ZCC DIY Air Cleaner Buying List

Tired of waiting for governments, schools & workplaces to do their job & make the air indoors safer to breathe? Make your own Air Cleaner! Here's Engineer @smbilodeau's list of material & where to buy them.

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ZCC DIY Air Cleaner Buying List

Tired of waiting for governments, schools & workplaces to do their job & make the air indoors safer to breathe? Make your own Air Cleaner! Here's Engineer @smbilodeau's list of material & where to buy them.

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DIY Air Cleaner - Home Depot List

4 Filtrete Filters 20-inch x 20-inch x 1-inch Healthy Living MPR 1900 Maximum Allergen Furnace Filter


Price: $26.95 x 4 units = $107.80

1 Lasko 20-inch Box Fan


Price: $36.98

1 scotch Multi-Use Duct Tape 1145-AF, Grey, 1.88 in x 45 yd (48 mm x 41 m)


Price: $5.99

Total: $150.77

DIY Air Filter - Amazon List (we encourage you to buy elsewhere if you can)

1 20x20x4 MERV 13 Furnace A/C Filter - Made in Canada - Case of 4


Price: $109.99

1 Hurricane Box Fan - 20 Inch | Classic Series | 3 Energy Efficient Speed Settings, Compact Design, Lightweight - ETL Listed


Price: $65.73

1 Duck Brand 240980 Color Duck Tape, 1.88" by 20 yd, Single Roll, Pastel Blue/Frozen Blue


Price: $5.99

Total: $181.71

Efficiency of DIY Air Cleaners

These are filtration systems that reduce the amount of (potentially) virus-loaded aerosols. We can use MERV-13, MERV-14 and better, as well as HEPA filters that have the specs to be able to capture micro-droplets (aerosols). Last Month, the Chemical Insights Institute of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), released a study with such DIY systems tested in the context of their use in wildfires, that study (in a nutshell) confirmed that these systems are safe to use. You need to change the filters from time to time (between 6 months and 1 year depending on the air quality). And they will improve the general indoor air quality in a classroom by also reducing the number of particles (such as wildfire smokes, dust, etc.), and other contaminants (within the chosen filters' capacity).


Who made this? + Take Action to Make Schools Safer

Stéphane Bilodeau, Zero Covid Canada co-founder and Mechanical Engineer specialized in aeration, has put together easy lists and instructions to buy and make your own air cleaner (and a bonus device to improve air flow). If you can't afford one by yourself, we suggest contacting parents and teachers in your kid's class - or your boss or co-workers - to pitch in to buy the material together since everyone will benefit.

NB: For Quebec residents: Last year, the Quebec government made schools remove air filtration machines that teachers or parents brought in so if you are in Quebec, we recommend you reach out to teachers and parents you know to put pressure on the Qc government to allow the air filters in class since the province won't protect children. See Premiers and ministers’ contact info at the link below.


Here is our latest letter to the “COVID provinces” to make schools safer - if you’d like to send it yourself as well: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kFMzevj6-KDVQUickz19lxFkO56lI4uuyiDh5xAOqVI/edit?usp=sharing

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ZCC DIY Air Cleaner Buying List
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Published 27/04/2024, 00:41:19


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