Reproductive Healthcare Resources

A document with resources for family planning and abortion care; this includes state laws, access to birth control and abortion care and donation links.

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Reproductive Healthcare Resources

A document with resources for family planning and abortion care; this includes state laws, access to birth control and abortion care and donation links.

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Reproductive Healthcare Resources

1. States laws

2. Birth Control

3. The Abortion Pill

4. Organizations

5. Where Can I Donate?

1. Abortion access is now up to individual states, first you need to know what services are available in your state or states you can travel to. State laws will be shifting in response to Roe vs Wade being overturned with some total bans being enacted immediately. Some of these maps or sources won't be updated yet as things are moving very quickly; I recommend googling your state specifically and will be working to update this document when possible:

* Bill Tracker:

* The Fuller Project interactive map: How major abortion laws compare, state by state | The Fuller Project

* Center for Reproductive Rights - “What if Roe Fell?” map: What If Roe Fell? - Center for Reproductive Rights

* The Guttmacher Institute overview of state laws as of 5/1/22: An Overview of Abortion Laws | Guttmacher Institute

* (Guttmacher) List of post 1st-trimester bans: Bans on Specific Abortion Methods Used After the First Trimester | Guttmacher Institute

* (Guttmacher) States specifically PROTECTING ACCESS 6/1/22: Protecting Access to Clinics | Guttmacher Institute

* (Guttmacher) Legislation tracker: State legislation tracker | Guttmacher Institute


Abortion is now illegal in all cases except an immediate medical emergency, per a 2019 law signed by Gov Kay Ivey and previously tied up in courts; there are no exceptions for rape or incest. Residents will have to travel to Georgia or Florida.


Alaska - Center for Reproductive Rights

Abortion remains legal in Alaska and no trigger laws exist, people eligible may obtain public funding for medically necessary abortion (Alaska - NARAL Pro-Choice America)


Arizona - Center for Reproductive Rights

Arizona contains a number of policies in place to make obtaining an abortion difficult and emotionally arduous, a total ban is predicted in the future but not currently implemented. Abortions are restricted at 15 weeks past your last menstrual period (LMP), you must wait 24 hours, get manipulative and biased couseling and view an ultrasound. There is no public funding and private insurance cannot cover it. Minors need parental, guardian or judge permission.

8 out of 9 abortion clinics have paused services due to uncertainity of the law: Fearing criminal charges, clinics across Arizona have stopped providing abortions

There is an old pre-Roe ban Arizona implemented in 1901 which outlawed providing, receiving or advertising contraception or abortion services, jail time was a punishment for the provider and person receiving the services: Nelson v. Planned Parenthood Center of Tucson (1973) | The Embryo Project Encyclopedia. This was ruled unconstitutional by The Arizona Court of Appeals in 1973

2. You can take steps now to protect yourself from getting pregnant:

* Planned Parenthood contraceptive overview: Birth Control Methods & Options

* Nexplanon (arm implant):

Birth Control Implants | Nexplanon Information

* IUD (inserted in uterus): IUD Birth Control | Info About Mirena & Paragard IUDs

* Shot: Depo-Provera | Birth Control Shot

* Vaginal Ring: NuvaRing | Birth Control Vaginal Ring | Estrogen Ring

* Patch: Birth Control Patch | Ortho Evra

* Pill: Birth Control Pills | The Pill | Contraceptive Pills

* Plan B is not birth control but can be taken after sex to dramatically reduce the liklihood of conception. The sooner it’s taken within 72 hours, the more effective it is and your weight (+155lbs) are factors that must be considered: Plan B Morning-After Pill | How Plan B Works & Side Effects

Planned Parenthood can and will help you with finding and affording the birth control that’s right for you.

* Affordable BC plans for insurance and no insurance care:

* Good RX can help you compare prices at locations in your area:

* TEXAS SPECIFICALLY: Family Planning Program | Healthy Texas Women

3. As clinics are closing due to unobtainable regulations, having funding pulled and being outright banned, there are still options for women seeking abortion care; there is a safe, effective pill that can be taken in the privacy of and shipped to your own home. You can get the pill up to 9 weeks into your pregnancy and after that a surgical abortion must be sought.

The “pill” is actually 2 different medicines. The first is Mifepristone, this stops the pregnancy from growing, then you take Misoprostol - this will cause cramping and bleeding and your uterus will empty. They’re usually sold together in something called a “combipack”

* Aid Access - LGBTQ friendly online help in accessing a medical abortion by mail: Aid Access

* National Women’s Health Network - info on the pill: Safe, Online, Delivered: How to Get the Abortion Pill By Mail

* Planned Parenthood rundown on how it works: How Does the Abortion Pill Work?

* Planned Parenthood centers that will mail it (IL, PA, DC, MD, VA, MA, NV, NM, CO, WA, HI, MT): Where Can I Get The Abortion Pill & How Much Will It Cost?

* Partners for Reproductive Justice, how to buy the pill: How to buy abortion pills that are safe and effective - Ipas

* Women on Waves - Request Abortion Pills (DO ONLINE CONSULTATION): Women on Web: request abortion pills

* Women on Waves - Countries Pill is accessible in: Women on Web: request abortion pills

4. You are not alone; there are organizations, doctors, nurses, and activists here to help you, now more than ever. There are people who DO NOT CARE what the laws in your state say, there are people who will get you to a different state.

* All Options. A list of multiple resource centers: Abortion

* National Abortion Federation. This is a provider locator and a multilingual hotline that will help you with referrals and money: Find A Provider - National Abortion Federation // NAF Hotline - National Abortion Federation

* Planned Parenthood. From birth control to counseling to financial assistence to abortion services, Planned Parenthood has numerous resources to help you: Planned Parenthood

* National Women’s Health Network. A network of activists that doesn't take money from the pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturers, or insurance companies. They have policy updates and general women’s health resources: National Women's Health Network

* Partners for Reproductive Justice. An organization working to expand access to family planning and abortion services around the world: Ipas

* ARC Southeast. They provide funding and logistical support to those in TN, SC, GA, MI, AL and FL seeking abortion care: ARC Southeast (Southeast)

* Kentucky Health Justice Network. Will assist in getting you abortion care. Abortion Support Fund - KHJN (Kentucky)

* Jane’s Due Process. Assistance for minors available: Jane's Due Process (Texas)

* AVOW. Community events and education: Avow Texas (Texas)

* Yellowhammer. Reproductive health assistance and sexual education for Alabama residents and those in the surrounding area. Will provide travel cost help: Our Programs - Yellowhammer Fund (Alabama)

5. Here are places you can donate directly to support clinics, organizations, doctors, nurses and activists working to ensure healthcare is still available

* National Network of Abortion Funds

* The Lilith Fund (English and Spanish for Texas women)

* Donate - KHJN (Kentucky)

* Donate - National Abortion Federation (support for providers)

* All-Options

* (Human Rights Campaign)

* Reproductive Freedom | American Civil Liberties Union

* (Texas)

* Donate Online Today


Reproductive Healthcare Resources
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