Design Epic Life – The Ultimate Coronavirus Survival Kit

Make the most out of your quarantine and isolation with the tools, services and products that will help you THRIVE.

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Design Epic Life – The Ultimate Coronavirus Survival Kit

Make the most out of your quarantine and isolation with the tools, services and products that will help you THRIVE.

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The Ultimate Coronavirus Survival Kit

By Prakhar (

We all asked for a Zombie Apocalypse, but all we got was Coronavirus.

So let’s roll with it.

I’ve created an ultimate Coronavirus Survival Kit. It includes tools, products, and services that will help you THRIVE.

Disclaimer: Below, you'll find affiliate links. That means if you purchase an item through my link, I may earn a commission. You won’t be charged any extra money. In fact, you may even get discount deals through my links.

With that said, load your shotgun and get ready to take headshots!

Note: The + signs are arbitrary. I've kept them just for fun. So don't take them literally. Enjoy!

Become Joyous In The Midst Of Any Chaos

Joy and calm are more contagious than a virus. Become happy yourself and then spread it to others who need it.

Marco Polo or House Party (Joy: +++ | Cost: FREE)

Stay connected with friends and family.

Note: If you’re using a PC, Snap Camera makes video calls more fun!

Bunch or Brightful Meeting Games (Joy: +++ | Cost: FREE)

Host a game party with your friends on your phone!

Netflix Party or Watch2Gether or Vemos (Joy: +++ | Cost: FREE)

Throw a show or a movie party and watch together online.

NextDoor (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Chat with your neighbors from your home.

Quarantine Chat (Joy: + | Cost: FREE)

Chat with a stranger who is also stuck at home.

Moment in Nature or Georgia Aquarium or Seattle Aquarium or Explore or Monterey Bay Aquarium or Edinburgh Zoo or Virtual Hikes or Virtual Train Rides or Virtual Travel Experiences (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Stay in touch with nature and animals.

Arts and Culture Google or List of Museums with virtual tours or Virtual Museums or List of Museums you can visit online or More Virtual Museums or List of Google Earth Virtual Tours (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Explore culture and visit museums without leaving your home.

Virtual Assembly or Merrymint Virtual Workshops (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Find and attend virtual events, courses and volunteering opportunities.

#ColorOurCollections or Colorables (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Calm yourself down by coloring like a child.

Print and Play Boardgames or Card Against Humanity Family Edition (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Play board or card games without buying them.

Board Game Arena (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Play board games online on your web browser!

JQBX or Auxparty (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Listen to music friends or public groups.

Quarantine Online Steams Music Events (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Steam live music events from your home.

Note: You can also search for #togetherathome on any social media platform.

Brilliant (Joy: ++ | Cost: $) or Puzzleprime (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Love problem-solving? Do it for your own joy.

Good News Movement or Good Good Good or Tanks Good News or Good News or Newser Uplifting News (Joy: ++ | Cost: FREE)

Consume good news for a change.

Zen12 (Joy: +++ | Cost: $)

Meditation like you've never experienced before.

Note: You may also use free alternatives or apps like Insight Timer

HeartMath or Muse (Joy:+++ | Cost: $$)

Take meditation to the next level with devices to get real time feedback. Because you need meditation more than ever before.

Supercharge Your Health

It's the best time to become health conscious. You need your immune system to perform at its best.

Immune Defense Summit (Health: +++ | Cost: FREE)

Learn from the experts what it takes to boost your immune system.

DHgate (Health: + | Cost: $)

Get all the masks, gloves and hand sanitizers you need.

Sunwarrior or Onnit or Bulk Supplements or ATP Lab (Health: +++ | Cost: $)

Stay healthy and with plant-based superfoods, protein powders and supplements.

Note: Use the coupon code designepiclife to get 10% off any product.

Eternus or Performance Lab (Health: ++ Cost: $)

Upgrade your energy and boost your longevity.

Cronometer (Health: ++ | Cost: FREE and $)

Track your macro and micronutrients with the best food tracker app.

Note: Pair with Expiry Observer to avoid food waste.

Eat This Much (Health: ++ | Cost: FREE or $)

That automatic meal planner puts your diet on autopilot.

Note: Enter the gift code "designepiclife" at this link to start the premium version without a credit card and get 25% off if you want to upgrade later.

Thrive Market (Health: +++ | Cost: $)

Order healthy groceries from the comfort of your home

IQAir Air Purifier (Health: +++ | Cost: $$) or Levoit Air Purifier (Health: +++ | Cost: $)

Because indoor air can be deadlier than outdoor air.

Note: You may also buy Indoor Plants like Snake Plant, English Ivy, Peace Lily or pick one from NASA Clean Air Study.

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser (Health: + | Cost: $)

Make indoor air smell amazing!

Berky Filters or Water And Wellness or Greenfield Water (Health: +++ | Cost: $$)

Drink purified clean water and avoid getting sick

Become The Fittest You

You don't need a fancy gym to be fit. A healthy body will keep a healthy mind, which is what you need the most.

