies and improvised responses depending on your own team and the opposing team, and as a regular MOBA player, I feel that DragonMaster is definitely in the Top tier of fun in the block game. It's a great thing to think about when you spend time playing a game, have fun and have money.

Of course what keeps me in the game is not only what I've got so far, but also the plans that the development team have announced to the public, such as the ability to play against each other in the future, adding new game props such as skins and adding more TOTEM consumption scenarios, which makes me even more excited about the game and willing to keep playing it.

How to earn in Dragon Master
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