Data Journalism Starter Guide

I made a resource guide for someone who was interested in learning more about data journalism and thought I might as well share it here too! Includes links to data newsrooms, industry resources/associations, conferences, twitter accts to follow, etc!

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Data Journalism Starter Guide

I made a resource guide for someone who was interested in learning more about data journalism and thought I might as well share it here too! Includes links to data newsrooms, industry resources/associations, conferences, twitter accts to follow, etc!

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Resource Guide for Data Journalists or those who want to learn more or break into the field!

This is in no particular order and is by no means comprehensive, dm @ nickicamberg on Twitter if there’s something you think should be added or if you have any questions or a particularly good knock knock joke!

Data Focused Newsrooms / Newsrooms that do cool data stories!

* The Markup

* Non profit data driven newsroom, covers tech and its impact on society

* The Upshot

* The New York Times data team

* Github:

* LA Times

* Have a great data team!! No specific page on their site though

* Github:

* The Pudding

* Fun data driven stories about pop culture and stuff like that, have this thing called the pudding cup every year where you can submit stories and win awards

* The Economist (graphic detail)

* Clean, good charts and they also have a weekly newsletter explaining their process, linked below

* FiveThirtyEight

* One of the first mainstream data centric outlets, started by Nate Silver - focused mainly on politics and sports

* Github:

* Propublica

* Non profit investigative newsroom in NYC, does some amazing deep dives into data and has a thing called the “data store” where they post all their data sets (some for free, some for a cost)

* The Marshall Project

* Nonprofit newsroom covering criminal justice issues, also do a lot of great data stories

* Axios

* Their viz team does a lot of nice charts!

* Flowingdata

* Not really a newsroom but more of a website about data and viz, run by Nathan Yau

* Bloomberg Graphics

* Really slick, clean style and a lot of data stories

* Chalkbeat

* Non profit newsroom covering education stories, do a lot of data based reporting

* Votebeat

* Chalkbeat but for elections, is their sister newsroom

* inewssource

* “nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom in San Diego committed to exposing wrongdoing and holding powerful people and institutions accountable.”

* Kontinentalist

* Really cool site that focuses on “data driven stories about Asia”

* Beautiful aesthetic

* Washington Post (aka WaPo)

* Don’t have a link to all their data stories but they do some amazing stuff, like their police shooting database

* The Financial Times

* They have a great visual team!

* Reveal

* Run by the Center for Investigative Reporting, do some data based reporting

* Grist

* Cool aesthetic, focus on climate and environmental reporting, great visual storytellers

* The 19th

* Are getting more into data stories, are an “independent, nonprofit newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy,” based in Texas

* Are known for having really great benefits and salaries for their employees, setting a great example for what should be standard hiring practices

* The Intercept

* Non profit newsroom, does some cool data projects


* Data Viz Dispatch

* From Datawrapper, “Every week, we show the most beautiful big and small data visualizations from newsrooms and other organizations all over the world.”

* Great way to see cool charts from around the world and get inspo!

* Off the Charts

* The Economist, weekly newsletter that goes through their data journalism process

* Numlock News

* Run by Walter Hickey from Insider, who describes it as a “daily newsletter about cool numbers in the news.”

* The Why Axis

* Run by Christopher Ingraham, who says “welcome to the publication where I’ll be exploring, in visual form, the data shaping and informing our lives.”

* COVID-19 Data Dispatch

* Run by Betsy Ladyzhets, a weekly examination of the state of covid data

* Top 10 in Data Journalism

* Global Investigative Journalism Network’s “weekly round-up of the most popular data journalism stories on Twitter.”

Industry stuff

* Twitter accounts to follow for job searching


* Subscription based, gives you access to a big spreadsheet of journalism jobs grouped by country, beat, and type (ie internship vs full time)


* She publishes a weekly newsletter with journalism jobs

* Journalism Associations/Resources

* these are great sources for building communities, networking, finding jobs, conferences, etc


* (The Association of LGBTQ Journalists)

* (JAWS)


* Online News Association, for digital journalism


* Have really awesome fellowships for journalists from marginalized communities, I believe applications are out now

* (Society for Professional Journalists)


* “The International Women’s Media Foundation breaks barriers for women journalists because without their voices, there is no full story. “

* (National Association of Black Journalists)


* Investigate Reporters and Editors, hosting their annual data conference (NICAR) virtually and in Atlanta at beginning of March

* (National Association of Hispanic Journalists)


* (Native American Journalists Association)


* Committee to Protect Journalists


* Asian American Journalists Association


* Pair journalists with mentors and you can schedule informational interviews and things

* (The Diversity Pledge Institute)

* “We're here to solve journalism's diversity pipeline problem; improve retention rates; and support journalists’ career growth.”

* Newsnerdery

* Slack network for “news nerds,” must request to join

* Newsrooms covering journalism

* Opennews

* “We help people strengthen relationships across organizations and build a more equitable future for journalism. Through interactive events and programs, we help peers share knowledge and care for a community grappling with complex problems”

* They do this great series of exit interviews where they interview people leaving journalism to talk about why and what they have learned etc

* Poynter Institute

* “The Poynter Institute for Media Studies is a non-profit journalism school and research organization in St. Petersburg, Florida. The school is the owner of the Tampa Bay Times newspaper and the International Fact-Checking Network and operates PolitiFact.”

* Do a lot of great work about diversity in newsrooms and the problems that still exist, discuss the shape of the industry


* Columbia Journalism Review

* Organizations

* The Knight Foundation

* Journalism foundation that basically funds every news project, tend to focus on local news initiatives

Twitter Accounts to Follow (newsrooms/their data teams)



* (WaPo)

* /








* (LA Times)

* /







* (Financial Times)

* (USA Today)



* (Bloomberg)

* (WNYC)






Twitter Accounts to follow (Fun)




* This specific tweet:

* * explaining some of these references:

* NICAR is IRE’s data journalism conference

* Amanda Cox was an editor at The Upshot for a long time, very influential in the field, recently left and joined USAFacts

* d3 is a javascript library used by many newsrooms

* Census drop day is a party for the data nerds

* The Data Visualization Society is an organization for people who do dataviz

* Writes?: none of us like to write

* Edward Tufte is a famous statistician, created a lot of the foundations of dataviz and apparently blocks a lot of people

* The Knight Foundation is the sugar daddy of the journalism world and we are very thankful for them

* TinyLetter is a newsletter service

* qgis is a spatial mapping software, hard to install

* Newnerdery is a Slack for news nerds


* CSV Conference


* IRE’s annual data journalist conference

* This year will be in Atlanta in March, virtually and in person

* Eyeo

* “Eyeo brings together artists, creative coders, data visualizers, open source instigators & makers for an extraordinary festival.”

* Started partially by Jer Thorp who is a well known (to a niche population) data artist

* Being held in June in Minneapolis this year


* Data journalists tend to do a lot more colla

Data Journalism Starter Guide
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