Facebook Doc Stories

A list of news stories and research papers about Facebook and its impact on various topics around the World such as covid19, climate change, elections, taxes. Helpful to get an idea of different stories the company is a part of.

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Facebook Doc Stories

A list of news stories and research papers about Facebook and its impact on various topics around the World such as covid19, climate change, elections, taxes. Helpful to get an idea of different stories the company is a part of.

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Facebook Doc Stories

Note: Hi! I’m trying to keep this doc as up to date as possible, but as the consortium gets bigger that is getting more challenging. If I am missing something please feel free to email me at katieharbath [at] anchorchange.com.

November 21, 2021

1. Washington Post: Facebook’s race-blind policies around hate speech came at the expense of Black users, new documents show

November 5, 2021

1. WSJ: Is Facebook Bad for You? It Is for About 360 Million Users, Company Surveys Suggest

November 4, 2021

1. The Information: Facebook Papers Show a Company Locked in Zuckerberg’s Stranglehold

2. Business Insider: Internal documents show Facebook's Meta-minded CTO, Andrew Bosworth, blaming hate-speech posts on 'demand' for such content

November 3, 2021

1. Protocol: Here’s what happened when Facebook stopped protecting users — on purpose

2. TIME: Why Some People See More Disturbing Content on Facebook Than Others, According to Leaked Documents

November 1, 2021

1. Gizmodo: Leaked 'Confidential' Facebook Doc Reveals Internal Rift Over Handling of Political Ads

October 30, 2021

1. Protocol: Facebook Papers: How the company grapples with its climate change deniers

October 29, 2021

1. USA Today: The Backstory: 17 news orgs teamed up to examine the Facebook Papers. We found struggles with sex trafficking, hate speech, misinformation.

October 28, 2021

1. WaPo: Facebook told the White House to focus on the ‘facts’ about vaccine misinformation. Internal documents show it wasn’t sharing key data.

2. Business Insider: India starts probe into Facebook’s algorithm, seeks info on moderation process

3. Business Insider: 'Increasingly gaslit': See the messages concerned Facebook employees wrote as they left the company

October 27, 2021

1. Gizmodo: How the 2019 Christchurch Massacre Changed Facebook Forever

2. Protocol: Facebook's hiring crisis: Engineers are turning down offers, internal docs show

3. WaPo: In Poland’s politics, a ‘social civil war’ brewed as Facebook rewarded online anger

4. WaPo: Former Facebook auditor says whistleblower’s claims have ‘revived’ civil rights concerns

5. WSJ: Federal Trade Commission Scrutinizing Facebook Disclosures ​​

6. Forbes: Facebook Can Be Toxic For Female Politicians, Company Documents Show

7. USA Today: Facebook Papers reveal company knew it profited from sex trafficking but took limited action to stop it

8. Gizmodo: Facebook Has No Clue How to Solve Its Image Problem, Leaked Doc Shows

October 26, 2021

1. Platformer: The Facebook Papers' missing piece

2. CNN: Facebook is having a tougher time managing vaccine misinformation than it is letting on, leaks suggest

3. Gizmodo: Hey, Kid, Wanna See Some Leaked Facebook Docs

4. Protocol: They left Facebook’s integrity team. Now they want the world to know how it works.

5. WSJ: Facebook Encounters Challenge in Bid to Hire a Prominent Democratic Lobbyist

6. WaPo: Five points for anger, one for a ‘like’: How Facebook’s formula fostered rage and misinformation

7. WaPo: The indisputable harm caused by Facebook

8. WaPo: The massive Facebook leak shows how investigative journalism is changing

9. WaPo: Facebook knew ads, microtargeting could be exploited by politicians. It accepted the risk.

10. NYT: Facebook Faces a Public Relations Crisis. What About a Legal One?

11. AP: Facebook froze as anti-vaccine comments swarmed users

12. CNN: Facebook has language blind spots around the world that allow hate speech to flourish

13. CNN: Facebook revelations add new momentum to efforts to rein in Big Tech

14. CNN: The big takeaways from the Facebook Papers

15. Bloomberg: Facebook’s Algorithms Increasingly in Sights of U.S. Lawmakers

October 25, 2021

1. Recode: Wall Street doesn’t care about the Facebook leaks. Mark Zuckerberg does.

2. The Verge: Facebook says it’s refocusing company on ‘serving young adults’

3. The Verge: Eight Things We Learned From the Facebook Papers

4. Politico: Facebook looking for its voice at a ‘watershed moment’

5. NPR: The Facebook Papers: What you need to know about the trove of insider documents

6. NPR: Ex-Facebook employee says company has known about disinformation problem for years

7. FOX Business: Zuckerberg slams Facebook Papers, defends company's record

8. FT: Facebook ‘retooling’ efforts to prioritise younger users

9. NBC News: Facebook reports $9 billion profit on day documents highlight internal anger

10. NBC News: Facebook whistleblower 'shocked' by company’s investment in metaverse

11. CNN: CEO Mark Zuckerberg responds to the massive Facebook document dump

12. Protocol: It’s Frances Haugen’s world. We’re all just living in it.

13. Big Technology: Facebook Removed The News Feed Algorithm In An Experiment. Then It Gave Up.

14. WSJ: Facebook Posts Slower Sales Growth With Apple Privacy Policy

15. WSJ: ​​Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Calls for New Tech Laws in Europe

16. WaPo: The case against Mark Zuckerberg: Insiders say Facebook’s CEO chose growth over safety

17. WaPo: A whistleblower’s power: Key takeaways from the Facebook Papers

18. CNN: The Facebook Papers may be the biggest crisis in the company's history

19. CNN: Facebook has known it has a human trafficking problem for years. It still hasn't fully fixed it

20. CNN: Facebook knew it was being used to incite violence in Ethiopia. It did little to stop the spread, documents show

