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Kpop - 🟧Heystack

BTS Pre-debut History

BTS, music, kpop

I want to say at the outset that this is going to be an incomplete history because there’s a lot that happened in these three years that we simply don’t know about. This is also going to be way more detailed about the rap line than the vocal line because the rap line members were the only ones really in the public eye until the end of 2012.

Justice For Jin

BTS, music, kpop

In this document we are going to talk about several issues concerning BTS member Kim Seokjin. Some of these issues regard Jin’s line distribution, screentime, treatment regarding his visual position, emotional abuse and so on.

21st Century (K-POP) Girls Album Sales by Pepper @halfdavid

kpop, music, data

K-pop women artists album sales

Korean phrases

BTS, kpop, music

This is a list of phrases to copy and paste when commenting on articles on Naver, etc. Please use and share with anyone wanting to help bring Hobi's brand rankings up or anyone who just wants to leave a nice comment for him!

BTS Subs

BTS, kpop, music

BTS Subs

Namjoon's Books

BTS, kpop, music, books

Books read/suggested by BTS