Fitbod for iOS (If you want to subscribe use this link for 25% OFF) (Fitness: +++ | Cost: $)

No excuses! Right now is the best time to get fit and healthy.

Note: Here's a list of best free workouts apps or try Gofitify for a free or Android alternative. is another alternative for curated videos from YouTube.

Gaiam (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

For all the yoga lovers.

Note: You can use Glo or as a free alternative.

YMCA Health and Fitness Videos (Fitness: +++ | Cost: FREE)

Choose your favorite activity and follow along!

Doorway Pullup Bar or this (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

Install it once, pull up forever!

Parallettes or this (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

Use your bodyweight to meet your fitness goals.

Resistance Bands or this or this or this (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

No weights? No problem! Resistance bands can create all the tension you need.

Ab Wheel (Fitness: + | Cost: $)

Don't forget the abs!

Dumbell Set (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

If you want to stick with the dumbells, suit yourself.

Blood Flow Restriction Bands (Fitness: + | Cost: $)

Chase the pump!

Kettlebell (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

A kettlebell is all you need for full-body workouts.

Sandbag (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

Use a sandbag instead of a barbel.

Aqua Sandbag (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

Workout with the weight of water.

Gymnastic Rings (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

Use the rings to master your body (for intermediates to advanced).

RumbleRoller Foam Roller (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $)

Craving a massage at home? Do it yourself with a foam roller.

Standing desk or Treadmill desk (Fitness: +++ | Cost: $ to $$)

Keep moving or changing your position while you spend time on your computer.

Stepmill or Treadmill (Fitness: ++ | Cost: $ to $$)

Bring cardio to your home.

Hibernate Like A Bear

The quality of your work and life is determined by the quality of your rest. The deeper you sleep, the more immune you become.

White Noise Machine (Rest: ++ | Cost: $)

No more waking up to annoying sounds in the middle of a night.

Sleep Mask (Rest: + | Cost: $)

Go deeper into the darkness to get your beauty sleep.

chiliPAD (Rest: +++ | Cost: $$)

Get cooler to sleep like a baby.

Iris (Rest: ++ | Cost: FREE or $)

Stop damaging your eyes while looking at your computer screen.

TrueDark (Rest: ++ | Cost: $)

Protect your eyes from “junk light” during the night.

TrueLight (Rest: +++ | Cost: $$)

Use light to get energized.

Sleep Salon (Rest: ++ | Cost: $)

Sounds that will put you to sleep.

Goodness Hemp (Health: ++ | Cost: $)

Wind down and prepare for a good night's sleep.

Take Your Productivity Through The Roof

Working from home doesn't have to be hard. You can perform better than you perform at your office.

TRACKTION Planner (Productivity: ++ | Cost: $)

Organize your work and life with a planner that takes care of everything.

Note: With Module 3 (available at checkout), Productivity: +++.

Zoom, GoToMeeting, Loom, Slack, Around and Jamm (Productivity: + | Cost: FREE)

For teams working remotely.

Note: Pair calls with Krisp to mute background noise during calls.

Modern Day Jobs or CoronaTasks (Productivity: +++ | Cost: FREE)

Find jobs or part-time work in the online world.

Coach.Me (Productivity: ++ | Cost: $)

Stay accountable with a coach who will demand the best version of yourself.

Note: You can also hire me as your coach on the platform.

Tomighty (Productivity: + | Cost: FREE)

Use a Pomodoro timer to work in bursts of productivity.

FocusMe or Freedom or HeyFocus (Productivity: ++ | Cost: $)

Block all the digital distractions when you're working.

Note: Offers until the end of April, 2020.

40% off Freedom Yearly. Code: APRIL40

50% off Freedom Forever. Code: APR2020

Noise blocking headphones or this or this or this (Productivity: + | Cost: $ to $$)

Protect your ears from outside noise so you can actually work!

Focus@Will (Productivity: ++ | Cost: $)

Listen to "focus music" to lose the sense of time.

Note: You can also test out Brainwave Shots, Nitro Focus or Brain Salon to see which one you prefer the most.

Qualia (Productivity: ++ | Cost: $)

Become limitless by making your brain perform at the next level.

Note: Use DESIGNEPICLIFE coupon to get 15% discount.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle (Productivity: ++ | Cost: $)

Get all the worksheets and ebooks you need to boost your productivity.

Morning Ritual Mastery (Productivity: ++ | Cost: $)

Start your day off in a positive state especially when you’re at home all day.

Peak Work Performance Summit (Productivity: +++ | Cost: FREE or $)

Learn the secrets of top work performance from the masters without hiring them.

Educate Your Kids At Home So You Can Live In Peace

All are FREE at the moment!

Other Goose (Ages 2-7)

TinkerLab (Ages 3-10)

BBC Bitesize (Ages 3 to 16+)


Design Epic Life – The Ultimate Coronavirus Survival Kit
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