21. CNN: Not stopping 'Stop the Steal:' Facebook Papers paint damning picture of company's role in insurrection

22. LeMonde: Facebook Files: outside the United States, the weaknesses of moderation in dozens of languages

23. LeMonde: On Facebook, the fiasco of moderation in Arabic

24. LeMonde: In the Facebook control tower during the assault on the Capitol

25. Bloomberg: Facebook, Alarmed by Teen Usage Drop, Left Investors in the Dark

26. Bloomberg: The Facebook Papers: Social Network Shaken by Content, User Woe

27. Bloomberg: Facebook Privately Worried About Hate Speech Spawning Violence

28. Bloomberg: Facebook Hobbled Team Tasked With Stemming Harmful Content

29. Bloomberg: Facebook Staff Say Core Products Make Misinformation Worse

30. Bloomberg: Facebook Keeps Its Fans on Wall Street Despite Deepening Selloff

31. AP: Facebook's language gap weaken screening of hate, terrorism

32. AP: Explainer: Just what are 'The Facebook Papers,' anyway?

33. AP: People or profit? Facebook papers shows deep conflict within

34. AP: Facebook dithered in curbing divisive user content in India

35. AP: Apple once threatened Facebook ban over Mideast maid abuse

36. Reuters: Facebook knew about, failed to police, abusive content globally - documents

37. Politico: Facebook documents offer a treasure trove for Washington’s antitrust war

38. Politico: ‘This is NOT normal’: Facebook employees vent their anguish

39. Politico: Inside Facebook’s struggle to contain insurrectionists’ posts

40. Politico: How Facebook users wield multiple accounts to spread toxic politics

41. Politico: Facebook's 'fatal flaw': Staff spar over the sway of their lobbyists

42. Politico: Facebook did little to moderate posts in the world’s most violent countries

43. NYT: Facebook Wrestles With the Features It Used to Define Social Networking

44. NYT: The Facebook Papers and their fallout.

45. NBC News: The Facebook Papers: Documents reveal internal fury and dissent over site’s policies

46. NBC News/Today: Internal Facebook documents reveal more red flags about misinformation on site

47. CBS News: Liberals to "Moscow Mitch," conservatives to QAnon: Facebook researchers saw how its algorithms led to misinformation

48. USA Today: Facebook papers: What we know about how misinformation and extremism spread from whistleblower

49. USA Today: Facebook says it’s winning the fight against hate speech targeting Black Americans. Its own research says otherwise.

50. Financial Times: Employees pleaded with Facebook to stop letting politicians bend rules

51. Financial Times: Facebook bungled efforts to curb explosion of hate speech ahead of Capitol attack

52. Financial Times: Facebook’s demons will follow it into the metaverse

53. Financial Times: Facebook confronts growth problems as number of young users in US declines

54. Financial Times: Four revelations from the Facebook Papers

55. The Atlantic: 'History Will Not Judge Us Kindly'

56. The Atlantic: What Happened When Facebook Became Boomerbook

57. The Atlantic: How Facebook Failed the World

58. Wired: Facebook Failed the People Who Tried to Improve It

59. Wired: Facebook Is Everywhere; Its Moderation Is Nowhere Close

60. Wired: How to Fix Facebook, According to Facebook Employees

61. Wired: Inside the Facebook Papers

62. Suddeutsche Zeitung: Inside view of a global corporation

63. Suddeutsche Zeitung: This is in the "Facebook Files"

64. The Verge: The Tier List: How Facebook Decides Which Countries Need Protection

65. The Verge: Facebook's Lost Generation

October 24, 2021

1. WaPo: How Facebook Neglected the Rest of the World

2. WSJ: Facebook’s Internal Chat Boards Show Politics Often at Center of Decision Making

3. USA Today: The story of Carol and Karen: Two experimental Facebook accounts show how the company helped divide America

4. NYT: Inside the Big Facebook Leak

October 23, 2021

1. WSJ: Facebook Services Are Used to Spread Religious Hatred in India, Internal Documents Show

2. NYT: In India, Facebook Grapples With an Amplified Version of Its Problems

3. AP: Amid the Capitol riot, Facebook faced its own insurrection

4. AP: Facebook dithered in curbing divisive user content in India

5. Guardian: Frances Haugen: ‘I never wanted to be a whistleblower. But lives were in danger’

6. Telegraph: Bickert Op-Ed - Facebook wants new rules for the internet, but we aren’t waiting

October 22, 2021

1. Fox Business: New Facebook whistleblower claims execs downplayed Russian interference, hate speech: report

2. Washington Post: Inside Facebook, Jan. 6 violence fueled

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